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Well It's been a little while since my last Post. The reason for that is through some e-mails I have found that many new comers and even seasoned traders have come to take my picks. very seriously. And even though I repeatedly say do your own DD they just jump In on stocks just because I believe in them. I admit if you go over my recent Picks You will find my track record quite good. But let me assure you I have lost money On other stocks I have not posted through speculation that a stock will do well. So for That reason I am very particular anymore as to what I post. Again I cannot stress the importance of doing your own DD. Anyway saying that here are a couple of stocks I think will do very well.

CGCO.... after about 6 months without any news this company comes out with PR in a very hot sec. this little known co is about to become well Known and as the news spreads and the word gets out expect major rises in this stock. volume has been building In the last few days as the word has spread. outstandig shares and float very low. So this stock is primed for some Major moves. and here is the reason Why.

Premier E-Commerce Group Navigates XML Development, Teams with Mortgage Industry

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb 28, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) --  The ever-expanding e-commerce

organization, Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), endorsed a contract

to provide its collaborative services to Mortgage Bankers Association of

America's (MBA) Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO).


Partnering with an array of groups developing XML specifications, DISA will work

with MISMO to craft a Mortgage Data Dictionary, an extensible markup language

(XML) representation of mortgage data, a mortgage data model, and repository



"Together with a multitude of industries, DISA is leading the way for timely and

revolutionary XML development in today's market," said Tim Cochran, DISA's Vice

President of E-Commerce Operations. "Propelling this electronic movement with

XML entities, like MISMO, is paramount to Internet commerce."


Working to consolidate independent XML initiatives within the industry and to

provide comprehensive business solutions for the real estate finance industry,

MISMO is comprised of organizations such as Freddie Mac, Chase Manhattan

Mortgage Corporation, First American Financial Corporation and many others.


MISMO's recent formation of a Governance Committee, charged with developing an

infrastructure that supports the different segments of the mortgage industry,

propels the organization's policies and procedures.


"DISA has given MISMO the technical support and customer service to provide our

constituents with top notch service," said David C. Williams, Assistant Director

of Industry Technology at MBA. "We are very pleased to work with such a

professional organization."


To unify proprietary XML formats, MISMO's first objective is to establish a core

data set to develop the data dictionary for the mortgage industry. MISMO's

ultimate goal is to provide a single repository of XML document type definitions

(DTD) schema for real estate finance transactions, developed in a vendor-neutral



MISMO anticipates the release of its first specification, 1.0, to occur in early

April 2000.


Offering today's XML development organizations an array of collaborative

services, DISA also plays an active role in groups, such as the OpenTravel

Alliance (OTA), the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) Forum, the Accredited

Standards Committee (ASC) X12, the XML/EDI Group and many others.


With expertise on metadata specification and XML DTD schema development, DISA's

collaborative services offers its clients everything from membership management

administration and information technology services to standards development

operations and database publishing.


To learn more about MISMO, call Jay Devine at 703/518-4169 or e-mail


DISA, a Virginia-based not-for-profit association, is the leading provider of

educational and networking forums on e-business. Promoting e-commerce in a

global marketplace, DISA provides technical and management services to standards

and XML specification development organizations, including MISMO, OTA, the IFX

Forum, the XML/EDI Group, and ASC X12.


DISA's affiliation with the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association,

EC User Groups and emerging initiatives around the world facilitates an

interchange of e-commerce topics hitting the marketplace.


In other international arenas, DISA and ASC X12 serve as the entry point for the

United States into the United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for

Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT), an international standard

relating to the exchange of trade goods and services.




Distributed via COMTEX.

Copyright (C) 2000 Business Wire.  All rights reserved.


CONTACT:          DISA

                  Carmella Baccari, Communications & Marketing Director




                  Tim Cochran, Vice President of E-Commerce Operations









WENR.... keep a close eye on this one. PR as recent as this very Morning maybe enough to send this one to new hights.


Western Energy, Inc., Announces Plans to Acquire Global Image Technologies

DENVER, Feb 28, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --  Western Energy, Inc. (OTC

Bulletin Board: WENR) announced today its intention to acquire 100 percent of

Global Image Technologies ("GI Tech"), located in Fort Collins,

Colorado. GI Tech is a provider of Internet business solutions. It also operates

a variety of start-up Internet businesses.


