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Badcad's Top Picks
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submitted/written 6/20/00

Hello everyone. For those of you not on the list, thought I'd give a page update. Just a briefing of some stocks on my like list right now. Many of these are previous picks....and you'll notice that most have held up extremely well thru this bear market....some have even gained. This goes back to what I always preached, about trying to pick the majority of your picks not just for short term gains, but for longer term prospects too.

Remeber this market is still very unstable and unsure of itself.....players with only short term patience may need to look to other places for advice....I feel strong about my choices and safe in the staying power and/or return power if things get crazy your research and be patient....some returns will come quick, and others at a slower pace. All OTC stocks are still above average risk....

CEFT....strong buy....long term, maybe short term gains.....look back at my older postings.....this stock is up well thru this bear'll also notice that many analysts are now starting recent coverage of this one, and giving strong buys and price targets similar to those I gave months ago....Well, they are slow to catch on sometimes, haha....

SEVU....gave you this long ago under $1, and you'll notice how well this OTC stock has held itself, esp. compared to the rise and fall of most previous OTC stocks....the majority are below where they were in Jan.....This stock has extremely high investor Positive sentiment.....going to end up on amex exchange, where it will be open to fund mgrs, etc and for coverage.....the secureview will eventually be a standard household-internet appliance.....pick a comfortable entry point, buy on the dips, and be patient....long term hold, possible short term play at anytime...

UGNE....another OTC that I still like and has prospects....again has held up relatively well, and is up still from where I suggested months ago.....EISQ....still like this one cards will continue to become important, and still has good partners, real name co.'s.....

VRTY........should come out with great numbers, a strong buy, and will continue to expand this year, and should pop well in a rally.....

CMRC......if we see any kind of good rally from here....this one is a great buy with todays sell-off......the apnt buy is a good deal for them....their recent expansion into XML technology will benefit their revenues greatly over time.....has a lot room up from here.....

CICI......the electronic signature bill, now passed in the house and on its way to the pres., will greatly benefit future revenues for them...strong buy, as this bill will be signed, and CICI is in excellent position with many large cap co.'s paying license fees to them....

Well, there are many other great buys still out there too......look close at these....dont be so greedy....even with just a few shares, you can make good $$ on some large caps, with 10-40% gains on them....JDSU, SUNW, AAPL, MSFT, VTSS, EXDS.....many of these and others are easy and safe bets, and offer good returns from here....

others you may want to look at strongly....FSII, GLW, IGLD, PSIX, SQNM, FDRY, AMD, DCHT, NOIZ, ....

Well, that gives you many choices at varying price levels of some solid picks......look at them and follow the market....and in general, we are still in a phase of recovery that the larger caps are going to receive the sideline money 1st, and still aways off to count on thespeculative players.

good luck!!


Hello all....quick answers.....Yes, I love krispy kreme donuts, esp. when they're hot.....home and auto insurance is with metlife(snoopy).....both went public yesterday.....

Investors selling off yahoo on good earnings...hmmmm....very strange, I have no idea of what some investors think...i believe many just avoid the thinking process all will continue to grow and is a definate winner....

Sell off of microsoft is crazy is justice dept...leave microsoft alone, the world and economy is better off today because of MSFT and is a huge reason we are all online today.....

picks listed on about that TTV...nice gain if you got in...MCHP and AMD....well, told ya so.....

Semi-conductor stock picks....gave some inside look to ESST yesterday....I also like SRAM potential(esp. under $2 level).....two others with some potential are DIO and GALT.....DIO, may have very good numbers by year end and huge sales growth....

OK....a different look into CEFT.....just a fun and interesting look into how crazy todays investors and the market is, on evaluations.....lets look at the great Sun Microsystems(which I like too and is a great buy for long term investors) in a comparison level to CEFT(Concord EFS)....

