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CFCM Chiefconsolidated Mining Target P{rice $20

I am an analyst of 30 years standing I hear that very favorable events
have taken place a Chief Consolidated Mining which management has not
disclosed. Meanwhile, insiders and directors are accumulating stock for
their own accounts.

First, the Trixic Mine. The company has run a drift to an escape
shaft. This drift bypasses the main area of mineralization by about 450
feet I understand that they have struck gold in the drift at times at
30 ounces per ton, the same as the test borings 450 feet away. This
appears to indicate that the orebody is many times larger than has been
previously announced.

Second, Arvida, the big Florida real estate developer has bought
1,200,000 share in Chief and is preparing to develop the real estate
Chief owns around Eureka by putting up whole towns.

Third, the Burgin mine has over #150,000,000 of lead, zinc and silverbut
needs to be drained. Chief is now in negotiations to do this. In
addition to minerals, the mine can produce 9 billion barrels of hot
salty water a year. US Filter has an option to put up a $100,000,000
filtering plant to purify the water and extract then sell the salt.
Mining will commence when the mine is drained and reconditioned..  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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