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Welcome to

Frank's Analysis

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    My pick: Uniprime Capital Acceptance
    Symbol: UPCA
    Traded: Pink Sheets

    9/24/99: Bid= .06 Ask= .31


We need to e-mail our elected officials with information about what if happening with Plasma Plus and Uniprime.
We also need to get Investigative Journalists interested and they do some real digging to get the real facts.

Write your elected officials and also write the news media.
You may use the following information to send to your elected officials and news media.
Do a copy and paste.
Then send another one with your thoughts and information.

      Top 10 reasons for assisting Uniprime Capital Acceptance (UPCA) in getting Plasma Plus tested by an independent group and upon favorable results made available to people with the HIV virus. Uniprime has made claims of Plasma Plus being an effective HIV treatment. The US government has tried many things to prevent further testing and keeping the results of the treatment covered up.

      Uniprime Capital Acceptance (UPCA)
      Top 10 Reasons for Plasma Plus

      1-UPCA has been Handcuffed in defending their Claims
      The US Government has used every means and agency within their helm in an effort to shut UPCA down.
      They still do not have the formula.
      UPCA should not be tried in the media, but should be given the opportunity to defend themselves and their claims.

      #2-Government of Spain did a 29 month study on PP
      Results were documented and case studies. This was within the last three years.

      #3-Government trying to prevent Plasma Plus Testing & Results
      This is now the sole asset of UPCA.
      The government should be behind finding out whether this formula works instead of asking questions

      #4-PP Results will Surpass CHIRon HIV Test Results
      Time will tell the complete story to this

      #5-HIV positive patients should sign petitions for PP
      Any possible treatment should be evaluated.
      Local politicians should also be made aware of this treatment.
      Review latest Plasma Treatment to treat Multiple Sclerosis with a 40% success rate. (Was on Dateline on Friday night)

      #6-UPCA has been limited to Releasing Info Publicly due to on-going Legal Proceedings
      newswires preventing UPCA from publicly disclosing their side of the story thru news releases in the media

      #7-Shareholders have the right to know the Truth!

      #8-1 Million+ being deprived of Plasma Plus HIV Treatment Worldwide

      #9-UPCA insiders did not sell ONE share of stock restricted or common

      #10-UPCA Management is 100% behind Plasma Plus

      There is a story in this and it gets better:

      Thanks in advance.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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