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Definitions for the Fifth Letter of NASDAQ Ticker Symbols

A Class A.

B Class B.

C Exempt from Nasdaq listing requirements for a limited period of time.

D A new issue of an existing stock. (Often the result of a reverse split.)

E Delinquent in required filings with the SEC as determined by the NASD.

F Foreign.

G First Convertible Bond.

H Second Convertible Bond, same company.

I Third Convertible Bond, same company.

J Voting.

K Non-voting.

L Miscellaneous situations such as foreign preferred, preferred when-issued, a second class of units, a third class of warrants, or a sixth class of preferred stock.

M Fourth preferred, same company.

N Third preferred, same company.

O Second preferred, same company.

P First preferred.

Q In bankruptcy proceedings.

R Rights.

S Beneficial interest.

T With warrants or with rights.

U Units.

V When-issued and when-distributed.

W Warrants.

X Mutual Fund.

Y ADR (American Depositary Receipts).

Z Miscellaneous situations such as a second class of warrants, a fifth class of preferred stock, a stub, a foreign preferred when-issued, or any unit, receipt, or certificate representing a limited partnership interest.

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