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Welcome to

Allstocks.comīs NEW Auto Refreshing Page Builder Tips and Hints!

The Allstocks.com Auto Refreshing Page Builder is the best way we know to follow updateable pages on the net. Watching Real Time or Delayed Quotes, or News and Earnings just about anything an Investor or Trader needs to know.

We will also hard code an Auto Refreshing page for free if you would like here!

Please report any problems you may have or send comments to webmaster@allstocks.com.

The Auto Refreshing Page builder allows you to track from one to four URL's on a single page. It also allows you to enter the refresh rate for the page in seconds.

This URL for example will allow you to track several stocks at the same time from the Yahoo site.


To get this URL you would go to the Yahoo Finance site enter the stocks you want to follow. Click on Get Quote and then copy the URL or address from the address bar at the top of your browser. Before we can use it though we need to remove the http:// from the address like this.


Once you have the above you can just past or type it into the first URL or address box on the Auto Refreshing Page Builder page. Set the time for refresh in seconds then click on “Go Build My Page”. You will get a new page with the information from Yahoo that will automatically refresh at the time you requested. No more wearing out your mouse and finger by clicking refresh or reload.

Click here to see the page that would be built if you selected 120 seconds.

Ok lets do a double frame page (Two URLīs). This is a URL or address that will track the news for the same stocks that we have the quotes for from above to get a news URL or address like this we would go to the search page at CBS Here enter the stocks symbols or key words, do the search and copy the URL or address from the URL or address bar at the top of the browser:

http://www.marketwatch.newsalert.com/bin/headlines?Query=msft+dell+cpq+intc+amzn+yhoo+ge+t+nvdc+rii&SearchOption=ticke r

Again we need to drop the http:// from the address so:

www.marketwatch.newsalert.com/bin/headlines?Query=msft+dell+cpq+intc+amzn+yhoo+ge+t+nvdc+rii&SearchOption=ticke r

Now we will input the Yahoo URL from above in the first URL box and the CBS MarketWatch URL in the second URL box. Then we enter the time we would like it to refresh and click on “Go Build My Page”.

Click here to see the page that would be built we selected 120 seconds.

Thank you for using Allstocks.com.

Click here to send your comments or questions to Allstocks.com

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