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Welcome to's Internet lingo ( Slang, Acronym ) page. Here we will try to list the Abbreviations people use on the Internet in their posts, E-mail's and live chat sessions. Know another one that should be added email us. Please bookmark so you may return often. Thank you for using

24/7 = Availible or Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

8) or :) or ;) or <{:^) = Smile Face = Happy

8))))))) = Very happy

8( = Sad Face = Sad

AFACT= As far as I can tell.

AFAIK= As far as I know.

AFK ( afk ) = Away From Keyboard

ASCII = An acronym for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange", used to assign English characters into numbers.

ASK ( ask ) = Current Price A Stock May Be Readily Bought For.

Bank = Take a profit from a trade

Bagger, (one, double, triple, quad or more ) = how many times the price of a stock has multiplied since the purchase.

BB = Bulletin Board:

BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit.

BBIAM = Be Back In A Minute.

BBL ( bbl ) = Be Back Later

Bear = A person who thinks a stock or markets will go lower.

Bearish = Looking for a stock or market to go lower.

BID ( bid ) = Price posted that a Market Maker will pay for stock.

BOX ( box ) = Computer

BRB ( brb ) = Be Right Back

BTW = By the way

Bull = A person who thinks a stock or markets are going higher.

Bullish = Looking for a stock or the markets to go Higher.

BW = Business Wire ( News Service )

CEO = Chief Executive Officer

CFO = Chief Financial Officer

CIO = Chief Information Officer

COO = Chief Operating Officer

CYA ( cya ) = See Ya

CUL8R = See you later.

DCC = Start a chat or send a file.

DD ( dd ) = Due Diligence

Double(r) = Stock that's price has doubled since a given time.

DT ( dt ) = Down Tick in the price of a stock, Price is falling. Our DayTrading.

Due Diligence = Research the fundamentals of a stock.

DH = Day High

DL = Day Low

DYODD = Do your own due diligence.

E2EG = Ear-to-ear grin.

EG = Evil Grin.

EOD ( eod ) = End Of Day

EOM ( eom ) = End Of Month or End of Message

ERR ( err ) = Growl or getting mad.

FAQ = Frequently asked questions.

Fire = Stock that is hot, rising fast.

Front Running = People own the stock then promote it while selling.

FS = Forward Split

FWIW = For what it's worth.

FYI = For your information.

G = Grin

GAL = Get a life.

Gapper, Gapping, Gapolla, GAPPA = Stock that moves from its previous closing price before the market opens.

GMTA = Great minds think alike.

GTG = Got To Go.

GUI = Graphical User Interface ( What you see when using software )

Head Fake = Stock Price heading up or down contrary to ones opinion.

HOD = High Of Day

HTH = Hope this helps. or Hope that helps.


IMHO ( imho ) = In My Honest Opinion, In My Humble Opinion

IMO ( imo ) = In My Opinion

Intraday = "Within the day"

IOW = In other words.

IPO = Initial Public Offering.

IRC = Internet Relay Chat ( Network for live chat )

IRL = In real life.

IT = Information Technology.

KISS = Lip Smaking, Keep It Simple Stupid.

L8TR ( l8tr ) = Later ( Like see ya later )

LAGGED, LAGG ( lagged ) = Long delay between sending and recieving data over the Internet.

LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off

LOL ( lol ) = Laugh Out Loud

MB = Message Board.

MIRC = Internet Chat Program.

MM ( mm ) = Market Maker ( the folks who handle the trades of stocks )

MOMO = Momentum stock, lots of interest and buyers for hours days or weeks.

NASDAQ = National Association of Securities Dealers.

NEWBEE ( newbee, newbe ) = New user of Internet and or computer.

NICK ( nick ) = Name used by people ( Individual ) on the Internet.

NQB = National Quotations Bureau.

NUKE ( nuke ) = "Denial of Service Attack" that will crash your computer forcing you to reboot.

NYSE = New York Stock Exchange

OEM ( oem ) = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OFFER ( offer ) = Current Price A Stock May Be Readily Bought For. What a Market Maker is willing to pay for a stock or other issue.

OMG = Oh My God

OT = Off Topic, used on message boards when the post is not on the threads subject..

OTCBB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board.

PD (pd and p&d ) = Pump and Dump

PDJ = Pesky Day Job

PIC ( pic ) = Picture

Pink Sheet = Stocks quoted by the NQB.

PM = Private Message

POINT ( point ) = Dollar or Stick

PPL ( ppl ) = People

PPS = Price Per Share

PRN = PRNewswire ( News Service )

Pump and Dump = Front running, people own the stock then promote it while selling.

Reloading = To Buy Again or to enter in the order for a buy or sell in the browser window but not yet hitting the send button so as to be prepared for news or movement.

ROFL ( rofl ) = Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my a** off

RS = Reverse Split

SAD = Short Against Delivery

SBPO = Small Business Public Offering

SCALP (S) ( scalp ) = A quick trade for an 1/16 or more.

SI ( si ) = Silicon Investor

SNRK = Under breath Laugh

SOES = Small order execution system.

Spread = The difference between the offer and the bid. The difference between the price a Market Maker is willing to buy a security and the price at which a Market Maker is willing to sell it.

STICK ( stick ) = One point or dollar.

Stop Sell is a market order - once it hits your stop sell price it sells at market which may be well below your price.

Stop Limit sells once it hits your stop, but then will only sell at this stop so that if the price keeps going down you could miss out on selling all of your stock.

Tank, Tanking = Stock thats price is falling.

Teenie = 1/16th

Thread = A series of messages on a message board or other means that generaly have the same topic.

TICK ( tick ) = Can mean the last movement in a issues price ( up tick or down tick ) Also a market indicator. As a market indicator quote systems keep track of the up ticks and down ticks of stocks through out the day. The tick shown will be the difference between the up ticks and down ticks for that day so far. A positive number means there have been that many more up ticks than down and a negative number means the opposite.

TRIN ( trin ) = A market indicator used in technical analysis, calculated as follows: TRIN = ((number of advancing issues divided by number of declining issues) divided by (Total up volume divided by Total down volume)). A value of less than 1 is bullish, greater than 1 bearish. also called Arms Index.

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now ( UK Folks ? )

TTYL = Talk to you latter.

TTYS = Talk to you soon.

UT ( ut ) = Up tick in the price of a stock, Price moved up.

URL ( url ) =  Uniform Resource Locater, Internet address of a web page ( http://sitename )

WEG = Wicked Evil Grin

WTF ( wtf ) = Potty Mouth!

ZZZZZZ ( zzzzz ) = Sleeping or Bored Advertising

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