A preliminary, non-binding, Letter of Intent, signed by both companies, calls

for a closing of the transaction by the end of March. The transaction is subject

to successful completion of due diligence by Western and to Western Board of

Directors' approval. Western's acquisition will be made with stock. Terms were

not disclosed.


GI Tech provides Internet sales and marketing for Hewlett Packard plotters,

which are sold to engineering firms and the engineering departments of

municipalities. New York City recently became a plotter customer. GI Tech is a

Hewlett Packard VIP Partner.


GI Tech also provides Inteech receives a substantial portion of Internet

revenue through the radio / Internet advertising partnerships.


In addition to the growing commercial alliances with Hewlett Packard and Clear

Channel, GI Tech is in discussions that are expected to lead to similar

relationships with other businesses.


GI Tech has also formed three start-up retail dot com companies providing

Internet presence for manufacturers. These companies are:, which

offers a complete on-line art supply superstore with over 20,000 products;, which features high quality stuffed animals by Russ Berrie; and,, which offers hand-crafted classic and contemporary

lighting. These businesses feature an e-commerce web portal software package

developed by GI Tech.


For Western, GI Tech brings a group of promising businesses, a revenue stream,

and technical expertise. For GI Tech, Western offers senior management and

business skills, as well as the ability to attract and retain top quality

technical people.


Western maintains offices in Denver and Los Angeles. It will file a SEC Form 10

this spring. It has over 750 shareholders and 5 market-makers.




This news release contains information that is "forward-looking" in that it

describes events and conditions, which Western Energy, Inc. reasonably expects

to occur in the future. Expectations for the future performance of the business

of Western Energy, Inc. is dependent on a number of factors, and there can be no

assurance that Western Energy, Inc. will achieve the results as contemplated

herein. The accuracy of these statements cannot be guaranteed as they are

subject to a variety of risks including the possibility that the described

transaction will not be completed.


SOURCE Western Energy, Inc.




(C) 2000 PR Newswire.  All rights reserved.

CONTACT:          Richard Hagman, CEO, 303-771-6601,, or Dan

                  Green, President, 310-337-0998,, both of Western Energy,

                  Inc.; or Charles Weinbeck, CEO of GI TECH, 970-493-2150,




KEYWORD:          Colorado







Good Luck!!!  and good trading and please do your own dd.




PAYV..... after market makers drove this stock down to .20 it closed strong at .30x.31 with nothing but buys. expect this one to gap big.and move upward.

USVO.... Not that I am a big linux fan. mainly because everything I have seen go up rapidly has on the most part dived just as rapidly. I still have to admit for a quick profit. this is one to watch. Buy early get out after a profit then wait for it to come back.if you still like it then. get in for long term. company deffinitly has potential. this one closely Last week volume was great. and my observations were practicly all buys. and many were huge blocks. just my opinion that market makers. had a lot of huge orders to fill and that is what has kept this stock from rising. remember in the begining of last week this stock made it to .25

IBUI..... after news this one rose quickly and gapped the next morning to a days high of .34 before dropping back to .20 and then steadily moved back up to .27 range. Keep your eyes open this one Is ready to fly

SFAD.....still not to late for this one the walls that are blocking this stock about to fall.

TSIG...all I am going to say about this one is do your dd and if you can't see why at .051 this is a great investment. Then you might wanna consider takeing up chess. or maybe Bingo. LOL

Anyway again don't take my word on anything you can't live with yourself. These are only my thoughts and I am sure there many that won't agree with them. So do your OWN research and only Invest in what you feel you can live with. Have a great trading week and good luck.



TSIG on the move with over 25,000,000 volume on 11/28/99

LOCH..... up .10 11/28/99

SFAD..... get in just seems to go up a penny a day. But still cheap .055 volume today was over 10,000,000

Have a good day, and good trading. And always do your own research.



LOCH...... I believe this is the one everone Dreams of finding. This one may send your kids to College.

NLXI......11/19/99 files letter of intents to merger. I love Mergers.

ABRG..... Should move this week with news of acqusitions.

Euto...... Very cheap stock at .006 But with news of a 250-1 Reverse split. could be a winner.

Never take another investers word on anything do your own research. And only invest in something you alone have to live with. oh buy the way Good Luck, and have a great investment day and hey lets make some Money.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.

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