CEFT, book value 3.41....SUNW, book value 3.40--- (about equal)

CEFT,SUNW....about 1/2 of float of both owned by institutions--- (about equal)

SUNW...p/e about 115 times multiples.....CEFT ...p/e only about 35 times--- (CEFT wins)

SUNW...p/sales about 11 times...CEFT...p/sales only about 5 times--- (CEFT wins another)

SUNW...float about 1.7 bil....CEFT about 1.6 mil---(CEFT wins another)

SUNW..est. earnings this year 0.91 .....CEFT est earnings this year 0.88-- (very close) years earnings 1.17 to 1.19, again very close----

Both have very good analysts coverage, with the edge going again to CEFT.....Both companies near the same age,12-15 yrs.......both in high growth sectors in new economy.....both have similar and very good earnings over past 5 quarters.....both anticipated to be well above average in growth in sectors over next 5 yrs... a quick look at some basic fundamentals that should be heavily used to evaluate and pick a stock( and yes, there are more things to look at too....but these are a sound starting point) those listed above in would probably conclude if the two companies were not known beforehand, that the stock prices would be very similar and close....right?

but SUNW closed wed. at $88.75, while CEFT closed at $19.50. Wow, what a difference...over 400% difference! Well, I just thought that this was kind of an interesting look at two stocks with some similar fiqures in some ways.....something I like to look at when evaulating my picks....what do you think? Anyway, both are very good and profitable companies. CEFT seems to often follow the financials sector, however I feel it is soundly a computer services, e-commerce, B2B company...stands in a very strong position to grow substantially over next several yrs, and is soundly under valued in todays market....CEFT is easily a $35-$50 a share stock trading at a bargain right now for under $ your research and you decide.

Continued picks from Wed...still like them all. Looking into a few smallcap and penny plays, will update on fri or Mon.....Good luck everyone. Hope my picks bring you insight and dollars....and into some co's you might not know about.



Hello everyone--

Well, back from all the other commitments and vacationing. Talk about a volatile market.....sheesh! are some of my safer picks for this market. Please remember to do your own research....this is a very volatile market and likely to be that way over next month or so. For information....i am curently holding 50% cash, 35% in equities, and 15% for very short term and active trading. I do not recommend right now for the squimish for many penny plays or short term plays.

Here are some plays I feel have very safe and nice mid to long term value, at good prices right now. MCHP, CEFT, ESST, AMD, .....very possible, slightly more risk( i hold these too)...SRAM, CICI, TTV, SEVU.

ESST......Nice institutional buying past two quarters...price/sales very low under 3.0 range...p/e only about 16 times(x-tremely low in tech. terms)...float of about 26mil, approx. 50% owned by institutions.....ROA & ROE very respectable....on-hand cash very nice....Has beaten earnings estimates past 5 straight quarters.....expecting strong quarter and year....extremely low valuations comparative to most semi-conductor co's.....sales growing in asia market, in strong DVD / VCD market, audio/video sector, multimedia, and internet devices....There has been low volume in general, however everything else points to this stock being one of the very few semi-conductor stocks that is under valued compared to others.....Look at the other 90 major semi's numbers and compare yourself.

CICI and TTV...look for 2-4 point gains from here short term....will try to go in depth more on these later...

SEVU....on this pull back, might be good entry....the products are real....more later...

MCHP & AMD....good numbers to be released...nice short and long term...AMD growing market share, and flash memory section a huge plus for them....

I'll give an interesting look at CEFT in tomorrows update.....Good luck everyone!


I do not usually visit many, but I have noticed many new picks pages. Please be sure to follow the picks of anyone for awhile and do your research before jumping right in. There have also been numerous lawsuits of late filed for several OTC, and Nasdaq stocks too, for incorrect PR ,etc. This with the volatile market, time of year, Greenspan(talking too much again), and other factors, make the market riskier than normal---More reason to be sure and do your research, forget the hype only stocks, and base your buys on stocks that are solid, and/or have basis for uptrend to come. Analysts and MMs are having a field day trying to get sell offs for good entry in many areas and equities, to ensure good returns later in the year for fund mgr's, etc. Do your DD, pick your stocks, watch the market, and invest solidly in short term--long term potential stocks.

I am vacationing rest of this week to Myrtle Beach for David Copperfield show and next update will prob. be either Fri. or Mon.

Stocks I am playing, holding, or watching....and like at this time include SFST, EISQ, SEVU, GWTR, SRAM.....possible short term in and out bouncing $$ plays, may be GONT(1.50), BICO (.65), MCTL (2.50)....those would be short term with the highs probable.

TLWN....i will post no immediate updates, barring major news, until all SEC requirements are filed and matters previous posts...merger news non-material as already known earlier and calculated into previous posts from 3/09, 3/13, & 3/16.

