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Welcome to



Bullhide Liner Corp. (BULH)

A company that offers a unique product in the industrial flooring and

roofing field. The company is still discovering uses for their product,

and is poised to become a major player. As of June 18 the stock price

is about $0.52, extremely undervalued. The company is becoming known

in their field through the work that has been completed, take a look at

the press releases. Visit their web site at, and

complete due diligence. I expect this company to continue to grow and

I like for a long term hold. It is part of my portfolio and I intend

to stay with it. Price could break $10.00 in year, if they can keep

good press. They are in the process of becoming fully reporting.






contact: Dale Paruk & Assoc.



> Exciting is the only word I can think of to describe how this company

> has positioned itself for future growth. As of Apr. 7, 1999 the stock

> is trading at $0.48 a share and is an excellent value for those willing

> to wait six months to a year. All indications are for growth and more

> growth.


> Company Overview: ALYA International Inc. develops hardware and

> software for intelligent building control and

> security systems. The Company is based in Vancouver,

> Canada with offices in Austin, Texas; Antwerp,

> Belgium; and Beijing, China. Alya is in the process

> of becoming a fully reporting entity with the

> Securities and Exchange Commission and expects this

> process to be completed in 1999. The Company has

> 45 employees, whom are also owners.


> Financials: Audited Financials as of Sept.30, 1998

> Current Assets $224,974 compared with $139,213 in 1997

> Capital Assets $56,023 1998 $112,782 1997


> Current Liabilities $400,379 1998 $723,857 1997

> Share capital $5,494,092 1998 $2,969,459 1997

> Accumulated Deficit $5,674,327 1998 $3,450,866 1997

> Cumulative translation adjustment $60,853 1998 $9,545 1997


> Sales $323,737 1998 $110,878 1997

> Cost of sales $187,429 1998 $60,893 1997


> Admin. Expenses for 1998 were 1,341,853 for 1998 and

> $1,588,760 for 1997. Research and Development was

> $545,502 1998, and 583,872 1997. Marketing in 1998

> was $471,380 vs $200,323 in 1997.


> Bottom Line: 1998 Loss $2,222,430 1997 Loss $2,557,840

> (0.19) (0.32)


> The Company has no long term debt.


> Why I Like ALYA:


> The employees have invested over $300,000 in the companies future, which

> makes for a very strong incentive.

> The Company has developed a very strong management team with many years

> of experience. (For particulars, please refer to web site)

> The Product Line is fully integrated to work with existing systems, or

> stand alone.

> Recent partnership with Raytheon to develop and promote tamper proof

> fiber optic building access and security systems.

> Recently selected by Teng Construction to upgrade the security

> management system of the E.M.Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago.

> Motorola is installing ALYA security management systems in facilities

> located in the U.S. and Switzerland.

> Control Systems International has committed to sell ALYA products under

> their private label. CSI has committed to $2,000,000 of ALYA product,

> and will receive incentives if the $5,000,000 plateau is reached.


> The need for security systems, hardware and software, and computer

> operated building operation is a must. The ALYA systems can be

> accessed from off site, and work with LonWorks, developed by

> Echelon Corp. Echelon and Cisco Systems Inc. have joined together to

> create a new family of Internet Protocol to LonWorks connectivity

> products. ALYA is a provider of an application for LonWorks, and

> therefore in the forefront of building standardization.


> ALYA is an international company on the verge of becoming the leader

> in innovative technology for building security and building control.


> Article submitted by Jim Baldwin, a former financial planner

> (some content condensed, and remember it is your money)


  Trading Symbol: VGCP (otc)

  Company address: Two Lincoln Centre

  5420 LBJ Freeway Suite 300

  Dallas, TX 75240

  Telephone: 972-386-9996

  Web URL:

  Chief Executive Officer: William J. Fossen

  Business Description:

  Viking Capital Group is a development stage company which is in the

  process   of implementing a multi-step plan to (1) become a provider of

  specialized   administrative and data processing services for insurance and securities   products offered by other companies and (2) acquire a base of insurance assets under the companies own management. Step 1 plans include the   banking industry, and e-commerce. Step 2 is the acquisition of small insurance companies.



Viking Capital Group was originally formed under the name Silver Harvest Inc., in 1986. The purpose at that time was to obtain capital to seek out, investigate, and acquire interests in new products, properties, or businesses. This company went as far as a Public Offering, with the money raised ending up in an escrow account pending allocation. In 1989 the focus shifted and the Company entered the financial education seminar, and business concepts field. This was accomplished through an agreement with Mr. Louis Sylvester, who had developed the concepts.

