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5th June,

Hot Topic Inc. (HOTT) @ 27.00 (BUY). Price Target 42.00 in 6-12 months.

Small Unkown Companies worth having in your growth Portfolio:

Avert Inc (AVRT) @ 18.43 (Buy)
ASV Ince (ASVI) @ 11.40 (Accumalate/Hold)

I will tell you more about these 2 companies tomorrow.


5th of June,

Featured today: FBCE

This is a good day and taking a look at my picks performance reveals:

CORV @ 6.51, Up 0.44 or 7.25% (Today announced the development of the first
multiband switch for fibreoptics. It's now proving itself a leader as an
optical equipment manufacturer)
MFNX @ 4.70, Up 0.70 or 21%
NOK @ 30.93,Up 1.65 or 5.64%
PCLN @ 6.4 ,Up 1.09 or 20.53%
CPN @ 43.3 ,Down 6.15 from pick's price or 14.3%
(Gerard Klauer downgraded CPN at a Buy. CPN is in a good position even with
the california crisis and there is nothing to worry about. CPN is a good
growth stock and at this price, It's wise to buy more stocks)

The other 4 stocks still have more potential to grow. Confidence was high
today in the market but don't bet on highs yet. Keep on holding your

Mike asked me about FBCE (FibreCore)which develops, maufactures, and markets
single-mode and multi-mode optical fibre for telecommunication.
This is a small cap company with a low beta and good fundementals. The
company is expected to stay profitable next quarter and consensus estimates
are not bad at all for the coming 2 years. One single analyst is following
the company and that can be a source of bias. Generally, FibreCore can
outperform the market and the sector of fibreoptics. 2% of the shares are
held by 8 institutions. A relativley hidden company. As they start
generating more cash they will attract more attention. It is well managed
and they are expanding their business but in a slow pace.

I still prefer CORV in this sector because it's moving fast in R&D which is
a key factor in this sector, but FBCE is still a good company.

FBCE ( Hold/Outperfom ) but don't consider it MY pick. I just gave an
opinion to Mike.


Here are the 5 stocks I am currently picking:

Prices are the "last prices" for the 1st of June 2001, All stocks picked are
considered Growth stocks unless otherwise specified.

CORV @ 6.07 Corvis Corp
A Fibreoptic manufacturer. The company has lots of potential and aiming to
be leaders in a world that is changing toward broadband which is easily
supplied by optical networks. Currently owns the fastest fibreoptic
solutions in the world (2.4 Terabytes/Second). You can check the
S&P Rating ( 4 Stars )

MFNX @ 4.00, Metromedia Fiber Network'A'
The company provides technologically advanced, high-bandwidth, fiber optic
communications infrastructure to carrier and corporate/government customers.
The company is spending a huge amount of money on developing the largest
fibreoptic network across North America. They are also building a network in
Germany. Their losses are increasing due to their expenditure but the
company should be profitable sometimes in late 2002 and it will be a great
idea to jump into the stock while it's still cheap.
S&P Rating ( 4 Stars )

CPN @ 49.45, Calpine Corp.
A 5 star pick by S&P and is defenitly worth each star. The company wants to
be the leader in electricity production in America and they are actually in
the way of being so. Even after the California crisis the price is still
holding very close it's high. Construction of additional generating plants,
acquisitions, and increased consolidation of power projects should boost
revenues and enhance profits. The management is really have a plan for
creating a huge energy company.

PCLN @ 5.33,
It is true that E-tailers and B2B sites have been hit hard. Lots of them
went banckrupt and others are on the verge of filing for banckruptcy. I
defenitly didn't like the stock when Lauren C. Levitan picked it in 200 at
near $100 A share. At 5.33 it is still cheap. I can't imagine a company that
is managed by a former Citigroup CEO filing for chapter 11. The management
is excellent. They do have difficulties but they are on the right track. I
jumped in the stock when it was trading @ $1.75 and yeah I made good money
out of it and I am accumalating more.
S&P gave the a 3 Stars hold position. I can give the 4 with an Accumalate.
By the way, Lauren, if you are reading this (lol), I tried to warn you but
you wouldn't listen!! Who would pick such an expensive stock??? For god sake
you're an All Star analyst. Behave like one :) .. No offense or
hardfeelings. I shorted the stock when you recommended it and I wish you did
the same.

NOK @ 28.73, NOKIA ADR
What can I say about one of my favourtie companies. Nokia is defenitly the
best company when it comes to Telecome and Wireless equipment. They are not
the largest, capital wise. Instead they sell 50% of all mobiles consumed on
this planet annually. I expect revenues to climb about 26% in 2001, on
increased sales of wireless phones and infrastructure. Nokia has made great
deals since the begining of 2001 and they will prove to be THE role model
for all wireless handset manufacturers.
S&P gave them 4 Stars but I would surley give them 5. It's a must to have
NOK in a growth portfolio.

WARNING: Do your own research. I am not responsible for any losses. My picks
are NOT professional financial advices and they only give ideas of what
appears to be a sound investment. You can loose ALL your money in the stock

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