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Welcome to:

Gilhooly Stock Picks


Hello everyone,

New to allstocks been investing for about 2 years now. my first stock pick is going to symbol COVD price as of 11/06/00 was 6 5/16. if you do a little research this company have some intriging issues at hand. first it did not meet 3rd quarter earnings far from that. there ceo just resign. but to the good side and to why i bought share of this company. after do a little research i found out that sbc just invested 150 millon or a 6% stake in covd. i think that just this is reason to look at this oversold company. but there are others. rumors of a buyout(some think maybe even sbc) but even if they not bought out the resign of the ceo will show investors that the company is worried about what happen to the stock price. my pick is for COVD to steadly rise the rest of the year. but if there is a buyout in store could be quicker. remember always do your own research. stocks are fun but the can be bum feelings if you are not doing well. i will try and give out a stock every two or three weeks. have a fun day trading  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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