The Company changed its name to The Institute for Financial Fitness, and the escrow account was released to the new entity. In 1990 the focus was to shift again, when the present management became involved, and Viking Capital Group was created. Since then all efforts have been to lay the groundwork for a company that is able to complete the goals stated in the Business Description. (For the sake of convenience parts of this history have been condensed. Refer to Edgar filings)

Viking Capital Group Today:

  Viking Capital Group is a development stage company, and as such should be considered speculative, however the steps that have been taken position the Company to be a future force. The Company today consists of Viking Financial Services, Viking Insurance Services, Viking Systems, and Viking Administrators. Viking Financial Services is the equity portion of the company and intends to help provide capitalization, restructuring, and public offerings for the Company. These services are to be provided on a fee and percentage basis. Viking Financial Services also intends to offer all types of securities products through brokers/dealers.

In May of 1995 the Company purchased Triple A Annuity Marketing, which makes up Viking Insurance Services. At this time Triple A was writing between   $15 and $25 million of annualized life insurance premiums per year. Viking Systems Inc. is the data processing portion of VGCP. These services are meant to fill the Company needs as well as serve the needs of clients. This portion of VGCP generated a small amount of revenue for 1997, and has entered into a joint venture with Transaction Information Systems (TIS).

Viking Administrators Inc. intends to offer administrative services associated   with the internal operations of insurance companies, such as: accounting, billing, policy issuance, policy servicing, compliance, and financial reporting.



  To become the nation's premier provider of specialized administration services for insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions while, imultaneously, efficiently purchasing and managing its own portfolio of insurance managed assets.




  Jan. 22, 1999

  Viking Systems Inc. recently announced the completion of an e-commerce

  system which allows financial services consumers to enter a single Web

  site and access multiple accounts from multiple financial institutions.


  system links users to a summary of their financial information on a


  screen from different financial institutions. This in turn allows

  access to each

  account for on-line transactions.


  Jan. 26, 1999

  Viking Systems Inc. has completed a strategic alliance agreement with

  Pearse EFT Inc. of Malta, NY. The agreement allows Viking to offer


  remote banking software application as a service on the Viking Systems

  Network for banks wishing to provide their customers with remote or

  virtual banking services. Terms of the deal also include the future

  creation of the Viking Remote Banking Service Bureau, which will allow

  smaller banks and financial institutions the ability to out-source their

  remote banking and other services to Viking Systems.


  Feb. 18, 1999

  Viking Systems Inc. and Netnote International Ltd. sign agreement for


  and distribution of e-commerce technologies, giving Viking reseller

  rights to

  Netnote's state of the art e-commerce hardware solutions and software



  Mar. 4, 1999

  Viking Systems Inc. has completed and agreement with MAXpc Technologies

  Inc. of Dallas, and will begin selling products over the internet. The


  gives Viking the right to sell all MAXpc products. This includes video

  conferencing technology that is available for $499.00. Viking believes


  this tool will encourage use of the Viking Financial Network.


  The above statements have been heavily condensed. To read in full

  please visit Viking's web site.




  In researching VGCP I e-mailed the company the following question:

  Please tell me your current number of employees, current number of sales

  people, and major clients? The reply is quite interesting and reprinted



  "We have 8 employees plus one temp and five on consulting contracts in

  the parent company.

  We have 3 sales people currently and intend to add one for each state

  now that the systems are ready with the various subs. We will do some

  cross selling with all three of our alliances and their sales people.


  We have 650 programers available for installation, training and


  via our alliance with TIS whom we developed our middleware with. Plus 10

  via our alliance with Pearse EFT, Inc.


  We have 800 installation, wet up and maintenance employees via our

  alliance with iXnet for the Viking Capital Financial Network.


  We expect that we will inherit approximately 1200 employees with the

  acquisitions of the insurance companies to equal $1.5 Billion of assets.


  We have over 3,000 Independent Life Insurance General Agents whom

  in turn have approximately 40,000 sale representatives under contract.

  We have a close relationship with this large marketing company which we

  once owned and of course will inherit many more with our life company

  acquisitions. We believe however, that most of our new insurance sales

  will ultimately be via our Corporate customers such as Employee Benefit

  Plans and Financial Institutions.


