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Welcome to

Diamonds in The Rough

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As the market suffered yesterday, there still were plenty of unfound

opportunities to be discovered.

There are 3 stocks that I like after and incredible amount of due diligence.

All 3 picks fall into your risk category; is a short term play, the other a

high reward play, and the other a long term play.

The short term play I expect to go up about 20% in the next couple days.

The stock is TRFYE (which will be trading today as TRFY. It just lost the E

today and only now are investors picking up on it (most are long term) and if

you look at the charts, TRFY(E) is still trading near a 52 week low and

should move into the .70 zone in a couple weeks.

TRFY : Closed at .41

My next pick is money in the bank. The company is ICNW (Integrated

Communications Network). I've spoken to IR about their company, I have

spoken to an investor who invested in the company, this is a real opportunity.

The prestigious website gave ICNW a price target of $55 and

revenues are increasing at an exponential rate. The company currently trades

on the Pinks but has already filed for a Nasdaq Small Cap listing. The

bid/ask today was $3/$3.50 which is INCREDIBLY low because he listing is just

a matter of time.

They just filed their amended S-1 with the Naz plus their quarterly report

and according to Tony McIntosh of ICNW investor relations, they are just

waiting to hear back from the Naz. EASILY a $8-10 stock once they get the

listing, which they will get.

ICNW (you might find it under ICNW.F) closing price: $3 1/8

The final LONG TERM pick is the KNOT. This is a dot com stock but please

don't worry. This dot com is the leading wedding site plus they are

diversified with recent acquisitions of the Weddingpages and other

partnerships. AOL owns an 8% stake in the company, they just renewed their

contract with AOL, they have 3 strong buy ratings from analysts, plus they

have a chance to be PROFITABLE by year -end. You heard right, a dot com that

could be profitable. They beat whisper #'s by a nickel and the booming

wedding industry this year means more of the same in future quarters. Low

year end price target: $20 High end: $36-40

KNOT closing price : $5.50  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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