Some semi-conductor stocks that I really like for 1 day to end of year plays, SRAM, GALT, time or room tonight for why, but all these poised for nice moves up from here, in a sector that most have already seen huge rises.

Rumor play...ARET, ZKEM, CNTY.....

Good Luck all.....DO your Research!!


Hello. Unfortunately, I have no strong penny plays that I feel strong enough about right now to add to the list. I am looking thru many, and hope to come across a few soon. I have been thru about 130 this week, but have none that I feel are strong enough for me to post. I do have a couple updates I want to list...and a couple of picks I like higher end.

TLWN.....ok, well, I put up the good news when I picked them, and I'm putting up the bad. I picked TLWN at end of Jan at .18--and continued to list it for moves up til last week, about .40 level. The recent run-up took awhile, but, has been good. I am dissappointed to announce the following. As, always, use this info as you feel fit about it, and do your research too. Last week I posted to be careful....I do not pump stocks, and I always try to be straight-up about the info I give. The idea is to post plays that will make us $$....and I feel I should post on plays that are likely to turn around. It looks as if there is a very strong likelyhood that TLWN will get an "e" added to them next week. I also believe there is a very good chance they may get de-listed and go to the pink sheets by next weeks end or the following week. I am hearing this is very likely, even if they now get the financial statements in right now. If this happens, very likely that the price will tank fast. Now, this is from DD that got all the advance info on the recent positve PR also, and it was right each^*^-...Nothing is 100% sure, but the info I have is yours, and you'll have to decide...I currently have no equities in TLWN. My philosphy on this play, is to take the profit and move on, or to take your cost out and hold the rest if your long. Once the filings are done, and everything is clear, I will re-post about long term outlook, as this is short term. Battery patent and revenues may be strong in the future.Good luck.

SEVU....a decent dip today...I still like SEVU for much longer term play....recent highlights and Home Depot talks, others, all good.....look for a entry level that feels good....$10-$15 maybe.....looking for some PR in short term future too.

I mentioned CEFT before at $16 level.....this is still a very good bargain on this one, as it is currently way off highs, and very undervalued compared. ESFT...there are strong indications this one has now established a base, and should rise from here, strong institutional sentiment, and profitably seems to be approaching. WMT is still a deal also......what is there to say here, except its wal-mart, hehehe. Enough said. Anyway, good luck and I'll try to find you some $$ makers to add soon.



Well, time for another week. We can't complain about last week either, huh?

Re-cap.....gave an update on TLWN last be clear....just want everyone to keep a close eye out for news on filings of paperwork, etc. Audited 1999 financial statements were due to be completed by end of Feb, 2000.(Read fri report below). I am still hopeful that they are in compliance on time, and are strong as indicated. I still like TLWN long term. Everyone knows that I have been picking TLWN since Jan 27 at 18 cents(while others laughed before recently getting onboard). It took awhile, but slowly moved to .35 range, a near dble. During week of 2/21-2/24, I told you that there would be some strong news about Battery and Patent revenues coming, (it was released finally on 3-09). I believe there are still a couple more positve releases ahead short term. TLWN closed at .60 fri....for those that have been patient since pick date, now up 233% on this one.Another notch in our belts. Showed strong indications of further movement.....just continue to watch, if your in, just in case.....and enjoy the $$ so far.

How about GAUM...1st picked on Feb 7($2.50 level), then re-listed it last week on Thurs....up about 100% since 1st pick, up 59% last Fri. ( A lesson here, be Patient, as seen on both of these just listed). I really like several things about this one...some highlights are the high insider ownership, x-tremely low float, exceptional area of prospects in vey high growth industry for next few years, XML stands to be Big, making nice business partnerships...still a young co growing, but with high potential, and thus far things looking well....

Not enough room to cover all of just last weeks winners....UGNE, TTLN....good week too...both re-listed picks again....with some longer term potential still.

Anyway, for Mon....the above picks of course....also, expect some short term action(maybe very fast mon.) on GOYL...released good earnings late fri...this is a sunglasses co (like Rayban, Oakleys, B&L, etc), high end.....have very good warranties...great glasses...neat polarized glasses...great eye protection( for note...the pair's I have can be shot with a .22 pistol from 6ft in the lens, and not break)...also, the clear lens are what many ER rooms and doctors wear, such as seen on TV show "ER".....just some neat wife and I both wear Gargoyles....anyway, watch that one this week....possible longer term here too, as they are growing market size....

