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ADVC $0.37

Thursday October 11, 10:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Advanced Communications Technologies Inc.

SpectruCell SDR Technology Validated by Independent Expert

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Communications Technologies Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: ADVC - news; ACT-USA) today announced that independent telecommunications experts, Gibson Quai Pty Ltd have completed a technical evaluation and review of the company's SpectruCell software defined radio (SDR) multiple protocol wireless base station technology.

The report, which was completed over several months and required an in-depth analysis and working demonstration of the SpectruCell technology, found that the product is technically feasible and suitable for large-scale manufacture and licensing with a potential addressable market size in excess of $10 billion annually.

``Gibson Quai's review conclusively confirms that ACT's SpectruCell base station is a viable technology with substantial market applications'', said Roger May, CEO of ACT-USA. ``ACT is rapidly pursuing the commercialization phase of SpectruCell's development and our achievements in respect to additional new development of the technology have increased exponentially in recent months. The assistance of Lockheed Martin subsidiary RLM Systems is especially significant in these efforts. Additionally, key patent applications, the worlds first completion of a CDMA phone call from a software defined radio using SpectruCell technology to an off-the-shelf mobile handset without the use of Qualcomm chipsets, prospective field trials and several other key events, all serve to prove that SpectruCell has unprecedented flexibility and application and is well placed to take a dominant position in the global wireless communications marketplace''.

The technical review of the SpectruCell technology was originally commissioned by one of the major investment banks in Australia earlier this year. An update of the report was recently sought by the Australian Government to validate progress and completed development milestones in connection with the $A13 million Government grant that has been awarded to Advanced Communications Technologies. This review was only recently completed and forms the basis of this latest report.

``ACT have made substantial progress in the development of the SpectruCell base station since our initial review. In particular, the company's work on the development of a software based CDMA receiver is truly revolutionary. ACT has established itself as a leader in software defined radio technologies and this is reflected in what they have been able to achieve with the SpectruCell base station'', says Dominic Quai of Gibson Quai Pty Ltd.

Gibson Quai's research indicates that the closest publicly known competitor to SpectruCell is AirNet. However, Gibson Quai noted that the AirNet technology is a hybrid with predominantly a hardware implementation to support GSM/EDGE protocols and that in contrast to SpectruCell, multiple protocols cannot be supported simultaneously on an AirNet BTS.

ACT's success in SpectruCell development is complemented by its progress in establishing field trials with major mobile wireless carriers in the US, Europe and Asia.

May added, ``We have had substantial interest from numerous major carriers in all of the key markets and we are rapidly working towards finalizing agreements for field trials initially scheduled for the first half of 2002. Like Gibson Quai, many of the major global carriers have recognized the many advantages and exceptional flexibility that the SpectruCell SDR multiple protocol wireless base station can offer mobile infrastructure providers planning 3G network rollouts.''

An extract of the Gibson Quai review containing the key findings and an outline of the report's methodology can be found on ACT's website at .


Roger May, CEO of Advanced Communications Technologies Inc will be holding a Q&A conference call for investors to discuss recent company events, including NASDAQ company merger efforts, as well as the many advances the company has made in the development and commercialization progress for the SpectruCell SDR base station. The call will be held next week with exact times and details to be provided in a press release as well as on the company's web site .

About Advanced Communications Technologies

Advanced Communications Technologies Inc. (ACT) is a world leader in the development of software-defined radio (SDR), an innovative technology that allows for exceptional flexibility in commercial and military wireless communications. The Company's flagship product SpectruCell, is a SDR multiple protocol wireless base station consisting of hardware and software, that enables network providers to install a single base station and configure it to any or all protocols (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, W-CDMA, etc). Without SpectruCell, network providers would need to install separate base stations for each desired protocol. SpectruCell is supported by several patent filings that bypass the majority of Qualcomm's patents on CDMA via hardware solutions. ACT holds the exclusive rights to SpectruCell throughout the North, South and Central American markets and to other current and future products developed by its Australian research and development affiliate, which is 20% owned by ACT-US. For more information regarding Advanced Communications Technologies, visit .

About Gibson Quai Pty Ltd

Gibson Quai was established in 1988 to provide professional advice in the field of electronic communications and information technology. Over the past decade the company has grown both by expansion and by acquisition. Gibson Quai is now a national consulting practice with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. The company is ranked amongst the leading independent consulting firms in Australia, serving telecommunications end users, carriers and service providers, regulators and investors. Gibson Quai provides an unbiased and totally independent consulting service. The company has no association with, or commitment to, any supplier of telecommunications equipment or services. For more information visit .

The foregoing contains forward-looking information within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties. The actual results may differ materially from such forward-looking statements. The company does not undertake to publicly update or revise its forward-looking statements even if experience or future changes make it clear that any projected results (expressed or implied) will not be realized.

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