Keeping your computer up to date.

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Keeping your computer up to date and safe on the Internet.

At we use several computers and servers during the course of a business day just like most other business. Keeping the computers hardware and software current is a main priority for us just as it should be for most any single computer user ,  network or systems manager.

It is amazing how many single computer users and networked business don't update their computers software and hardware. If your computer connects to the Internet or a network then you need to be updating your software regularly. Not updating the software can lead to a completely wiped out hard drive or worse! In other words all of your computers files or information can be lost and or worse shared with the entire Internet world.

Updating your systems software won't guarantee protection from a loss but it will make it much more unlikely. Losses can also be caused by other factors such as hard drive failure to name one.

We have created 2 pages of information to help the Internet computer users reliably update their software and hardware.

Updating your computers software...

Updating your computers hardware...



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