  As our systems have just been completed we are in the sales cycle of

  our first major clients right now. We will be putting out press

  releases on

  the larger accounts as the contracts are signed."


  I found this e-mail very informative as to the overall scope of VGCP. I


  also impressed that Mr. Bill Fossen replied rapidly and courteously.




  Viking Capital Group Inc. is still a startup company, and anyone


  purchase of stock should consider this company as speculative. Viking

  Capital Group is a parent to a group of companies organized to provide

  out sourcing services in the insurance, banking, and financial areas, as


  as acquire their own assets under management. VGCP has taken several

  positive steps to position themselves for future growth. There are no

  guarantees that VGCP will be able to gain customers even though a sales

  force network is in place.


  Jim Baldwin


  Jim Baldwin has completed series 7 and successfully tested. Jim spent a short

  time working as a Prudential financial advisor, and currently trades for himself.

  Jim also has articles at and his own web site



Company address:

10 New England Business Center

Suite 302

Andover, MA 01810

Phone: 978-975-3700

Web Address:

VIALOG is an independent provider of teleconferencing and other group

communications services, consisting primarily of operator-attended and


-on-demand audio teleconferencing, as well as video and data


services. VIALOG also has broadcast fax, digital replay, and mass


capabilities. VIALOG believes it is the largest company with a focus on

teleconferencing. At present there are six operating centers located in


Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia, Montgomery, Alabama, Cambridge,


Oradell, New Jersey, and Danbury, Connecticut, which make up the VIALOG

Communications Group.

The VLOG Communications Group sprang from six companies merging to form


single entity, and immediately becoming one of the nation's top five

teleconference service providers. (For the individual companies refer to


VIALOG web site, or EDGAR filings.) This brings an immediate customer


expertise, experienced sales force, and established relations to VIALOG


There has been significant growth in the industry, according to studies


by Frost & Sullivan, revenues have increased from $437 million in 1994

to an

estimated $780 million in 1997, and by 2003 this figure is projected to

approximately double. As mergers and expansion of operations take


growth will continue, and the need for teleconferencing will be stronger



On Jan. 15, 1999 VIALOG announced that it entered into definitive merger

agreements to acquire all of the outstanding capital stock of A Better


Inc. (ABCI) of Palm Springs, California and Conference Pros

International Inc.

(CPI) of Houston, Texas, another two independent providers of

audioconferencing services. VIALOG has embarked on an ambitious growth

pattern that should create a national presence. The downside of this

growth is

the expenses involved in the purchase and acquisition stage, have

created a

company that is carrying a fair amount of debt. VIALOG does have a

credit line

of $15 million with Coast Business Credit, a division of Southern

Pacific Bank.

(refer to EDGAR filings)


There is no doubt, in my opinion, that this stock is undervalued, and



excellent opportunity for any individual looking toward the future. As

of this

writing (Feb. 26, 1999) the stock is trading at $4.56, and since the IPO

there has

been a fairly steady decline. The IPO was Feb. 4, 1999 and underwritten


Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., with Prudential Securities Inc. as joint lead


Both of these companies list VLOG as a strong buy. The original IPO was

predicted as being between $8 to $10, with a forecast of reaching $14.

There does not seem to be any apparent explanation for the stock's


other than the public imagination has not yet been fired. In

researching VIALOG,

I did contact the company to inquire if they had any statement in

reference to the

stock price drop, and at present there has been no reply. While

researching, I

did become a minimum share stockholder.

As always, please remember, that with the purchase of any stock there is

a risk

involved, and I encourage everyone to thoroughly research any stock they







VIALOG announces strong sales for fourth quarter. VIALOG a provider of

teleconferencing and other group communications reported that pro forma

revenues for the fourth quarter, ending Dec. 31, 1998, increased 29% to

15.6 million. This compares to pro forma revenues of 12.1 million for


fourth quarter of 1997. (refer to EDGAR filings)

As previously reported, VIALOG CORP. recently went public, and formed


VIALOG Communications Group, and was in the process of acquiring two

other audio conferencing companies. Due to costs associated with the

acquisition and related organizing expenses the pro forma net loss for

the fourth

quarter was $0.28 per share. This represents a healthy increase over


years. President and CEO, Glenn Bolduc, stated that, "We are very


with our financial performance and corporate achievements for the fourth

quarter and year. We executed on all of the components of our growth

strategy in 1998. In addition, VIALOG achieved a number of significant

milestones during the year which better position us for continued growth


further solidify our position as a leading provider of teleconferencing


other group communications services." Mr. Bolduc went on to state that

several Fortune 500 companies have been added to their client list, and

VIALOG will continue to aggressively pursue corporate objectives.


information on Mr. Boduc's statement and company information can be

obtained at

On March 2, 1998 VIALOG announced that it has added a new internet

broadcasting service, known as audio streaming, to its family of web

conferencing services. Participants can log in to an audio conference


their PCs, or even catch the conference on a delayed basis.

