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Michael's Nickels


Hi Penny Stockers!

You may recall a number of weeks ago I recommended
BIFS . which looked like it might develop a strong niche
market in de-icing jet airplane wings. Also at that time they were
due to come off the pink sheets. As it turned out the SEC
demanded they audit a couple of comm companies they purchased
in the last quarter. They claim to have a float of about 183 million.
To make it easier to do their core work, they decided to develop their
own wireless communication systems. When I initially saw the stock,
about two months ago they were trading at .07.

During the last few days the stock has been trading
in the .32 - .37 range, up from about .22 the volume has been in the
frou - six million shares/day range

Below are a few snapshoots of the pr that has boosted the stock. Let
me just add that I confirmed from the property manager of the Sands Resort
that the contract mentioned in the 3rd item is true.

Also they are talking about offering access at speeds that business' s
pay thousands a month for at a price of about $40/month. And that
is without wires. They are currently looking for one of the big NASDAQ
companies that has an infrastructure in place to partner with them in
out their product nationally within months. They feel they only have a small

window before the rest of the industry figures out what they are doing, and
want to take advantage of it quickly. So here's the news, make of it what

July 24, 2000--BioFiltration Systems
Inc. (OTCBB:BIFS) announced today that its Technology group,, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioFiltration Systems, has
completed successful testing of its roaming broadband high speed wireless
internet with measured speeds of 2 mega bits per second or 256 kbps.

Preliminary assessments of the SWOMI(TM) systems performance indicates
that it surpasses other companies claimed throughput speeds for
broadband wireless systems by over one hundred percent and achieves
speeds fast enough to facilitate the use of all multimedia features now in
use on high end internet websites. These types of tested features include,
voice over IP, two-way video telephony, and a host of remote business to
business access features, including remote video monitoring which will be
implemented by the parent company to monitor the BioFiltration systems

SARASOTA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 25, 2000--BioFiltration Systems,
Inc. (OTCBB:BIFS) announced today that its Technology group,, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioFiltration Systems, has
entered into an agreement with 1,500 condominiums to provide high speed
wireless services. This agreement represents the first signed contracts for

installation and use of the SWOMI(tm) system and will provide the
residents of these condos with T1 level Internet access from a totally
wireless system.

SARASOTA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 2000--BioFiltration Systems,
Inc. (OTCBB:BIFS) announced today that its Technology group,, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioFiltration Systems, has
entered into an agreement with the Sands Resorts,
Sands Resorts in Myrtle Beach have 3000 rooms and see 720,000
customers a year. The agreement is to provide high-speed wireless
Internet services to their guests. This agreement represents the first
signed contract for installation and use of the SWOMI(TM) system and will
provide their guests with T1 level Internet access from a totally wireless
system. Whether at the pool, in their room, or on the beach, guests of the
Sands can use the SWOMI(TM) system. The sands Resorts book
approximately 25% of all grand strand golf, which represents 450,000
rounds of golf a year...

Disclaimer - I am speaking only for myself. I am not a professional stock
analyst. I am not advising anyone to make any particular trades. I encourage

everyone to do their own research, and I cannot take responsibility for
the information provided here, it was all done through phone conversations.


Hello Penny Stockers!

You can email me at

A number of people have 1)asked me why I have not be posting

any new stock picks and 2)some people have asked questions

that about stock that I have previously recommended.


1) Stay tuned.

I wish to make it clear that I am a not a professional

stock analyst, and picking penny stocks is something at

which I am relatively new.

But since I have been out of work for a number of months, I

have used a great deal of time to do research. I have

learned a lot and developed some basic rules for myself. I

have almost finished putting together a group of about ten

people who will work together with a common system and

shared knowledge base to scan the OTC and Pink Sheets for

stocks at .05 and less that look like they have real

potential. The group is going to be called

``A-Penniy-From-Heaven", and hopefully in a few weeks or less

we will be talking about penny stocks that have attracted

our interest. I will be posting this stuff in ``Michael's

Nickels" and elsewhere But let's make one thing clear ­

it's better to choose a few stock a year and get wealthy,

than trade all day long in vain. Also you should always do

your own research. Most of the people jabbering like me on

the web don't know more than you do, and the ones that do

know more are even more dangerous.

2) As for the stocks I have already posted:

MVEE - is still at only .11. I own 70,000 shares. Go to This is an unofficial site, but I did get hold

of someone at the real company

that basically validated the information at that site. The

six movies they have already completed, including one

starring Brooke Shields, and another with

Darryl Hannah they made fully digitized from the beginning.

They bought up a WEB entertainment company last year, and

they have recently hired the Rubinstein Investor Relations

firm to publicize the investment potential of MVEE. I am

holding this stock, and I think it is an absolute steal at

the .10-.20 range. This is just my own gut intuition, and I

do not claim any more expertise than anyone else. Still, I

have dreams of this turning into a real internet super stock

somewhere down the line.

