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Welcome to

Jmsmarketing's Picks


April 12, 2000

This is a volatile market. Remember you only loose if you sell. Hold on for the ride. I expect more drunken days. For those with a healthy cash position, I suggest you buy now, at a market low. THAT IS HOW WE MAKE MONEY!

Nortel spinout - BCE Inc. (BCE) Closed April 11, 2000 at $117

I place a strong buy!

STRONG BUY on (PHCM) Closed at $112

I'm loading up.

The stock picks below are true bargains. I envy the person who buys at such

low prices

SBAS $6.75

DSCM $9.75

ETYS $7.18

MAXY $61.00

* NCTI $1.14 This is the first penny stock to be given such high recommendations by Technology Investor Magazing


April 10, 2000

These picks are not an arbitrage profit, nor are any picks for that matter.

Please perform your own research.

(NCTI) Closed April 10, 2000 at $1.22

This is my personal favorite. I have followed this company for some time now

and believe that it is about to break into the big leagues. I forecast the

value of this stock to be in the $9.00 range by the end of the summer.

(Etys) Closed April 10, 2000 at $7.68

If you buy into this one, you will be in for a nice Christmas gift. I

forecast the price of their stock to be in the $19.00 range during the

holiday season, and then it will slide off again.

(SBAS) Closed April 10, 2000 at $737

Look into this company and you will find some great news. I highly suggest

this stock. Hold it, and relax.

(MAXY) Closed April 10, 2000 at $69.00

I own 160 shares and see this one as my cash cow.

( ITMN) Closed April 10, 2000 at $20.12

Good new coming, cant tell you what, I can tell you to BUY, BUY, BUY

(MVEE) Closed April 10, 2000 at $.0593

I bought due to strong suggestions from many brokers and now it is down. If

my informants are correct this one is in for a roller coaster ride. They

speculate that it will hit as high as $1.05 by mid summer.

Others to Watch are (DNTK), (CYBR), (CERN), (HAUP), (ECLP).


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