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Fundamentalist  Picks
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GWTR .40

Global Water Technologies revenues grew at 98% and its income is grew at 31%.

The Balance sheet looks good in terms of CA/CL and they have adequate equity.

The Stock is approximately 50% off its 52 week high reached ealier this year.

The company just secured a strategic alliance with Nalco the world largest

water treatment company (3/27 news).

Other stocks to look at

USTI (stock took off and pulled back a bit, good opportunity to get in,

strong growth)

TLWN ( rumors have Black and Decker talking to company,only rumors no facts)


ACMM ( still has room to move)

PFCK (recent pullback in price, buy and hold this one)







Please do your own Due Dilligence on all my picks.

The Fundamentalist



ACMM made decent moves the last two days may be on the way to $4.00-$5.00

AQCB Aqua clara reached another agreement with a major distributor. Read the


SFAD stock is on a tear. Get in soon.

Here is the lastest stock that meets all my criteria for me to purchase:

USTI- United Systems Technology, Inc. .245/sh

United Systems Technology developes, supports and markets computer

software to county and local governments. The company's sales grew at rate fo

28% over the same period last year. The company also turned the corner on

it's earnings. Net income is up over 200%. The company is trading at a p/e

ratio of 25% versus the industry average of 52%. Owners equity grew by over

10,000% (do your own math and Due Dilegence on these figures). The volume of

shares traded traded is averaging 710,000 per day and today it exceeded 1.9


USTI is growing, profitable! and undervalued. The stock has not made a

move in the market yet. Year end information should provide a shot in the arm

for this company.

ARET: Took a small position in this company based on its earnings, price, and

recent acquisitions. .16/ sh

As always do your due dilegence on any of my picks.




ACMM : Good growth in revenue and income. The market has not found this

company yet.

AQCB : Major distributor handling their product line.

TLWN : Outstanding sales growth and trade show reviews.

SFAD : Keep an eye on this one, something is happening! No solid financial

information has turned up yet but the stock is on the move.

PFCK : The investment banking division continues to bring companies to

market. PFCK pays stock dividends in emerging companies they bring to market.

Great long term buy.

I am a firm believer in purchasing companies with strong sales and income

growth that are undervalued. Fundamentals are the key to financial success.

Don't be taken in by hype. Please do your own DD on all my picks.

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