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Welcome to

Dave's Right Buys


I am still confident APPI will generate enough cash flow to maintain

operations, and grow their business. The proprietary technology they have

in making Whole Plant medicines is very cutting edge, and may soon catch on

as we are becoming more health conscious as a consumer.

I sold out of ASXI..

I am still waiting for the merger on DSYS with TEKS...

SATXE impressed me again..and removed the "E" from the symbol, and are up

and running at full steam...awsome company one to hold for years!!!!

SRAM and OILS are still very attractive at these prices!!!

David A. Farrar



I search for and buy Over the Counter stocks of emerging companies that I


1.) Will be listed on the major exchanges eventually

2.) Are in the right segment

3.) Have proprietary and unique technology and products

4.) Are widely traded (easy to get in and out of)

5.) Will provide **HUGE** returns on investments in the near future

I left the Brokerage industry several years ago after growing tired of "Trying to get rich off the buying and selling of others"...Quote from Bud's dad in Wall Street movie. and decided to make something of my career. This has become a hobby for me now. As always do your own research..but once you do, I am sure you will agree on my picks, and be glad to add them to your portfolio ASAP! The following companies are highly recommended:







More to come soon.

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