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Welcome to

DKTrader's Picks


It's been crazy the last few weeks, and I don't think

it is going to get much better anytime soon. Gotta be

careful where you are putting your money now. I am

hesitant to even recommend any penny plays but I will

anyways. I am staying away from anything trading

under .50-$1. A lot of the cheap pennies that are

having trouble with reporting financials are very

dangerous IMO, and aren't worth the risk they impose.

Invest in fully reporting companies that can keep

trading without the extra "E" on the end. Ok here


1)INVT-Of course. I continue to pound the table on

this one even though it has been in a serious

downtrend. The NASDAQ correction is partly to blame,

but also the lack of informaiton and news from Optica

management. MM manipulation is also a big factor from

what I hear and witness. I expect the BS to change

very soon though. If you have been waiting to get in,

now is the time. It is trading below 4, but not for

long IMO. Still expecting a listing on the Frankfurt

Market(DAX) in Europe, and a Public Relations campaign

to go with it. The NASDAQ filing is in, and we should

expect to hear something in the summer months about

approval. Buy and Hold

2)TSIX-360Networks which recently IPOed on the NASDAQ

is a screaming buy right now IMO. You like Fiber

Optics? This is the one you want to be in, and

especially at 19 a share. If the NASDAQ would have

been in the bull market of late, this could have

opened and traded above 100 easilly. 3-5 years from

now, this will be one of the new "leaders" and getting

it at this price is a once-in-a-lifetime chance IMO.

Their CEO used to be the CFO of Microsoft, and they

have major players on their side. Buy and hold


3)POPM-I have not researched this one AT ALL! I know

NOTHING about this stock, except a rumor that I heard

about them being in negotiations with Disney to be

bought out. Once again, this is only a rumor that I

heard so play at your own risk, and PLEASE research a

stock before you invest in it. I am not buying it,

but just putting it out there for anyone to dig deeper


Once again, be careful what you put your money into in

this market. Most of the "big money" is going into

the leaders that have earnings...Large Caps. Good

Luck to everyone in the Crazy markets out there!



1) INVT-Get ready for blastoff! This week is the week

to be in! NASDAQ filing coming on Friday. 2 Foreign

listings are possible this week, but if not, then

within the next 2 weeks. Have you seen the latest SEC

filing? See anything about 3 additions to management?

I did. What else is coming? Have to wait and see!

LOL Just get in and hold it! Not a Pump and Dump!

Thunder-What are you waiting for? I told you so! LOL

2)USVO-update....Hang on to it! Nothing has changed

fundamentally. Still the leader in VOD over the net.

MM manip has screwed this one, but I hear that good

things are coming in a week or 2.

3)ARET-update......Just hang on. I knew it would come

back to low .20's. MM walkdown was so predictable.

Heard that a major deal is coming in a few months.

Just a rumor!

4)OTC stocks have been beaten to a bloody pulp lately,

so I am not picking anymore right now. Watching the

charts and waiting! Besides, MM's balance the books

at the end of the month, so manipulation occurs more.

5) NASDAQ and NYSE stocks to own.... SONE, NT, CY,

CSCO(duh), ORCL, HRBC, CDO.....  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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