SRAM...(picked 1st on 2/01 at 63cents)....closed fri just over $4.....possible more uptrend again this week, more news out about their nvRAM and patent....(another note & you can see, and I have often stated, I try to base most picks on having some longevity to them, not just pump and dump stock picks).....I also still like SFST over the next several weeks or so for some more good news to be released....SEVU...has held sturdy at current levels still, signs of strong investor sentiment....recently more strong PR, and expecting more over month or so, and Wallstreet Reporter news to be hitting papers, etc...after increases, always some possible dipping, but I still REALLY like the potential of enormous amounts on this one...have covered in depth before....

Possible plays.....ADVR....CAMB....

Stay tuned in for next episode of your what you like and believe in good DD....always do your research.....not all picks are always going to be winners, but good DD will help to assure most will.....Picks listed here are stocks I have found to be good plays upon my research and beliefs....I do not pump and dump and try to offer picks as suggestions for you to look into...Good luck!!


Hope everyone had read up on yesterdays about ECNC, TALL, etc.....or holding for longer term.

I have two up-dates below....due your DD and decide please.

TLWN-Picked this one at .18 a ways back and it has done well. Not what I had hoped for by now....on many positive news releases, etc....on this weeks research, here are my findings.....please do as you feel best from these...Positives-TLWN has recently been on several pick sites, been talked in chats and on boards, rumors of positive SEC filings, and several deals in works with major retailers, and concerning drop-in battery and patents, and many past reported items.CONS-On wed evening, one of my sources has informed me that they are receiving conflicting reports on whether TLWN will comply with SEC filings on time...thus, it would lead to the addition of "e" to their symbol, and that they may get temp. de-listed down to the pink sheets....this could result in a decline in price. SUMMARY-do as you think is your DD as you can...monitor them either way....things may go either way...just wanted to give total update as best info I have....long term, may still be very good, I am hoping.

Another several has asked me about this week in chatroom and e-mail is USTI. So I have done some DD.....the company, seems fairly solid, and may have some goods to offer....but I also have major concerns....USTI...Cons-last week their was an IPO company, symbol UTSI, a hot ipo...hmmm, notice how close the symbols are?? Well, after doing this as long as I have, this would not be the 1st time it happened, I promise....seen lots...Lets compare something...UTSI 's ipo was mid week last week.....the volume on USTI all of sudden gained huge vol. at the same time, steadily picking up since then(Vol =5 mil Thurs...3 month average only about 850k daily) it all of sudden showed up as a penny play in the chatrooms and on boards...getting hyped and pushed this week, vol. increasing(Thurs set 52 week high at .35)...there has been no recent news or PR from USTI, nothing notable to move stock or indicate a reason for movement.... PROS-quarterly report should be coming out soon...decent float of about 15 mil shares...the recent a decent sector....not a huge price to sales ratio, and may be turning a profit.... there is some DD updates on those...put it here for everyone to see at same time....hope it helps. Other picks for short term still(1 day-3 months)....look for entry you like....SEVU, TTLN, UGNE, TELI, ......also long term.....On ECNC, TALL, NOIZ, and others....all look good long term, but may be a little bumpy or experience profit taking, etc.....get in early on picks, pick a level to exit some, and hold the rest for long term.....Good luck.



Possible signs of profit taking to hit ECNC, TALL, TCLN next couple days.....keep a watch if your in. I like them all, but ....always a bounce and profit taking.....

SEVU had a very positive and strong news release out on Wed.....further strengthens what I have been saying is ahead for them!!

SFST....UGNE....NINE....WCBY....SEMI...TTLN......SGTN...GAUM(like lots)....I am still holding all of these for moves. The "e" has been dropped on EISQ now. ELST looks interesting, esp. if they can get some additional funding. Watch for good entry and for upcoming news.

EXCA (nasdaq...not a penny play) could have a nice pop on very good earnings report. SNRZ also had very good earnings news, is beaten down, and may see a good reaction Thurs.

I am completing a new look into TLWN...will have up-date Fri on what I have......

Thats it for now...Tax season is here, and I am having to spend xtra time on that, versus normal DD picks and DD, and up-dates a little slower right now...sry....

Good luck...



