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IWelcome to

Job Fathers Pix


ISSS ISSS ISSS--it's headin' up!!! Not too late either! Up another .09

today and hit new alltime high at 1.12!!!

ARET--just keeps on tickin'!!! Looks ready to break it's previous high!

IBUI--been correcting, time's near to get in!!



Well, TVGIA and GEMSTAR (TVGIA - GMST) are correcting as anticipated.

TVGIA was down to @52 before yesterdays DJIA surge. Tremendous BUY at

50 or under. My favorite stock other than these is still ORCL. I only

got in a few months ago but have picked up 33% already with no end in



ISSS is my favorite--was 1.10 a few days ago and correcting to @

.80--looking strong!!--keeps going up and corrections are short term

with low volume;

ARET also looking strong--same reasons.

My other LT favorite is WTHL--as I previously reported has been

correcting--looks like it's base might be built in .20-.25 range--has

made a couple nice moves the past two days with volume over 5 million.

Could be ready to break out NOW.

I've also picked up VCSY under 2.00--they're supposed to be a NASDAQ

candidate soon and with them in the 6-7 range only a month ago......

Others I'm into are WIZZF--.05 in Jan, over 5.00 this week; has

corrected to 4 3/8--get some while you can--some feel it's the next


I also love IBUI--it's correcting now and the closer it gets to 1.00 the

more attractive it is. If it holds 1.00 buy; otherwise bottom could be

around .80;

Other penny stocks are PFSD--speculative but it has moved from .06 to a

high of .28 once they removed the big "E". Now @.20. Moves nicely with

low volume. Also am liking VALH more and more. They just reported an

awesome quarter--look at the increase in revenues vs. 1999!! It's

corrected from .80 to around .60; if it holds there BUY;

Still holding CLSI--looks like it's built it's base and may be ready

soon to move. It's still only @ .20

Am looking hard at AREE, GONT, HVST, LAKO, TRDY, USTI and am waiting to

buy LOCH back as soon as it develops a new base--which it is doing now.

1-1.25 should be BUY target.

Also, SATX has taken a beating since the big E was added---it's a good

GIS stock and could really move if the E's removed--was at 3.50 not long

ago--just over 1.00 now;

I also like PRAV for LT--it too has corrected from over 4 to just under

3. Could be a powerhouse LT.

Good Hunting!!

March 13, 2000

Top Penny Pick:

Is still WTHL. It hasn't done much in past month--still consolidating from its .10 to .82 run-up; can't seem to break thru .30; closed Friday @.25--near term could go down to .18-.20; strong buy at any price under .30 for a safe, low volume, long term pick. It's a holding company with 1 internet connection but it's into many things. This is NOT a stock that's volatile and it may not show any movement for a month or so but the stock reported a profit in it's last report and that's saying a lot for a stock that arrived in AUG 99 at under .05, hit .82 in less than six months and reported a profit too.

Other PIX:

Best stocks over $25.00:

I recommended GMST and TVGIA last month when TVGIA was 36-37; it hit 60+ last week; not sure if its just catching it's breath and will run over 70 now or whether it's in beginning of its consolidation. If it's available in a month in low 50's or high 40's buy---but buy anyway---with it's impending merger with GMST the two combined should be long term awesome.

My other choices include ORCL, GBIX, and for those who like a stock that

plummeted on bad news and WILL recover in 6-12 months, try LGTO at any

price under $40; additional note on TVGIA (TV Guide)---can you think of

any magazine that's on the coffee tables of millions and a new issue

lands every week?

Best stocks over $5 and under $20:

AGT SCCX SEVU---not recommending an immediate buy on any of these; look

for correction, new base, and then buy but hold LT.

Other possibles:


And if you want to see what a new stock (IPO) with "low volume" can do

in a hurry look at what WITD then to become EPWN did--in early Feb

0.16--last week $10;

I'll let you figure the percentage but even 1000 shares x .16= 160.00 +


last week worth $10,000. Looks like its correcting right now and DONT

BUY now--let it correct--long term upside looks good but there's no

support at all down to $2.00; much too risky right now.


Those under 5.00 but over 1.00:

Favorites: WIZZF (buy now, hold LT--risky because it's an internet

stock and sooner or later the world's going to begin to see that only

10% of all internet stocks will be around in 2-4 years)....but, this one

could go to $100. You'll have to watch it close if bad news comes out

down the line but the potential is awesome;

Second favorite for LT is PRAV; third is AMCM (still a good buy in spite

of its .50 cent move Friday); PRAV is correcting now but I'm guessing

it'll hold @ 3.00-3.50; once it builds it's near term base, BUY!

