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Al's Picks


1- COMS= up .21 to $4.83 after an independent market research firm ranked
3COM #1in Gigabit Ethernet over Copper switch market. 3Com holds a 35.7%
market share, almost 10 percentage points higher than it's colsest
competitor, and it has shown consistent growth over the last three quarters.
The company reported a loss this Q, but I beleive it is undervalued because
of it's cash position and growth potential. 3Com ended this quarter holding
$1.64 billion in cash and equivalents. With this kind of money 3Com can
develop more products and grow very nicely.

2- INSP= up .02 to $3.11

3- AQCB= up .031 to .172. AQCB reported today that its business partner
SeeVenRich has placed additional orders for the AquaClara water totalling 105
truckloads per month. These orders more than double the original order from
SerVenRich. SerVenRich reported that they are working with new distributors
around the world, and have seen increasing demand for the product.
Considering the price and potential of AQCB, this is a risk I'm willing to
take for a nice profit.



INSP = up .18 to 2.93. Good entry point. INSP was awarded 2 patents for
mobile commerce technologies, and it still has over 50 patents pending. Some
of INSP's partners and affiliates include Verizon, AT&T Wireless, Cingular
Wireless, Intel, Microsoft, and others.

COMS= up .03 to 4.62. Very undervalued. An Infotech study revealed that
satisfaction is high among customers with installed IP telephony systems.
High satisfaction coupled with customers reporting savings of up to 30% is a
sign that demand will accelerate. COMS also signed a co-marketing agreement
with Digiquant Asia Pacific.

FONX= down .006 to .319. FONX announced that it has enhanced iSpeak 2.0
Personal Text Reader to support MP3 files. iSpeak reads text with
inflections, intonations, pauses, and changes in emphasis - this will be a
hot item in the near future...imagine not having to read your e-mail, let
iSpeak read it for you. iSpeak will be available at CompUSA stores
nationwide August 1, 2001.

AQCB= down .002 to .168. Good price to accumulate before increased revenues
from recent distribution agreements are reported.



AQCB .17 AQCB produces oxygen enriched bottled water. On 4/9 the Co. announced that it was expanding distribution of the bottled water to over 4,000 GNC stores nationwide. On 4/16 AQCB signed a 5 yr contract for a min. purchase of $21 milliion in bottled water by SerVenRich, a master distributor backed by Richard Williams (famed tennis coach) and daughters (tennis
champions) Serena and Venus=exposure. On 5/15 the Co announced it is creating a new division to take additional products to the market place= more revenues. On 6/5 the Co. announced a commitment with United Brands to distribute the bottled water to the national and international market place= global expansion, increased revenues. At .17 this is bargain.

Other picks:
1- FONX .35 = Fonix's products have been selected by Compaq, Intel, Seiko Epson, Motorola, and others.
3- INSP 3.38 = Will become a dominant player in wireless technology. A bargain at this price.  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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