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Welcome to

Bibliophile's Penny Picks


NPSC Update: After closing at 2.46 on 03/03/2000, National Paradigm gapped

open this morning at 2.59 then dipped to 2.37 before rallying to a close of

2.62 on heavy trading. More than 346,000 shares of the stated 500,000 share

float traded hands and buyers were again having trouble filling orders.

Several avowed longs on the RB message board claim to be in for the long

haul and will not be moved to sell. When this one pops, it is going to be

monstrous. In my opinion, the only thing holding it back from $6 is the

extremely low number of shares. Market makers are afraid to let it run

because of the certainty of going short and being unable to cover.

***CNTY Alert***

Current Price: 1 1/8

Shares Outstanding: 21M

Float: 7M

Insider-Ownership: 52%

Employees: 200

EPS: .13

Century Casino (NasdaqSC: CNTY) is an international casino management

company headquartered in Cripple Creek, Colorado. It owns a casino in

Cripple Creek, Colorado and has management rights to a casino located in the

newly-built 5-star Marriott Hotel in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. As

part of the Marriott agreement, the company receives 10% of the gross and

45% of net profits for a period of 20 years.

Century Casino has also joined a consortium applying for permission to build

a casino in the town of Caledon, South Africa. Phase one of the project

provides for a casino, (with approximately 250 machines and 12 gaming

tables), the refurbishment of an existing 98-room hotel, a spa built around

the thermal waters on the site and includes restaurants and other

entertainment facilities. The total cost for this phase of the project is

approximately $17 million (US Dollars). Century Casino's investment will

total 4.1 million in exchange for a 50% stake and managemewnt rights for 20

years. Phase two of the project will produce a golf course and up to 350

residential units. The consortium has been granted "successful applicant"

staus and final details are expected to be completed within 60 days.

Century Casino expects to fund their portion with available cash. Caledon

is a one hour drive from Cape Town, South Africa.

Century Casino's mainstay is the Womack Casino in Cripple Creek. Century is

firmly rooted in the town and recently announced plans to build a 500 seat

Cripple Creek community center next to the casino. The center will host

civic events, meetings, conventions, shows, and other special events. The

news prompted Cripple Creek Mayor Tom Litherland to declare it "One of the

best things to happen to this town since the casinos opened their doors."

Benefitting Century Casino will be the move to house their business offices

in the new center, thus making more room for gaming tables and machines in

the casino located next door.

Century Casino is a profitable company with a long history of financial

stability. The following numbers are taken from the company's Nov 99 10QSB

on file with the SEC, for the nine months ending Sep 30, 1999:

Revenues: 16M (up 19%)

Share of Market: 18.3% (up 1.7%)

Food and Beverage Revenue: Up 5.9%

Gross Margin: Up 2% to 61%

Admin Expenses: Down 2.4% to 24%

Cash and Cash Equivalent: 4M+

Line of Credit: 10M revolving credit with Wells Fargo Bank

Revenues remained strong despite start-up costs associated with the Prague

casino. Once the Prague operation is fully outfitted and upon final approval

and commencement of operations in Caledon, Century Casino profitability

should rise astronomically. Already, the company is tremendously

undervalued when considered in relation to the industry and sector.

Why to invest:

Management, first and foremost. Shares have held at 21M, although 50M have

been authorized since 1996. Management prefers to fund expansion through

available means, thereby protecting investor equity. The terms of their

management deals in the expansion casinos are truly amazing.

Growth: The company will soon be operating three casinos in prime


Stability: The fact the company trades on the NasdaqSC as opposed to the

OTCBB is proof of that.

Insider confidence: Insiders are accumulating.

Value: This company is a steal at its current price. Check out the

comparison figures and you will see that although this company outperforms

the industry and sector in nearly every category, it is undervalued by a

factor of 2.5 to the industry and 4 to the sector! This would translate

into a $2.50 to $4.00 price range per share, and that is not including the

revenues from Prague and Caledon. This is a sleeping giant that has been

tickled by consecutive days of above average trading and will represent an

easy double or triple as it rises to its true value. Get in now!





Comparison Chart:




Hello. I am still learning the penny stock business but have realized 6,000% gains since starting with $200 on Jan 14, 2000. I have been very fortunate and (I like to think) very discriminating in the picks I have made. Much of my profit has come not only from knowing what to buy, but more importantly, when to sell. If you are not able to babysit your stocks, you will be at a real disadvantage. I am sure gains can also be made by holding long in the right stocks, but I have been successful with my lightning strikes and will continue to operate that way. Please keep that in mind if you follow my picks.

That said, I do think this first pick has the potential to be a great long-term bet as well as a great short term pop.

Here it is:

*****NPSC Alert*****

4,000,000 shares issued.

500,000 share float

CEO recently accumulated an additional 450,000 shares

New Paradigm Software (OTC:BB NPSC) is a web site development company with a

customer list that includes Novartis, Motorola, New York University, Parent

Time, and The Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

New Paradigm has several proprietary Internet software products,

which are instrumental for clients to build and maintain an effective and

efficient web site. The Company intends to develop separate businesses based

on these Internet products as resources permit.

New Paradigm has created more than 20 web sites and charges $60,000 -

120,000 per site.

New Paradigm also owns three award-winning ad gaencies and plans to add


New Paradigm's earnings for the 9 months ended Dec 31, 1999 were 3,962,111.

This represents a 112% increase over the previous year! Revenues from

continuing operations were up 134% over the previous year!

Samples of Paradigm's work can be seen at

This stock has risen 95% in the last two days of trading, finishing at 2.46

Friday (03/03/00) as MM's held it back due to lack of sells by current

stockholders!!!! The sentiment on the RB message board is they are hanging

on to a grossly undervalued company. Can't say I blame them, but expect

their resolve to melt as Monday's buying pressure forces the ante to a level

where they feel comfortable selling half their shares and keeping the rest

for investment (that's a hint to stockholders of record (don't be so


Note to New Paradigm execs: Issue more shares or initiate a split - lots of

new investors want in!!!



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