Fourth favorite is IBUI---another internet stock---is correcting now so

watch it; if it bounces off 1.00 again and builds a base, or if it goes

up now over 1.40, then BUY BUY! Has good volume yet it's not overly


Others over 1.00 that I'm watching are : ONSSW, HICS, GONT, LOCH and

VCSY seems to be building a pretty solid base in the 1.80 to 2.00 mark;

it could take off ANYTIME or still sit for a while; either way it looks

like a good buy for either a ST play or LT; SATX became SATXE Friday

and plummeted from @2.12 to 1.50; had hit @3.50 and it's another of the

GIS stocks I like; could be a great buy at 1.50 and hold till the big E

goes away; but, risky!

And for those who don't know what that devastating "e" at the end of a

lot of penny stocks means: All bulletin board/NASDAQ stocks are FOUR

symbols; there is a legend in the Wall St. Journal that gives the info

for the 'FIFTH" letter; W (as in ONSSW) means warrants; an F, (as in

WIZZF) means foreign--that is, it's a foreign stock (Canadian?); and the

big 'E' means the stock has NOT made its scheduled SEC filings which

could be just poor accounting or could mean the company is not wanting

to reveal something negative. Add the big E and down she goes; remove

the big E and watch her rip....witness MVEEE at .015 and in 1 month,

MVEE at .08. That's 500% and can you believe a stock that trades over

$100 million shares daily?

Favorite stocks under 1.00:

ARET---buy, buy, buy and hold; Feb was .16 and sank to .08; in last week

volume has picked up and now .25; its climbing nicely--not rip roaring

thru bollinger lines like VIPM's done this past week; and, most of its

near term corrections are daily; and its NOT an internet or computer


ISSS---buy, buy, buy; it's another GIS/satellite stock and altho it's

made some moves recently, percentage wise they're small compared to some

others like GONT, GMTI, FOCS, VIPM....all of which may be good buys if

they correct but......

PFSD---was PFSDE in Feb; is a recent IPO; fell to .06 3 weeks ago; low

volume but it closed at .21 Friday; not an internet stock; could it be a

repeat of WITD?????

Others I've bought and am holding for now: VALH, NSKY, CLSI; wanted to

get in on USTI--will do so if it corrects--great company--a definite buy

for LT; CLSI starting to show signs it's correction base has been

built--closed at .21 Friday; one of these days it's going to start

moving and who knows............??? Another stock that keeps trying to

move is TSIG; looks like it's base support at .40 has been established

but it just can't get going altho the rising bottoms over the past week

make it worth considering for a BUY NOW. A lot of people are following

and volume is decent so it could be worth a BUY now and hold for either

ST or LT.

If any of you have good recommendations for stocks that are starting a

nice, quiet move up but haven't blown, email me at PATIENCE and look at the charts....they're not

always right but they're the best thing we have!!

Good luck


Top Penny Stock: WTHL (Whitehall Enterprises) was formed from

bankruptcy of TWTI (Total World Telecommunications) in late 97;

reappeared in Aug 99 as WTHL. Is holding company into different

things. Most recent addition is online mortgage co. recently aligned

with Internet. Stock was .085 two weeks ago; in past two weeks volume

has hit over 5 million and price as high as .88; recently fell back to

.32-.33 but now moving back up (closed Friday, 2/4 at .42). 50-10,000

shares now and maybe in 2-4 years I can retire.

Best Short-term pick: VRIO--now 61-1/2; hit mid 80's in Jan; Many are

picking it to be over 100 in 6-10 months (or sooner)!

Best 6 month picks: GMST and TVGIA announced merger in Oct 99 to be

effected mid-late 2000; GMST strong buy on all following brokers and

TVGIA is mirroring it.

When merger effected .66 of TVGIA for 1 GMST in new stock to be issued.

GMST is primary provider of VCR+ being placed in all VCRs. TVGIA is the

#1 selling magazine in the world--on the coffee tables of millions and

looked at daily.

GMST hit in 80's, last around mid 60's. TVGIA has multiplied 10 fold

since mid-98; hit 50, now 36-37. Both are a great buy at current

prices. Since TVGIA is merging with GMST its fundamentals aren't so

important. Buying TVGIA is like buying GMST only with better leverage.

Favorite long-term pix: Walmart (WMT), Home Depot (HD), Oracle (ORCL)

and GMST above. Buy em and forget em! Great for IRAs and 401k. Also,

Enron (ENE) and Schwab (SCH). Note: all were picked by Motley Fool in

top 50.

Good stocks for possible long term "recovery": Legato (LGTO), Lucent

(LU), Verity (VRTY).

Am looking for good penny stocks. Missed the boat on LOCH. Maybe on

recovery. Anyone with a really good pick can email me at

Good Hunting!|  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.