Dave's Super Picks

January 28, 2004.. Good Morning All! Picked up a little IBZT yesterday morning at .05 and, upon hearing there was a small piece in IBD newspaper, I got another 30K this morning at .0565.. am looking for it to at least go to .08 again. I honestly believe I'll HOLD this one for a change.. just so much going for it..all kinds of free publicity helps too. My IDGE stirring this morning too..hoping for a good PR to come out on it..52wkHi was $8.75..boy, that would be nice to test THAT price again. My VRA is even starting to come alive I notice..I need to check the news out on it if there is any. I can post in real time on this site now, unlike the one post a day other site. I may be back a little later today. Dave January 23, 2004.. Good Morning! Make note of new e-mail address: superpicks@bellsouth.net Out of THTHF yesterday..just wouldn't budge..too many outstanding shares I suppose..whatever.. Still in IDGE..looking to add something else.. Some stocks that are in process of breaking out and could go higher are: TCOW ALTS AVCA JLWT Have a good day! Dave

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