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Welcome to

Fennesse Trading

Email me here


Today, I like IDEC Pharmaceuticals - IDPH ($57). Go long, buy on weakness
under $56. Nice longterm potential here w/ price target of 80.


Today, I like DVA (17 5/8) for LT Buy. Davita Co. is a very promising
medical company with positive earnings. Nice long term play here as
earnings should consistently rise.

Next stock is WFII (14 1/16). Buy here and look for nice near term upside.
Wireless Facilities has recently bottomed out and I look to bottom fish on
this one.

With the present state of the market, take any profits you can get. Even if
it's small. You can see the Bear just eating into any upside. Also, Margin
Call selling is still looming in this market. There will be a move in a
positive direction that is sustained, but don't look for it anytime soon.



Today, I like EPNY (23 1/8) long, but really it's the options I'm looking
at. Sell the MAR 20 Put @ 1 9/16. EPNY is a nice play right here with a
possible bottom in the NASDAQ. Still would'nt mind owning it at 20; thus,
the PUT writing.

Feel free to Email me for more information.


Love the JNPR Mar 65 Puts to sell. More to follow tomorrow.


PPRO - (12 3/8) Like the stock here or anywhere under $12.
Recently beat the street with good earnings and future looks bright.
Hopefully; NASDAQ doesn't drop another 500 pts.

A Buy-Write strategy can be used with PPRO. Buy the stock and also sell the
March 15 CALLs for $1. Doesn't sound like much, but if stock doesn't move,
you'll see an 8% return in one month. Or, you may get called away at $15
which is a 21% return in one month. Nothing wrong with that. On the
downside, you give yourself a dollar protection.

Feel free to Email for many more like this.


For the most part, I am a short-term trader and I love to incorporate
options into my strategies. I use options mainly from the sell side. Why?
It's a statistical fact that over 75% of people who buy options lose money.
Therefore; I sell. Also, 3 things can happen to a stock option. In the
case of a CALL, the price of underlying stock can go up, down or stay
relatively the same. When buying a CALL, you need the stock to appreciate
substantially in a short amount of time to make money. Time and price are
working against you. Therefore; I sell.

Today, I like ADRX (currently 59 3/8). This is a generic pharmaceutical
company. The play is selling the March 55 PUT @ 2 1/4. The stock has seen
much recent support at 55, therefore; I wouldn't mind owning it at 55.
Also, the stock has come down and any uptrend will make the option cheap to
buy back.

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