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Hey all,

Here is a short hold for you. SVRI will make a run tommorrow and
Tuesday. Get in early and enjoy the ride. I know that I will. We will see how
high this baby goes in the next couple of days. The long term of this company
may be good as well. Good Luck getting in.



Wow, OKOK sure was a good swing trade. Though I sold a little early at .39,
it doesn't really matter when you're in at .22. Good Job to those who
invested wisely. ECNC isn't doing that much right now, but trust me when this
company gets going, it will go. CCGR is still lagging behind. This stock will
hopefully turn around in the coming months. And now for a new stock.

ARET: AmeriResource Technologies: Has seen a 45% increase in institutional
buying in the past month. The past week had a majority of buying, with Friday
being almost completely buys. It is running from .037 to .04 now and may even
cross the .04 barrier which would be nice. They are a great company with a 4
month high of .32 they are a steal under .05. Look for this company to make
some serious moves in the next couple months. Good Luck and Cheers.



Hey all,

Don't know what to tell you boys. You'd think that when a company sells
merchandise for a movie that grossed 54.7 Million on opening weekend, which
is the largest ever for the month of July, the fourth highest of all time,
and is being reinstated on the OTC's their price might go up. Oh well, just
a fluctuation. I will probably buy more under .15. There are somethings that
I can't explain, and this would have to be one of them. Well, load up again
and ride it up in the next couple weeks. Cheers




Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been around lately, things have just been too crazy in
the otc's to post picks. I am still holding strong to CCGR. Bought some more
at .10 and will buy more under .2. The movie hype is starting and once it
reaches the box office, Booom! Relisting to the OTCBB's, BOOOM!. Etc. I think
that if we weren't pink at this time it would be around .4-.45, but we aren't
there yet. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and CCGR's aggressive tactics to
find new venues makes this company one of the best priced OTC stocks
available. Check out some of the new PR's and see what you think.

Other stocks to watch:
ECNC: Good Company with a revolutionary idea. Bank Eyes Only. Works much like
the debit/credit card system at the supermarket, except it is connected to
your computer. Slide your credit card through to purchase items online, it is
sent directly to your bank, they check it off as cleared and then send it,
without the number to the company. No one lese offers this technology and
while in the past couple months it has really been hit hard(False SEC fraud
charges) and going pink. But this is a real company and I myself believe in
its future. I will also be recieving one of these new pads in the mail soon.
I will tell you how it is and get back to you.

OKOK: Bought this comapny around .06, and then sold at .55. I play this on
the roles. WHen it drops into the mid 20's it usually will rebound to the mid
30's a quick 30-50%. I';ve done it a couple times. Risky yes, but usually

P.S. I will also have a couple new stocks to look at in the near future, so
check back soon. Good Luck and Cheers.



Watch CCGR"E" this Monday morning. This thing is gonna go. I have sold most

of my other stocks and bought as much CCGRE as possible. CCGR or Collectible

Concepts Group, markets collectibles merchandise, primarily in the

entertainment and sports markets. The company utilizes regional and national

sales organizations, as well as direct sales methods, to sell its products.

The company has expanded its marketing horizons to Internet E-commerce, with

its websites: Austin Powers Collector's Club;, and soon to go

online Terminator and X-men websites. CCGR's products are sold on all major

E-commerce sites, including,,,


The New X-men movie is coming out in July and with this stock having a

previous high of around .56 or so, I see great potential in the coming

months. With the renewed interest in the company and the releasing of

multiple movies(X-men, Lord of the Rings) soon this stock can easily be a 5

bagger at it's current price. Check it out. Good luck. Cheers.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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