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Welcome to

Homerun Now!
Contact me here via email


The market will continue to be choppy until after the election. Having
said that, there is one stock poised to go to the MOON!!!!!!! As with all
picks, I urge you to do your own research to verify the pick.

Vishay (VSH) ($30)

This is an electrical components company whose sales and net income
continue to rise at a great pace. They just reported great earnings again
about a week ago and got caught in an overall market downdraft.

They have almost $ 1 billion in backlog orders, representing 1/2 year
worth of sales!!!!!! Additionally, their guidance for next year is
They have almost NO DEBT and and a couple of hundred million dollars in
cash!!!! Their P/E ratio is under 10.

Buy this stock immediately and prepare for a 15 to 20 point rise by the
end of January.........

This stock will get your money back on all the Tech Wreck losses....


Well, Dorthy we aren't in Kansas anymore....

The whole market melted down & took some of our stocks with them...

Stats as of 10/13/00

APC up 17.9%
PSFT up 17.5%

CNC down 34% (hold onto this will shine in next 6 mths!!!)
CS down 13.34% (hold onto this's coming back)
LNOP down 36.91% (sell, come back another day :-( )
MIGR down 41% (hold long)

New Home Run Pick:

CMTN (Copper Mountain)....this stock hit a 52 week low & will rock back to
over 100 by year end...a profitable dsl equipment supplier......
BUY ALL YOU CAN NOW AT 32 1/16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A. Bulletin Board: MIGR ($ 1.03)
MIGR is the only one globally with software to convert programs from 32
bit to 64 bit to accomodate Intel's new chip. EDS, IBM and others know it
and could easily swallow this company any day. If they do not, revenues
will peak in the second quarter of next year. At $ 25,000 per program
plus a nominal charge per line of code changed you are looking at well
over $ 1 billion in revenues by June 01. This stock will not last long
under 10 starting in December....

B. Value Stock: CNC ($ 8.625)
CNC is one the largest insurers in the US with $ 8.5 billion in revenues &
not much reaching the bottom line. Their CEO quit this summer & was
replaced with Gary Wendt - superstar from General Electric. On Friday,
9/25/00 he saved the company from bankruptcy by rolling over the debt to a
longer term (2003/5). This company was around $ 54 two years ago and will
be back soon with over 1/3 of the stock being shorted!!!!!!!! Also, Wendt
gets a bonus if the stock crosses $ 20 by 2002, so what do you

C. Tech: CS ($ 32.75), LNOP ($ 37.25), PSFT ($ 29.25)
IMHO, CS will be at $ 40 by November and $ 60 by January due to the
spinoff of subsidiaries. LNOP has a revolutionary chip (do your own DD)
and will be at $ 300 in 18 months. PSFT has already won the war for B2B
for cell phones. Most of the worlds major insurance companies & banks use
their ecommerce software. The target is a double in 12 months.

D. Momentum: APC ($ 60.60)
APC stoled Union Pacific Resources in a takeover earlier this year.
Natural gas prices will not go down and this company is the king of the
independents. With the deregulation of electricity spurring thousands of
new cogeneration plants that need natural gas to LIVE, count on a double
for this stock in 12 months. Also, there should be a nice pop from here
to $ 80 by February.

All picks here are at your own risk.  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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