PTXXE ­ As some of you may know, the `E' at the end of the

stock symbol means that they have not complied with SEC

audit regulations for OTC

stocks. Furthermore there's a guy on the Raging Bull who

claims they have fallen apart and are only a shell without

any substance. Actually, I think that

it was The Raging Bull posting that lacked substance, and

it's a shame to see such misinformation punish a good


I have spoken several times to to Darren Pylot (phone

numbers ­ 425 482-9511 or 604 684-8894) of PhageTx investor

relations. I pressed him for some way of validating his

version of the Phage story. Finally he gave me the phone

number of Dr Richard Honor. Dr. Honor was formally CEO of

Phage Therapeutics Int. He confirmed that the Raging Bull

article was correct in only one respect. They have not

raised as much money as they had at first hoped However,

they have raised over 1.3 million dollars. And while it is

true that Dr. Honor has resigned as CEO, so he could have

some time to work on other things, he still spends at least

half of his time working for Phage Therapeutics as a full

time advisor. The company will be moving into their new

laboratory at the start of April. In addition the process to

get approval to use their staph ­ fighting product at a

London Hospital is moving right along. Dr. Honor confirmed

this ­ he is deeply involved in this effort. If you read the

news releases from last year you will see that he was with

Phage when their product was used to save the life of a

woman in Canada who was infected with the staph superbug.

The two core laboratory scientists who are most crucial to

their work are also still with them.

They have completed a very careful audit. This audit is

being turned over to SEC, and within a matter of weeks an

official business announcement should be issued to that

effect. Although it's possible that PTXXE will be bounced

to the pink sheets for a few weeks, it should very soon be

back on the OTC as PTXX. They are hoping the SEC will give

them an extension since they have completed their audit. I

currently own 1000 shares, and I see no good reason to sell


Don't believe everything you read on the web.

ADVM ­ I never bought it, I couldn't get in at .05. before

the run. I hope to speak to the CEO and see if there is any

news. Last I looked ( gives free quotes for

pink sheet stocks, although they are delayed) it was at .23

ADGI ­ I bought some, it doubled and I sold. It fell back

down and I bought again. It ran up again and I sold. I have

not been following it since, so I have

no opinion. But it treated me very nicely, I have no


PLFM ­ is now trading on the pink sheets. However there are

rumors that a big Brazillian contract is just about to come

through, and this last week or two the stock

has bounced back from a low around .38 to a close on

Wednesday of .578, albeit with a greatly reduced volume that

makes it hard to sell at the top price. One thing I did find

out about their wireless technology ­ it's mostly

interesting to third world countries that don't want to pay

AT&T to send their military secrets, and can't afford a

satellite infrastructure. I have 500 shares and I want to

sell them at .60/share.

Bye for now.


Hello Penny Stockers!

Ya gotta admit, my ADVM pick was an inspiration.
Why, oh why are we not hearing more about MVEE?????
MVEE is trading today at .04 (up from .03 the day before)

I spoke to their investor relations person yesterday.
In a nutshell – the company, now called 1st Miracle
Group, used to be some kind of health company. For the last year
they have become a major motion picture production company.
In only one year they have completed 4 major motion pictures.
They are in the process of getting distributors for the pictures,
hence no real revenue yet, hence 0.04 cents a share.
Who do they have in their movies?
Try John Claude Van Damme, Brooke Shields, Daryl Hanna,
Lois Duncan and Andrew Dice for starters. Add producer/directors
Menahem Golan,, George Furla etc….In addition the CEO has
doubled, tripled or quadrupled the stock of the last 5 places he's worked.
They are already screening the Brooke Shields film to distributors,
and are expecting one of the others to be shown in movie theaters
in the early fall. Check the unofficial web site at:
They are in the process of building an official site.

Don't worry about the free fall PTXX has been undergoing. This is just the
speculators and profit takers. The rumor from ``You never heard it from me"
is that PTXX will be featured in 60 minutes and reader's digest, and one
pharmaceutical company is already trying to buy them out. Of course, I
cannot guarantee this, but it sounds true to me from what I saw on the
Time magazine web site, and the New York Times Sunday magazine section.
I did however sell half my PTXX stocks when it hit $6.00, getting back my original
investment, even though I believe it will go much higher. The other half I hold long term.

Two rules I believe in. 1)Don't be greedy 2)Exercise discipline.

PLFM is now PLFME. It is going to spend a couple of months in pink
sheet land ( not avaliable through OTC trading ) and I believe that is
why the price is falling. It was to be expected. I would have sold
my shares and waited for PLFM to come back, except that the company is
on the verge of landing a big contract, and I did not want to risk
letting go of the stock just when they have their first major success.

Good Luck!



Hello Penny Stockers!

Contact me at:

I promised a nickel stock pick and here it is: ADVM at .05

ADVM is presently a "pink slip" stock, so you probably

won't be able to buy it on-line and you will have to call in

your order.

