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Welcome to

Dchowx's Picks


hey guys. hows things? hope all is well. anyway, time for some updates. been a long time it seems. lets see, some nice results on most of the plays i have posted. INSY .036 posted, hit .088. about 130% gain. had a reverse split, and is hanging close to split share amount. rare to see that in the otc. so congrats to the ones who grabbed some. ETCR posted .037. still trading at .03. boooring, if ur still holding. GMGC posted at .34. hit .67. about 100%. now trading back to the mid 30's. but a great gain there also. BIGT only showed a .08 gain after post. about 27%. but is now lower than posted price.NGWY is down a few pennies from post. and CYII. posted at .16 and hit .21. about 30% gain. ALTHOUGH, i am very positive on CYII, and its the only play listed here i still hold a strong position in. and i will add more if the ask hits .14 or lower. i love the chart, and i feel STRONGLY that good things are to come. ask is .15 now, and the trading patterns are very strange. almost everyday i see the big blocks going through, and the bid/ask jumping all day. has been frustrating to watch. but i feel good things are to come. they recently retained the services of IRG, well, u can read all that in the latest PR. but with a bit of good news, i think soon we will see who has been buying all those shares, and why. of course this is all just my opinion, and thoughts. so dont take my word for it. do your DD. but im looking for at least a double from here in the short term. IMO. as u can see, the otc is hard to time, and tough to wait it out. thats why i TRADE. u will find many others who preach INVEST. but that risk is greater than trading IMO. if u get a positive move short term, u can sell a %. hold the rest. play for free. if its flat for a long time. u can take out, use funds for another, and jump in again. u can sell after a 30% loss, and not look back as well. and my favorite, in and out. and back again. sell a small profit. wait for new low. add more, sell again. add more, and so on. all the way to 0. lol. i trade my plays on different reasons. some for their fundamentals, and what they look like on paper. and others just for their trading patterns. i will even trade the PUMP and DUMP. doesnt matter why its moving, as long as u know why, and ur ready to get out at any time. so thats it folks. my biggest position right now is CYII. and i AM holding til i find out what all the excitment is all about. take care and good luck.. lata..


hey guys. well its been a few days since i posted last.. i told ya i wouldnt have much anyway, im only holding a few plays right now. i still have some GMGC.. been holding up pretty well. MFNX has been acting the same as well. so i cant complain.. up a few on both.. actually, a nice few on GMGC.. i hold only 15k shares of INSY.. had to take profit when i could..lets seeeee, what else.. OH, keep ur eye on CYII. i posted a while ago, and its held its base the whole time.. very rare.. anyway, today, it had almost 3 million in volume.. average is 350,000. and in the last 2 weeks, i have watched last minute big block buys. this play is nice and quiet. the RB board is almost dead. but someone is buying in huge quantities... but today is the first day i saw a nice rise in price.. closed at .20.. and posted, and held at .17.. sooo, IMO, it looks good from here.. another one to keep an eye on is MLHP.. great concept, and they have an awesome PR dept.. which they do on a regular basis.. of course, all it takes is one nice PR, and we could be off.. and finally... there is NGWY.. i told u about it not being at a bottom yet. but it looked like a nice play. well the last few days we had someone unload the free shares they recieved.. they made up for most of the volume, and all sells. they took a nice hit.. but i think the worst is over.. i grabbed some today at .18..and will keep a CLOSE eye on em...i think thats it.. doh!!! im still messin with BIGT.. in/out.. hard to time.. but i have done pretty well considering... ok ok.. thats about it.. well, i think.. i bet there is one or 2 more.. but.. its late.. lol.... and im sure if/when i remember what else i hold, i will post again saturday.. so, until then, take a look, and see what ya find.. good luck to all.. and happy trading.. P.S. i have everyones email addys.. so dont worry, i didnt forget bout ya.. but i just didnt see the need to send.. nothing seemed that important.. KEEP UR EYE ON CYII... feel free to email any questions.. lata...


morning guys. well, not too much new going on the last couple days. congrats to those who jumped on GMGC. they are holding now around the .50 level. thats 50% in a real short time. the others are about the same as posted. flat.. also a good sign to hold a base like that.. anyway, i feel the need to repost something.. you need to be real CAREFUL when buying anything, in any market... especially the OTC. the bid/ask has HUGE gaps sometimes. and i have gotten 3 emails in the last 2 days asking why they got it at such a high price when they didnt even see the price quoted.. if u put in a market order, u get what they give u.. and a lot of times, u can see up to 40% differences sometimes between the bid/ask. THATS CRAZY.. i personally would NEVER enter a play like that. ur in the red as soon as its bought. i always put in limit orders. it will save you TONS of $$$$ in the long run.. just keep an eye on it.. ok, thats all for now.. hope all have a good friday/weekend to come.. lata...



