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Hawkeye's Picks


I'll say it again Triad Innovations (OTCBB.TINN) is undervalued. As of late we saw a few profit takers beat the stock down from a .40 to a .15 bid, how short sided .This stock still hasn't gotten out to the retail brokers. If you look at the Market Makers they are all wholesalers not a retail broker in the mix. As soon as the Retail brokerage community gets involved will find the stock moving , No doubt about it Triad is still a well keep secret. With the original share holders up a 1.00 to 2.00 we just need some recognition and we will be down the road at much higher levels.

I haven't spoke recently about Largo Vista( OTCBB LGOV.) With apparently a few disappointments a couple months back, the company has been very tight lipped about any supposed agreements.I feel the management team has been very diligent in their efforts and I get the feeling things are about to break.I know that the news from this company has been very slow in coming over the last two years, which I might add has been ridiculous. I have been informed that we should see more news on what is happening in the company to keep the shareholders more informed in the near future. When you pick stocks sometimes you must just have faith in the management team to get the job done. I believe that at this current level of .07 to .09 level will be part of the past soon, Looking for news which well left this stock to new levels.



I said Triad Innovations (OTCBB-TINN) is undervalued and even with just a few trades the stock has jumped up to 56% to .39 on the offer.For those of us who have been in this stock for the past five years it's a good time to average down your position in this company. most of us own this stock at 1.50-2.00 a share. With the news of Mr. Roller on board and looking at his past experience ( check out news on Web site

, it defiantly looks like we have brought in the right man. We have been told if we like Roller , we will differently like the rest of the men coming on board.We have been told that the phone is ringing off the hook and Triad will be sitting down with interested companies over the next 30 days. We have been told that their are a variety of Triad applications are being pursued by interested parties.We as shareholders always new we had something very special with this company as the developer ( Bloom) has spoken to many of us before Even though our jockey fell of the horse the last couple of years, he's back in the saddle again , looking at the home stretch. Check out their web site, it's suppose to be updated soon on the new areas of interest Triad is pursuing. We should see the retail brokers get involved soon as they are preparing the due diligence packages for them.A Bright future to all, Have A Good Day.



Good day to all. I said that Triad Innovations{OTCBB –TINN} was and is undervalued and now with the current terrorism activities it's even more so. They say with tragedy comes opportunity. Triad is poised for such a move.

Triad (formally IDSI, two an half years ago} has been courted by many of the majors companies not only in the energy field which has gripped our nation, but also fills the bill in the agricultural and pharmaceuticals and desalinization areas.

This unique patented centrifuge technologies to separate impurities and contaminates from gases streams and liquid solutions can play an important roll in becoming more energy independent. They have more than proven their ability through a thousand or so tests on different applications. Three years ago or so the majors were extremely interested in this technology, but the management team at that time couldn't find a pen to sign a contract. Since then triad has accomplished continuous flow in their separations and that is what the majors wanted to see even though they themselves were unable to attain it.

Natural gas wells which were previously capped do to impurities can be reopened and with Triad's state of the art tech. and Can be purified to market standards Folks even the contaminates can be captured and resold with this technology, now a nuisance in your well becomes an asset.

Most of the original shareholders bought this stock at 1-2 dollars a share, looking at an up side of 15-20 dollars. With new management team in place soon, contracts near future, look for the stock moving up to the 1-1.50 area. Keep in mind there are no stockbrokers working this stock at this time. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out were this stock is going. (Current price .22 by .25)


Good day to all. I think it's apparent to all that Largo Vista (LGOV- OTCBB) had a couple last minute glitches in their big deal. The little information that comes out of their office has left many of us wondering if their management team is able to close the door on at least one project. You may have heard the saying, ``persistency prevails". I hope this is true for all of our sakes. I've heard that LGOV management have been on the move this weekend to jump over some of the last hurdles to finalize some of their agreements in the Pacific Rim. Well, we have heard this all before. They have been working on these different relationships since last fall. It's high time they close some of their deals they have been talking about. The stock price is a mere reflection of the lack of formal information out by the company. For months, the little investors have been playing the .12 to .20 game. They have been dragging this stock through the mud with the pump and dump game. I still believe that this stock has the opportunity to be a decent investment. I think over the next couple of weeks we'll see if Largo Vista is the gateway to China. If management can get some business on the books this could be a great stock even as a long term hold. I am looking for the stock to rebound over the next few weeks and to gain strength in their market place. Extremely good buy at today's prices. (.10 to .12) As always do your own homework to find if this is a suitable stock for you.



I use sound fundamentals and technical analysis when making my stock picks, and as my main source of income, have been successful for years. I would like to share the names of two growth companies I am invested in that I believe have great potential. To quote Gordon Gecko, ``The most precious commodity in the world is information". A good investor always listens twice as much as he talks. Don't be the last person on the drill team to find out market changing information. Remember, this is just my opinion. Do your own research and due diligence. Have a profitable future.

This is an excellent time to invest in Oil & Gas stocks. They have rebounded in experiencing phenomenal growth in value and price. Largo Vista Group (OTCBB. LGOV) is ``America's Gateway To China". Over the last decade the company has carefully nurtured its parallel plans for growth by developing clear, appropriate and professional relations with business, government and venture partners in the Pacific Rim.

The current price is 0.18, and I am looking for news that should catapult this stock to 0.60 to 0.70 in the short term and over the next quarter I anticipate growth to $1.50 to $2.00.


Let's take a look at another truly undervalued stock that has phenomenal upside potential. Triad Innovations Inc. (OTCBB.TINN) is primarily engaged in expantial use of unique and patented centrifuge technology to separate impurities and contaminants from natural gas at its point of origin. This technology is also applicable to separations of 1) Miscible Liquids, 2) Gases, 3) Dehydration, and Desalination. Several large companies have expressed an interest in co-developing with the company a process to upgrade substandard natural gas to meet pipeline standards, by reducing carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide levels. According to gas industry studies, it is estimated that 36% of the U.S. proven gas reserves are sub-quality. Applying this percentage to the estimated 4000 trillion cubic feet proven world wide, establishes a staggering market potential. The price is down to 0.15, a reflection of extremely unqualified management. This summer, the company has added a tremendous amount of technical and managerial expertise. I believe these individuals posses the expertise the company needs to accelerate its separations technology into commercialization. I feel the stock will rebound in the near future in the neighborhood of 0.75 to $1.00 – a very conservative estimate, considering that investors originally thought the stock would be worth $15 to $20.

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