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Welcome to

Justin's Stock Picks


Usually, I would have a more broad focus on my DD and stock suggestions but

to be honest with you, I've put all of my eggs into two stocks. I've done a

ton of research on both and they both have a ton of upside and are fairly

safe IMHO.

The first is the obvious choice:

LOCH, LOCH, LOCH - Most people on this page have hyped it up like no other

but you know why? It's worth it! It's currently trading for about a buck

and a half and it is very undervalued. The news on this company has been

incredible. They have a definite date for field testing their new ELF mine

detection unit which has passed all tests with flying colors. And with GAO

review and a huge government contract on the horizon, this company is on it's

way to $5-10 country and I don't think I'm overinflating. It isn't just

the ELF that is helping this, keep your ear to the ground about something

called VAAMP. This is supposed to be the real money maker for the firm.

Just FYI.

The next pick that I think is almost a sure bet (if there is such one) to at

least make a jump this week is KNOT. The largest online wedding site has

been consistently selling at it's very low end of $7 a share. This doesn't

have the upside of the LOCH but I think it is a more solid choice because it

is a very safe choice. Risk vs. Reward....

The KNOT has strong buy recommendations very just about every financial firm

evaluating it. Plus, I know that most "experts" are underestimating the

millenium boom effect. There is a recent news article featuring the KNOT

that explains this phenomenon. There are SO many people that got engaged

before the millenium that the KNOT will reap the benefits. After contacting

the company, looks like they are going to release earnings on Thursday, get

ready..... This is as solid as they come and you won't'be able to get in

at the single digit range much longer.

Other notes:

OK, so I've been following other stocks.... as of 4:00 PM EST on 2/1 the huge

merger for ARET has not yet been announced. The last news article for this

stock said the merger deadline was extended 1/31 and that the deal with all

but done. I'm thinking the PR firm hasn't finished the PR announcement in

which case, ARET is due for a huge , huge jump. Hopefully, by the time you

read this, ARET's merger is a done deal. If not, get on board now, this has

been at a heavy volume and very steady price at around .13.

Another firm I've followed is GIG. Earnings announcement on

Wednesday.....X-mas earnings for a video game company? Gotta love it.

Research this company and you'll love the price. Only downside is low


Still on my must buy list: ICNW, ARET, LOCH, KNOT, GIG, CLCT




An rumor that MVEEE will get bought by Dreamworks in the new future has

appeared on some fronts, I am verifying the rumor as we speak. If it is

true, this stock currently at about .015 should be worth .50. Problem is

MVEEE has until Feb. 9 to file with the SEC, so we shall see. If they file

on time or get bought out, this is a gold mine, if not, well..... still, not

a bad time to pick up 20,000 shares or so at a very reasonable price.

ARET has merger news coming soon along (see recent news about office

reallocation and some very encouraging comments by the CEO about the merger

extension) with some very nice footholds in varying markets. I still like

this at .12 and this is another to put away for awhile. Hope this one drops

this week and buy like crazy. A definite long term buy with nice potential.

Use DD and wait this one out.

As always, I love LOCH. Hopefully you bought more today on my

recommendation, it soared another 60 percent. Their new mine detection

device got a perfect score and is being tested now on the field. Once news

hits for that, watch out. Mine detection means a MAJOR contact thru the

government or thoughout the world. This is still underpriced at 1.42, if you

can pick it up anytime before it hits 2.00 (which is almost scratched

yesterday) , do it. We're looking at at least 5.00 after the news from

Croatia. Again a long haul stock.

NEW opps..

Wanna a quick score, pick up PHPC early, it's early or in the middle of a run

up so you might wanna pick some up early and then dump. Just going on recent

trends on this one. Same with PAYP.

Watch out for AVBC, two words, Howard Stern next week....nuff said. I don't

like the guy, but he has a huge following ....

Final thought, I'm pumping my money into the top 3 stocks I listed

(obviously) LOCH is the low risk, moderate reward, ARET is moderate risk,

moderate reward, MVEEE is the high risk, high reward. Good luck!!



MVEEE - Movie company that has recently signed some major star power to

contracts and at 1.8 cents a share, this has some great potential to go up.

Very heavy volume.

ARET - Another heavily trade issue that is a very popular pick among

investors. MM's created quite a stir yesterday and this stock did some major

moving (.18 to .11 back to .13 in a matter of a couple hours). But this is a

good short term buy and long term hold as they have made some recent

acquisitions and some great PR in real estate and in elderly housing.

LOCH - This kept moving and ended very solid yesterday. A definite keeper,

if you get in, get in early. This could be a couple bucks in a week or so

and much higher in the long term. Look for news!

KNOT - The largest online wedding site with a nice association with AOL. The

stock is ripe for picking up. You might want to wait a few days and watch it

drop and pick it up cheap. But with the flurry of engagments before the year

end, this company will clean up. I'd say buy at $6-7 share and watch it fly

by year end.

ICNW - Can't understand why this stock is so cheap. Just given a target

price by stockreporter of $53 and $76 respectively in the next two years.

Pick this one up now. Very, very solid company.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.