However it is coming back on the OTC BB within about 6 weeks

according to the CEO, with whom I had a long and friendly


Here's the scoop. ADVM (check out the web site: )

is in the business of designing web sites, along with the

entire network infrastructure

that goes with it. They have set up websites for companies

like Disney, Lexus etc....

(When you enter the ADVM web site, click on "Who am I" at

the bottom of the screen.)

However in the past the revenue was always a one shot deal

for each assignment.

They have moved east to New York and changed their business


Their next big web site contract also includes a deal where

they get 15% of all goods

sold through advertising on the site. You can lock in a

price now of a nickel a share,

and then watch the price rise, when the rest of the world

discovers them on the OTC BB,

six weeks from now.

Also check out ADGI at about 0.24 You can call Jerry Hinton

at 828 322 2044

for more info. I bought it at .15, sold half at .36. It will

be going places, I'm hanging

on to the rest.

Suggestion: If anyone finds a nickel-or-under stock that


like it might go for a run some day, please email me, and I


post it. Also, for all of you that send me your email

address, I

will email it out as well. Contact me at:

In the mean time:

PTXX ­ has gone from 1 1/4 to 6 7/8 in three weeks. But it

is just the beginning.

They are making big news.They were already on the front

page cover story of the

Sunday times magazine section several weeks ago. What they

make kills antibiotic

resistant Superbugs, like Staph. The product is called

phage, and may be familiar to

anyone who has read ARROWSMITH by Sinclair Lewis. This

company is going

ballistic with big media coverage coming up. They have

already received permission

to use their product in London. They are developing a new

phage product that

demolishes the Super Tuberculosis bug. Phages have been used

for decades in

Russia, and thier is no question about their effectiveness.

The bacteria have no

defense against phages, which are actually little viruses

with very particular feeding

habits. If you can afford a stock in the 7 - 8 dollar range,

grab it monday

This one is going hot!!!!!(Remember ­ you heard it here.)

Check out the web site: Rumor has it that there is

already one pharmaceutical

company interested in buying them out, and they are

expecting the stock to hit significant double


Remember my EURO pick on Jan 27? It was at @2.75. It is now

at $5.00.

Listen to Papa.

PLFM is now PLFME, and will soon be going off the OTC BB

into "pink slip" land

for about 60 days. This is for purely red-tape nonsense. It

is coming back and they are on

the verge of landing a big contract. The stock is still

floating in the .40 - .50 range.

Later in the year it will make its move, so hang on.

Good Luck, and remember ­ if you don't do your own

research, you might as well

buy a lotto ticket.




Hello penny stockers!

Still have not got the nickel stock pick I am seeking-
but I have some prospects. However, since you are here,
I might as well tell you about a stock currently trading in
the .40 - .50 range with super prospects - PLFM. It is already
being discussed at some of the other web sites. This stock could
go big time. Here is a brief description:

From an OTC newsletter:
"Platforms International is the exclusive provider of the Airborne Relay
Communications System (ARC System), an innovative, new wireless
telecommunications technology. The ARC System, pioneered, developed, and
marketed by Platforms, will provide wireless telecommunications at a much
lower cost than satellite or traditional ground based systems."

Just recently, after 2 years of negotiation, AEROMOT in Brazil has agreed to
support the air support and infrastructure needed to start selling wireless
services that are purported to be considerably cheaper and easier to set up
than other technologies. To quote a PLFM rep, who couldn't get specific
because about upcoming contracts of insider information: "Let's just say
that AEROMOT would not have signed an agreement to support an air
fleet, and train pilots if they didn't see something real happening."
Check out their web site:

Apropos of my recommendation to buy EURO - I mentioned previously their
radiation containment product. Other products include a substance that can
absorb 4 x the amount of oil as any product presently on the market. Ever heard
of OIL SPILLS? Also a new kind of plastic that is completely biodegradable and does
not loose its strength when wet There are other products like it, but cost in the
past has been prohibitive. Euro tech is claiming a real cost breakthrough that will
make this a very viable environmental solution. Ever hear of SHOPPING BAGS?
And that is just part of the story. The gentleman I spoke to at investor relations
said there were some very good things in the works, and that they were "on the
cusp". As I mentioned previously, check out the web site at

If you have any comments, please email me at:



I will be posting my first picks in the .005 - .05 range

within the week. As a general rule my new picks will

always start in that range. However there is nothing

so good as breaking the rules ( sometimes ).

So I am wondering why none of the message boards

have noticed EURO. This company invests in hot new

chemical products right out of Israeli and American

research incubators. Their first product to roll out

is a radiation resistant substance that will be used

to clean up the mess at the Chernobyl nuclear plant

in Russia, site of the worst nuclear plant accident ever.

They have other wonder products coming out. There

are big contracts waiting. The stock is only at @ 2.75,

but it has been climbing steadily. This is not a


web site mall, these guys are serious. Check out the web

site at Get in NOW!!!!  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.

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