hello again...... well a few things went on today. first, i watched the island orders early this AM on ABIZ.. didnt like the direction, so i jumped on most of my position.. out at .25 and .26.. still holding a few.. just in case.. still very risky, but moves very fast. ... a few things to mention about the email alert systems for other webisites.. BE CAREFUL. every time i get one, it seems it traded with very low volume. moves real fast, and the bid/ask spread is HUGE. got one tonight.. bid .70 ask.89.. think about that.. also traded on the pinks. so its almost a crazy buy.. stocks gotta move .20 b4 u break even.. thats close to 30% on the bid side.. hard to do.. ALTHOUGH, i did hear about a play that looks great from the start. i took a position this morning. still need to look a lil further, but what i see so far looks great.. the chart indicates there may be more selling though. doesnt seem to have reached a bottom base. but, i grabbed some anyway.. takin a chance.. NGWY is the ticker.. .30 lots of inside buys also.. take a look. another play i have been in and out of recently was MFNX. trading at .46 now. getting a lot of attention. but again,. always a there u have it. theres a few more to keep ur eye on. i will start emailing you guys when i find a play which i feel needs to be looked at ASAP... and if u havent sent me ur email, u can do it now.. good luck to all.. lata...



Morning all. well not too much to talk about. this is getting real hard to post for everyone. it seems i am buying/ selling plays b4 i can post it takes like 24 hours b4 my post hits this page... and i dont want to post if it has started to run. sooooo, i will tell ya though, i did buy some ABIZ the other day.. YES ABIZ... in @ .19 but its moved to mid .20 its verrrryy risky, but the reward could be great considering the movement its had. just hope im in at the right time. also, CYII had a huge increase in volume friday. but no movement in price. odd. although i saw the ask up to .168.. so we will see what that brings this week.. keep ur eye out.. also, i had an idea.. i get email each day from some of u guys asking what im playing next.. so what i could do is, if i enter a play during the day, and feel i need a position b4 close, i could email you guys with my play. that way u dont have to wait til the next day. if interested, email me.. use "allstocks" as your subject, or i will think its spam and delete it.. ok, thats it for now.. good luck, and happy trading..



hey guys.. happy new year.. (so tired of hearing and saying that)... anyway.... INSY still holding strong. .085 thats about 125% so far.. not too shabby. but IMO, thats not even the tip of the iceburg.. but we shall see... also, ETCR caught my eye.. i grabbed some a week or 2 ago.. forgot to post it i guess. .037 right now..aaaannnnddd.. CYII............ take a look.. just coming off their lows.. trading at .16 now... a recent 1 million buy from an insider.. smells like roses to me.. so there u have it.. do your DD and see what you find. (what? did you think i would do it for you?) hahaha.. so thats all for now.... good luck and happy trading.......... lata.........



hey guys. everyone have a good x-mas? hope so.. not much new on my end. i havent hit my entry points on a few other plays. so i wont bother posting until that happens. i will say though, INSY has some new coverage on 2 different stock picking sites. the news is getting out now, and volume is up. keep ur eye on em.... also, there is a new email virus out. the subject says "HII" with 2 I's i saw the warning on CNBC last week, and i got 3 in my email the other day. sooo, dont open anything with HII as the subject. IMO.. ill be posting soon i hope. so hang tight.. good luck.. lata..



morning guys. hope everyone is ready for x-mas. first off, i want to say im sorry for anyone who got into IJON in the last 2 weeks. i recieved many emails, trying to get others into this play. of course, i didnt bite. but i know a lot who did. my first was like in the mid $1 range. then my last, yesterday around .75. well, it went from there, all the way to .38 today. on almost no volume. and then the volume began. PANIC SELLING. it came to an abrupt stop, and started up again. to close at .52. so many people lost a lot of $. just be very careful with those email type things. because everyone jumps in, and the ones in first, jump out. leaving you to hold an empty bag. on another note.... INSY behaved very well the last 2 days. closing at .056 still a looonngg way to go with them IMO.. and i will be there to cash in........ im not holding my breathe with BIGT just yet. i feel they will need some time to get things together. i do know, if they dip to the low 20's, i will ave. down. (just in case). but i think they are an all or nothing play.. so im hoping for the all. haha.. well, good luck to everyone. have a great holiday, and i am sure to have more plays after x-mas. P.S. becareful on entering a play after the holidays. when there is a long weekend, many people have lists of plays they found, and want to enter. and do so first thing in the morning when trading resumes. so dont be impatient. it could cost ya a few $... im going to wait til midday if there are any i find. soooo, good luck to all, ill see ya soon.. lata.. (now arent ya glad you didnt buy ENE)... haha.. lata.....



