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BB's Picks


Great time to buy at these prices. I originally bought at .09-.13 and
averaged down when it went to .02-.04 when the market crashed this last
year. A great time to get in on the start of a real solid investment

Check Patent # 5,888,551 for University of Miami Hair Loss Patent.

"The Company maintains a pipeline of business estimated at $35 million per
going forward, which I anticipate to contribute profits to Whitehall's
line for the current quarter. We have set a goal to generate $1 million per
month in revenue. Even if we were to see an upset in the current trend of
interest rates, our origination volume will continue to grow as we move
achieving this goal," stated James P. Mack, president of ALG.

"In the past three months alone, ALG has nearly achieved last year's total
origination volumes. May's $30 million in loan originations are double what
be compared to the Company's best months of business last year," said Luis
Alvarez, Whitehall's President and CEO. "ALG's ability to achieve certain
financial forecasts while at the same time implementing stringent cost cuts
throughout the entire mortgage operation is proving to be invaluable to the
success of our long term goals," he concluded. ALG reported mortgage
originations of $90 million for the fiscal year ended September 2000. Loan
originations for the past three months were reported as follows: March - $26
million, April - $24.6 million and May - $30.2 million.
(This is just the ALG part of the business and not the subsidies listed

Whitehall Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB:WTHL) is a growth oriented holding company
targeting business acquisitions, which will contribute a diversified asset
and positive cash-flow for the company and its $71 million tax loss
carry-forward. Whitehall Enterprises' current business activities include
marketing of hair growth stimulation and hair loss prevention technologies,
state-of-the-art medical diagnosis software, plus mortgage banking within 12
states of the U.S., including the issuance of residential title insurance


Current Pick
Whitehall Enterprises Inc.
Current Price .023

Whitehall Enterprises, Inc.'s subsidiary, Alternative Lending Group (ALG),
announced that loan originations for the month of May totaled $30,240,000.
has been reporting significant increases in referrals and leads for the
Company's loan products and recently has opened a new office in Tampa,
with plans to open additional offices in Arizona in order to meet the

Whitehall has several different subsidies including a patent for hair
replacement through the University of Miami, A mortgage Company along with
ALG. A worldwide license agreement for DocPal a software diagnostic program.
Do your own DD. You will be pleasantly suprised by the solid foundation you
find with this company. Great management and the future looks very good.
My picks are done for entertainment only and do not represent any
responsibility for a gain or loss of monies by anyone reading my
recommendations. Do Investing at your own risk.
Best of investing
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