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Welcome to

Geicko 's Picks

You may contact me by email here


Hello guys...sorry for the delay in posts...I got barrages of e-mails

complaining! Anyways...before we get into picks, I just want to remind you

all that I DAYTRADE pennys. It is very seldom that I keep a stock over 36

hours... So these picks are not long term picks...they are (1) day picks

only. Here is what I have for today:

FONX-WOW..Microsoft!! DAMN!

ETCH-good stock for this week!


See you guys tommorrow!




Hey guys...well those of you who IMed me yesterday did really really good in

that 30 minutes from 3:30-4:00. Good job on buying all the TVCP you could

afford!! I think we will see it up at least another $1.50 today. In case

some of you live in a cave, TVCP announced big deal with Sprint..and Kinkos

sort of! Well you all can still make good money buying this has a

long way to go up...

Today's picks:





Thanks for everything guys,


"King Herb"



Hey guys...jumped back into VNCA @ $6.93 and rode the wave up to over $20.

Still holding this one and recommend you buy now before it splits. Float is

used up and MM's are dying for shares!! Today's picks are as follows:

VNCA still buyable

VCSY still chuggin!

ADGI great news!

LMGR this stock is outstanding!

FOCS might slow a little

NVXE should jump a bunch today

Good luck!





Wow...what an exciting week last week...

I can thank VCSY and VNCA for doubling my money last week. I got out of both of these.. VNCA I probably should have helf for the gap up on Tues. but I took my profits and ran. OTCA was quite a story last week as well, starting off at .25. Announced split and ran up to as much as $23. Too bad I missed that boat. Stocks to watch for this week:




-LGDR (rumor of huge news next week)

-ARET will pop soon as news comes out

-ABRG will pop soon as news comes out!

Thanks for all your e-mails and suggestions.

Feel free to e-mail during the day and or anytime to ask my posistions.

Remember, I play stocks day-to-day. I usually don't hold anything more than

24 hours.







According to a viable source, TEXN's tests were great today. Should expect a

PR as early as tommorrow. EXXON was heard to be very impressed!

LOCH can be bought anytime it dips under $2.00 and even around there it is

still in my opinion a great buy.

Keep your eye's on ARET. I don't think people realize how big this merger

is. When news of merger is finally announced, expect to see this skyrocket.

FONX and LAKO have taken hits recently. Maybe a good time to buy???

and last but not least: Keep your eyes on is perorming a 100:

1 reverse split on Friday. Usually that is bad but rumors have it that this

company has something up its sleeves. just watch it.

Thanks and e-mail me if you all have any questions or suggestions  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.