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Welcome to




Check out Raging Bull interview with Tomschboy, his view on LOCH will
interest you.
Go to Raging Bull home page, scroll down to "Behind the boards."
Also check out LOCH's new website
Things to think about 1) Expanding website 2) acquiring revenue generating
companies with clientele such as NASA, Raytheon and Ball
Aerospace 3) ELF and VAMMP technology that could soon have every
semiconductor manufacturer knocking at the door, not to mention the endless
doors that could open with the chemical detection technology.
My bottom line on LOCH -a run to .90 this week without news or 1.20 with news
of patent pending,VAMMP/ELF update, or conformation on SSI. IMHO
As always do your on DD


LOCH update.
Check out Raging Bull's Home page, then click on News and Editoral and check
out the interview with Tomschboy, a long time trader. His view on LOCH might
suprise you! You can also access interview through Raging Bull post #92372 on
LOCH board.

LOCH had great news today on VAMMP technology, .59 is still not a bad entry
point. I don't think the Market Makers can hold them back much longer. I
still look for a run to the .90's any day. As always do your own DD before


Current price .56
Loch Harris Inc. is an "incubator corporation that acquires and develops
cutting edge technologies." Chem Tech, whose parent corporation is LOCH, has
two high tech prototypes under various stages of completion. The ELF, "which
is an acronym for Eliminate Landmines Forever, is an X-ray based device
designed to be operated by a two-person team to detect and identify landmines
and unexploded ordnance at a forward range of two meters. VAMMP, which is an
acronym for Vacuum Multi-constituent Monitor of Plasma, uses an ultraviolet
based light source to monitor plasma in the manufacture of semiconductors."

This happens to be the lowest closing price in several months, yet the
fundamentals of the company remain the same. Over the next couple of days
look for a gap to the 80 to 90 cent range as more news on the ELF and VAMMP
are released. As always do your own DD, a great place to start is .



ANTM current price .92
This company manufactures antennas and other wireless solutions in the
telecommunications industry. What's unique and interesting about this company
is they are a BB stock that actually generates revenues, in fact these
revenues are up 104% compared to first quater 99. What makes this a strong
company is that they currently manufacture antennas under the GE and RCA
brand names. Their recent acquisition of Winncom Technologies will greatly
add to the bottom line. Winncom's revenues are up 177% over same quater last
year. Antm traded in the 2 to 3 dollar range just 2 mo ago. Check out these
web sites to start your own DD, and



ARET continues to grow with each and every PR and may see a nice move soon. The word is out, a great number of newsletters have picked them to move this week. They have a strong business model and are worth every penny of 30 cent. Visit the RB board to start your own DD.Picked @ .15 on 3/7/00 now @ .30 and still a great opportunity.





These next two opportunities are both highly involved in the Internet and e-commerece solutions. They are both strong companies for the long haul and have both built strong bases at their current levels, and could move higher this week. Start your own DD with RB post #27472(VCSY), #33050(IBUI).

Recap on prior opportunities.


FOCS -.96 1.68

MYIQ-.297 .72

SFAD-.265 .565


ARET-.152 .281

SFAD is still high risk, but news in am could establish this company.





ARET-Ameriresource Tech. Inc.


This company is in the latter stages of a major merger agreement with at

least 4 different entities. Once, and if the merger is complete, ARET will be

in the business of Assisted Living facilities, Hotel management, and the

construction of the above mentioned along with other related ventures. The

combined assets of this merger are astronomical

and could propel ARET into a NASDAQ listing within the 1 to 3 year range.

They also have many

other irons in the fire relating to the above mentioned. I believe ARET

could be in the 40 to 50 cent range very soon, and with a positive PR on

merger, maybe 1 dollar range. Check out Raging Bull post #105570, this is an

excellent place to begin your own DD.

ARET .152


FOCS-Fiber-Chem Inc.

This company provides information on environmental pollutants in the air,

water, and soil thur a network of fiber optics, mainly focusing on pipeline

leak detection, aboveground tank monitoring, oil production, and many other

applications dealing with water and air pollutants.

Look at 1 month chart, focus has built a base at around .93 to 1.00 range and

is poised to move higher, this is a long term hold with a lot of short term

potential. Recent merger with ORBCOMM Global is the beginning of a "new and

exciting era."

Also they have a huge patent portfolio which is crucial for long term

survival. Also look for a pop this week, they are ready to establish a new

base could be around 1.50 to 1.75. Also check out Raging Bull post #1573,


MYIQ-Edulink Inc.

This company is in the business of Internet educational services. This is an

explosive growth sector and MYIQ has positioned itself with some major

players including a Fortune 500 company. Check out and RB

post #1977. This one was up 47% on Friday, so it might pull back and build a

base aroud .25 or it could gap in am. Watch it close, buy on pull back or if

it runs buy around 11:00 central time. Also incredibly vol. leds me to

believe heavy insider buying and MM's gearing up for run.

SFAD-Safe Technologies Inc.

This is Internet related company with huge vol. in last 2 weeks, an average

of 20 mil shares a day for last 7 trading days. 2/20 press release strongly

suggest interesting news in March. Rumors about strong earnings report are

ramped. This one could move big any day but is the highest risk of the three

opportunities I have listed. News could be out before end of week. Not real

impressed with web site but this could be a huge short term play.

FOCS .96

MYIQ .297

SFAD .265

AS ALWAYS, DO YOUR ON DD BEFORE BUYING.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.