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Welcome to

Bigwedge's Picks


Good Morning... Well it is finally September, hopefully a little turn
around is in the air. Well here are the picks,

1) CGPN ---Looking good with this news from last week.

New York, New York, Aug 30, 2001 (Market News Publishing via COMTEX) --
The Cyber Group Network Corporation announced they have formed an exclusive
world wide alliance with CenDyne, Inc. to market the most advanced computer
security software made -- PIRT Security Suite.

"We feel that CenDyne is the best choice to establishing PIRT as the absolute
standard in the Cyber-Security Industry sector," said Gregory Evans, CEO, The
Cyber Group Network Corp. "Their vast experience and proven track record of
bringing cutting edge technologies to OEM's and consumers, made them the perfect
fit to market our PIRT Security Suite."

PIRT Security Suite Software was designed to be the most advanced
software to protect against computer and computer data piracy. The software provides several methods of protection against unwanted intrusion into lost or stolen
data housed on a computer, pager or PDA. For example, PIRT encrypts data, making it virtually unhackable and can also completely destroy data -- literally irreversibly wiping it from the device. The PIRT Security Suite also can track a lost or stolen computer across the Internet and remotely retrieve and/or destroy data from your computer or pager.

According to Edward Meadows, president, CenDyne, "In the short time we have been working with The Cyber Group, we have already had a tremendous interest from our OEM and retail clients. We look forward to our alliance as a win for our
customers: they have easy access to The Cyber Group's new advanced, cutting-edge cyber security software through CenDyne, a partner they already know and trust."

2) WLDI : Still awaiting some news, but looking for a breakout soon.

3) VDOO : New web sites and product announcements on the way. According
to the Company should be before the end of the month. Never to early to
get this one at .006, could run before the product launch and web sites.

4) MAGC: Still waiting on this one, small position, I have a feeling it
will move soon. Moves up quick on low volume.

5) SRGO: Looks like this will move back to .004 , and then you must sell
half and then decide on the free shares..imo

6) FDRY : my only nas pick, great company, great product and they make a
profit, they are caught in the downward spiral of the market, but always
seem to find their way back to the twenties,

Remember do your own dd, and good luck to all.

PS. I wonder how many big board traders will be attracted to the OTCBB
due to the poor performance of the last couple of months.

You can email me at bashers

This is my opinion, is it yours too!



Good Morning... The picks as I dd


Please do your own DD, and remember play with your profit money or your

Have a great day.....

This is my opinion, is it yours too!  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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