Hello everyone. Well, I do not have lots of great offers on the table today. Had a busy wkend and did not get all my DD in, but will try to get a few new plays up on Tues.

SEVU....had a good close on Fri.....I believe some of last weeks profit-taking had to do with a misunderstanding about the date of the Wallstreet Reporter interview...many expected it last week, but it is due out this week I believe....and Wallstreet Reporter has confirmed the story...front page I think....This will draw lots of attention to SEVU by many wallstreet investors, firms, analysts, I believe the distribution is around 25,000 on Wallstreet Repoter......SEVU in addition, will be filing for Nasdaq very soon and should qualify without any problems....this makes available many more investment opportunities to them, coverage, etc. There may be some possible Market Makers (MM,s) shake down attempts to get in at better levels...yes, they do that type stuff, various ways.....but hold stead and fast to what you have.....Watch trade volume and share sizes over next few weeks during the events....Many SEVU holders I believe are head strong on the potential and reality of them, and should help hold the course.....and the inevitable up-trend will be enjoyed by those that accumalate when they can, and hold what they have. SEVU can be a good short term hold, and is definately a good long term hold thru the end of the year...all indications that I can find....and I keep digging and appreciating the prospects on this one more and more.

MMTI may be a legit play, and I am still digging into this one.....if the memory is for real, it could end up a big winner. VUSA...there are some serious issues with this one, however, there are also some strong indications of an uptrend for them....not really a pick, but have had several e-mails asking about that one, and reporting some research findings....Other possible plays for Mon, mostly on some rumors that I have not had time to really confirm, maybe be VCSY, UVTF, AVNR...usually look into the rumors before reporting, but no time as I said before, this you'll have to decide and watch these......

Watch for some moves from ZILA, GTMI, AMD monday.....

Continue to watch for moves from TELI and SFST.......and for many of the other e-mails concerning CDIK, my only advice is to be sure and dig deep, do your research, and then decide.....

Always remember, buy on what you think, your research (DD), what you believe in, something for a reason and a purpose....and some real investment prospects...not just chatter talk and volume, etc.

Good luck, hope everyone makes some $$......Thanks to everyone for all the e-mails, helps make the time spent on this even better.


Hello everyone. Well, thought today I would do a little bragging and re-caps to go with picks. I started this picks page in Jan. this year....switched over from other site....and basically just going over picks since on this site.

Symbol Date 1st picked price 1st pick high todays close

SEVU 1/20 3 5/8 28.50 12.75

IMDS 1/20 1 7/8 6.50 3.78

SRFX 1/21 .54 3.00 2 3/8

EISQ (E) 1/24 .45 7.12 4.60

CTII 1/24 3.12 15.75 15.25

TLWN 1/27 .18 .44 .31

TXCI(now TXCS)1/27 Has split since pick about 120% up

ISCO 1/28 3.?? 39.00 18.00

VCSY 1/28 4.00

**adjusted for split prices= .20 6.12 2.03

**20 for 1 split***

VTTX 1/31 .45 1.51 1 5/16

LOCH 1/31 1.25 5.95 1.35

AVBC 1/31 1.35 2.00 1.50

SRAM 2/01 .63 2 5/8 2.38

DRYD 2/01 .25? .86 .51

TXMC 2/01 .21 1.02 1.02

PRAV 2/02 .59 4.00 2.45

CICI 2/03 6 7/8 12.06 12.06

PKER 2/04 4.93 2 7/8

LAKO 2/07 .70 3.00 1 15/16

TTLN 2/08 .51 2.25 .46

COII 2/11 5.00 20.00 19.21

OK...well that gets us close to where my page picks up now....that also covers almost every pick made in that time frame.....stop there for now due to size constraints.....the only pick I left out I think was DRYD, and KNET....neither of them big winners or losers, you can see, some picks take time, others moved very fast. Almost all have long term potential, as I have said I try to pick stocks that I can keep portions of for long term, not just Momentum stocks. I do not pump and your own research always!!! Not all picks are always going to be winners, by I try hard to find the ones I do pick! I always research 1st. Many of the above were also picks on my previous picks page too at earlier entry levels.

I still hold many of these picks.....SEVU is still a great pick at this level, a good over next few days to get in....check them out on, and at their the news, etc.

SFST....i have recently gotten in.....looking at a few others....gone thru 122 companies past three days looking....Good luck to all!  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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