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Welcome to

Bull Gates Picks



My best pick has performed the worse. VRDE has dipped to .05
so I'm simply buying more. Still my favorite and suspect once all is in
it will rally good. GLW moving up 25% since my last post--a hold. SGII has
doubled since my last post. Some news must be about to break but don't
hold out for to much gain. PDCI I see a rally on news and I would consider
exit points for it may not hold up. Has held .30 , great but maybe not after
the Big PR. WTHL I still like but its not performing. RTEK and TXMC I
think are at the bottom and both will get with it next year. Just reentered
IBUI at .025. Has good background and business potential for short and
long term gains. Happy Holidays, and I hope VRDE delivers in time for
Christmas JOY!!!! ( WE shall see). Good luck.


Hi, Things holding in good shape for those past picks. If your in PDCI just
hang tight. Several PR's IMHO soon there. VRDE presently remains my
strongest pick. Should see gradual ongoing rise with PR spikes. We just
may see $1.00 on that if the market responds to the bio kit that hits the
retailers this month. WTHL I'm watching and holding out for +.15-.25 before
I evaluate any suggestions. Presently a good buy. I just reentered SGII
in a small lot because they have great potential and technology (clean coal
energy) but seem to have a cash-flow and buyer problem. Lots of great DD
available on it but don't go over . 02 until some good news. Still a great
buy at . 02 or under. Not really spec stock for they have done a lot of
Seeing GLW at-7.50 and I'm getting in but will hold up to 6 months.
Still love those rubber stocks TXMC and RTEK but they having slow start.



Hi Folks, Buy and hold alert for VRDE. Its on a sizzle now I know, but if
have done your DD get in quick and HOLD. MM's are having fun with it and
so are the daytraders. Designed dips are in motion. Trouble is that will
and a super rally will start. Why????? IMHO it is because this emergency
bio package to the major retailers is very attractive to the scared housewife
and she won't resist it. Not enough???? How about another package just
in time for XMAS. Oh YA!!!! So if you sell for a top of a small dip and the
super rally goes. You miss out. Some of you will play the dips but just
want you to see this possibility. So, both of those events right around the
corner. Update on PDCI.....still good hold, buy under .20, good things
there but FED agencies presently controlling time. For a 6 month larger
play. I'll buy GLW under $7.50 IF it even happens. Good luck.



Hi, VRDE appears to have the means to address the anthrax problem
within the existing structure of their own product line. Could see a
special product in the works very useful for the military and intelligence
groups. They already have experience in the FDA process. Not to mention
public products directed at the anthrax and smallpox scare. Very
strong BUY and would hold out for large move before any sale. This
process will get attention very quickly. A JV could be part of the picture
to benefit outcome.



Buy alert! Buying strong on VRDE. Company business doing well and suspect
a new product line nearing. Would hold tight once in for development and
exposure. I think this is soon and Big. PDCI has moved steady up and holding
into the .30 range. Do not sell. Complete FDA process still in early stages.
Sell in .40 range if playing dips but otherwise still a hold. Rubber products still
maturing and in development. I'm presently buying strong into RTEK and
TXMC. May be somewhat of a wait there but it will happen. Best of luck to


Sept 4, 2001

Posting a buy alert for PDCI. Preliminary meeting with FDA complete and went
better than expected. Product is unique, affordable, and will be useful worldwide
for civil and military application. Why the alert? September is when the product
will be physically submitted to the FDA for approval. Entry level is now and
traders can play serious dips and rises between now and final approval and
they will. Several know investor groups have held silent as I know it. Longs
will be safe with no plays at all if they hold until actual FDA approval and
that date is unknown presently. Submittal in Sept is a done deal. Beyond that,
Home Depot is poised to pick up all present market ready construction
level in stock for a trial run and retail market evaluation. This could break in
the next to weeks and really sizzle things more than the FDA event. I hope
you made out on the last post. Was one day early on a serious prediction
of PR and a nice run did happen. If you held, your safe for many months to
come. Good luck, do serious dd, and prosper.



Hi Folks, Looking for some otc recovery after the holiday and with a little
luck right into the New Year. PDCI still my top pick with FDA approval in
the works and Home Depot deal lurking on yet another product to which
already is in inventory. Watch for repeated PR's on different subjects. I
price will hold on this. Still like RTEK and TXMC. Both in the recycled tire
business and expansion of company business looking good for both. VRDE is
moving along with their products and marketing setting high goals. FASC is
long hold for me. Will hold out for several dollars before I let it go but
may take
some time. CHES a steal for what is in the works with their present energy
merger but I presently wouldn''t follow it up. WTHL is a good one to churn in
the near future with revenues and business model growing. Lets hope a
turnaround is here and we prosper together. Good luck.



Hi Folks, Havent't posted in a while. As you know, the otc a very tight
market these days and even strong companies have their price tanked
for reasons unknown. Most my past picks I still maintain but one in
particular that needs attention is PDCI. They have had many problems
over the years but they experienced the death of two CEO's this year
which has created a complete turnaround on the business of the company
and present progress. They have a product about to submitted to the
FDA for approval. This submittal will be in Sept as a PR on Monday
indicated. They also have a level and the tooling for production of that
level. Home Depot is in negotiations to put this line in their stores. Do
your usual DD, Check out their website and PR's. Seek a dip and even
with this tight market I believe a winner here. Good Luck !  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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