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Hope everyone is makeing a good recovery during this little spike that were haveing. but dont get too confident I have this feeling that its going to take another slump down. But in the mean time there is always a company out there that is going to make you something. And I have happened uphon just that one.

AWEB now tradeing at .40 has agreed to let autobytel 1.35 buy them out. Looks pretty simple to me so Rack it up and let it ride.

Unfournatly that is all the exciteing news that i have for now, except for the main ones that i hit on. And remember to keep an eye on them.

DELL @ 26.74 watch for the 24.00 mark this time

INOD @ 6.31m Watch for the 5.00 mark on this one

Well good luck on the open market and I wish everyone some change in there pockets.

Im outta here



Well not that everyone is in a mad panic over the stock market..........and our favorite polititans are makeing an ass out of themselves it comes time to sit back and think on how to still get the system. well sitting at my computer trying to find a good buy on some companys i managed to find something. Even though most stocks are going down or have went stagnet besides thoes select few I noticed that there are a couple small movements in the penny world. Now to make some cash on this your going to have to hit it with volume and you want to make shure that the company is on solid ground before even thinking about throwing cash at it. so this is my stratigy. Follow it if you want. and critisize if you will.

NRES Judgeing by the chart this company makes constant movements from .003 to .004 Hit them with a high volume of shares. For instance i am useing 800,000 shares bought at .003 and sold at .004 with a total reliasation of 800 per hit. and judgeing by my chart i should average about 15 to 20 hits a day. This is kind of an odd approach for my style of tradeing........but hey i got to eat.

AREE is on the same line as NRES they tend to hit the .006 .007 mark. but i would approach this one with a little more caution so as i am doing once again. I am buying lotts of 200,000 shares at .006 and selling at .007 with a total of 200.00 per hit with 10 to 20 hits in 10 days. thats all for now. Keep the faith and try to stay in the black. Im outta here



Well how about this market.....for a change though i do have a penny stock for a pick! yes amazeing isint it

NRES now at .004 this company actualy has some viable property under them. what is makeing them so low right now though is that there in the middle of several construction projects and are not showing much revanue. this though will pass and there at there prime picking right at this time. i my self have bought up a large lot of this company. as i would only suggest to buy and buy hard on this one right now. Translation 10,000 shares = 40.00 need i say more

Another one to keep a good eye on is ALA @ 28.76 they took a hard fall friday sence bieng downgraded by a couple large investment firms. this only means that these firs dumped a large lot of shares. This is where i make my bread and butter. but take caution and invest wisely.

thats all for now

Im outta here

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