As stated in the previous article VIALOG CORP. has an experienced sales

force, an existing client base, and strong management. It is for these

reasons that investors should investigate this company and balance any

decision against the down side of debt load created by acquisitions, and


JVWeb Inc. (OTC: JVWB)

Company Address: JVWeb Inc.

5444 Westheimer

Suite 2080

Houston, TX 77056


Investor Contacts: John H. Martin, Coast Capital Group, 888-588-3322

Cynthia DeMonte, DeMonte & Assoc., 212-420-0088

JVWeb is a start up company which offers a full range of technical and


services for companies that want to establish World Wide Web sites

capable of

performing sophisticated marketing, information distribution, and


commerce functions. JVWeb is targeting small to medium sized companies

whose in house personnel do not have the technical resources to fully


and implement a successful web based marketing presence. Value and

Growth Research Associates have rated JVWeb as a Speculative Buy, and

with the stock currently trading between $0.40 and $0.60 this could be


ground floor opportunity investors search for. Value and Growth


Associates list a 12 month target price of $2 to $3, and a 24 month

target of

$3 to $5. The entire report can be viewed at

JVWB was founded in 1997 by Greg J. Micek, whom is the CEO and


for the day to day operations. Prior to JVWB Mr. Micek had 17 years


as a consultant. Mr. Micek's activities have include strategic


acquisition strategy, technology application, business reorganization,


financial management. Mr. Micek holds a law degree from Creighton


and has been active in political and community relations work.

Cherie L. Dunn is the Director of Market Strategy & Brand Development.


Dunn has spent her 21 year career marketing and branding a variety of


and working for such companies as Texas Instruments, Advanced Micro

Devices, and McDonnell Douglas.

The Chief Technical Officer is Kevin Dotson, who studied Computer


Systems at Arizona State University.

JVWeb, as a startup company, has yet to post any significant earnings,


they have started on a path to insure future growth. In June 1998 JVWeb

announced a joint venture with Heitmann S.A.C., a Scottish affiliate of


Heitmann Group ( The emphasis here is to have a


partner in the creation of web services to prospective clients.

Heitmann S.A.C.

is a provider of communication services, web site programming, and


design. Heitmann S.A.C. is an established company with a client list


includes firms such as NCR, General Motors, Rolls Royce, British

Telecom, and

many others. A relationship with a company of this stature should help

to open

doors and create opportunities for JVWB.

On Feb. 18, 1999 JVWB announced the company has commenced trading on

the Berliner Frieverkehr, the third market segment of the Berlin Stock


The Berlin listing with Finacor of Frankfurt, Germany acting as the


specialist will provide the European investment community with direct

access to

common shares.

On Mar. 2, 1999 JVWeb entered into an agreement with Kostech Corp. to


providing investment information to potential investors via the



Besides being featured as an Emerging MicroCap company by Value & Growth

Research Associates, JVWB has also been featured by Penny Stock Picks.

( This is valuable publicity and will

help to

introduce JVWB to investors. The JVWeb site also contains a lot of


relevant to investors, as well as the EDGAR filings. The EDGAR filings


representative of a start up company, however the small amount of debt


be noted.

JVWeb has positioned itself to be a partner with small to medium


desiring a web presence. The downside here is that anyone can call


a web master, and many smaller companies may have an uncle in the


With that said, JVWeb can provide the complete package, design,


marketing, and maintenance. Also, because of the capital structure,

there could

be a dilution of the stock price, due to warrants outstanding. There is


guarantee that JVWEB will be able to obtain business or generate


business. JVWeb has experienced management people, and networking

opportunities in place that should be able to create customers.

The presence of the internet and the opportunities it represents will


continue to grow. The need for a company, like JVWeb, to work with

smaller companies is apparent, and the market potential obvious.

Any individual should thoroughly investigate an equity prior to purchase


seek a professional brokers help. This author found it hard to resist


and purchased a few hundred shares.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.