Hey guys. well INSY made a little move today. ask .047. getting there. but its was sooo hard to fill my positions this morning. took forever. but im in no hurry anyway.. also, i grabbed some BIGT today at a .31.5 average. they have lots of potential as well. i know you all have heard the rumors in the last few weeks. but i waited for the profit takers to take their share. and now that it has slowed down quite a bit, i took my position. but of course, ya never know what will happen. so im happy (for now) to get them at .31.5 the key is, depending how much $ you have in the market, make sure you distribute your $ evenly. i never load up on just 1 or 2 plays. say you put in 3k on BIGT. and they lose 50%. thants only 1500. so you dont panic, and sell b4 they are able to make a move upward. but if you have 20k on them, you are losing 10k at 50%. yes, i know, simple math. but most dont think of that. just dont get too greedy. and the same works on the upside. whats wrong with making 1500 on a play when you only risk 3k? nickle and dime it. and soon, if done right, (withought the greed). you will see a great reward over time.. this is just my opinion. and how i play the otc.. so good luck to all. and keep your eyes on these 2 plays in the future. lata...



Good morning guys/gals... i hope everyones weekend was nice. i wanted to start today by explaining to some of you how risky playing the market, (moreso the OTCBB) can be. you need to use extra caution in all plays. there is a lot of manipulation going on at all times. with lots of different companies. the rules arent the same, and some play dirty. some just have a (business idea), and are not even operating. its crazy. and of course you will hear 10 different sides to each companies story from fellow trades. (traders) being the key word here. i dont invest in the OTC, or the market as a rule. i like to trade, and take my profits, (hoping there is one). when i can. then move onto the next. i like to try and have as many plays going as possible. because some need more time than others. and you can sell 1 play, and roll the funds back into your next. so when one moves, you can take it out, and start with another. and so on. that way, there is always some type of activity, and your not waiting on just one play. always watch the bid/ask very carefully. you might not think .01-.02 is that big of a deal, but if your talking about a play that has its bid at .05, and the ask is .07, its huge. look at the %. just be careful. i will also tell you that when i enter a play, i look for chart bottoms, low volume, and quiet boards. the more action you see, the more people are trading that same stock. so i like to get in when its nice and quiet, and there arent many active traders at that time. so with any move to the upside, that whole % is yours. and your not last in line to grab some, when everyone else is starting to sell after they made their %. GET IT??? phew, lotta talking. but for those who are new, it will be very helpful i believe. also, the time frame for all of my plays will vary. some a few hours, and some many months. it all depends. so go with your gut, and on what your comfortable with. some of my plays may fall to the big $0..(hope not).. and some may go nuts. (more like it). i have had very good luck with the otc in the past. took some time off for various reasons, and am now back at it. much better time i believe. so hoping all goes well, we should all have some fun.. but DONT FORGET THERE IS A RISK WITH ALL PLAYS. so dont play unless you are prepared to lose, as well as win.......ok, ok, ok.... im done. i had to go out of town for part of the weekend, so i didnt have much time home. i still have many plays here that i like, but i am waiting for bigger dips in the chart b4 i post. so hang tight. BUT if you like some risk.. take a look at INSY.. .036. i like many things here. and i will be adding in the morning. i was only able to get 1- 5kblock b4 the bell. but that will change tomorrow. so do your DD, and see what you find. i am sure to have many more plays this week, but i dont want to rush anything. so good luck to all, and lets make some $$$$$$$$$$... feel free to email with any questions or comments about my plays or any of yours. good luck to all..........



Good morning guys. yes, its saturday, and we have the whole weekend to do our DD.. RIGHT??? lol.. anyway, i hope some of you were able to benefit from GMGC 2 days ago.. . 34 close to a .49 high yesterday. thats 50% if u were able to jump in-n-out. not too shabby for a few hours work. the reason im here is because i hear a lot about ENE the last few days. and EVERYONE says BUY. the sad thing is, i almost bought when they first got hit, and were .27... but i let it go. and they bounced.. (as expected).. but now they are all saying the same thing. looking for restructuring. IMO, it wont happen...ENE is even too risky for me. and i have played the shells, 1 employee business, and the bankruptcy. but this, IMO looks like a dead play. yes, they might, by the grase of god, move a bit on the upside, but this is riskier then driving with your eyes closed. just please dont fall for the jibberish you may hear about this play. and only jump in if you are willing to take a very big risk. either way, good luck to all, with whatever you do.. just BE CAREFUL with this play.. lata.... i have new some plays coming monday.... get readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......



Good morning guys. i just wanted to throw one out at ya. keep your eye on GMGC in the days to come. closed @ .34 today, and i feel its going to run.. IMO might be a nice quick % grab for ya. IF you get in early enough.. lol.. good luck to all.. lata....



Hi everyone. i am once again looking to dive into the penny market. its been a while, and i dont know where to chat, or an alternate DD site. any help would be great. i have a list of about 35 plays here, and will look into deeper. when i find a keeper, i will post for the rest. so good luck to all, u will hear from me soon.. lata......  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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