Beanie's Powerful Method

I try to pick stocks that (hopefully) don't move up one day and then go tank city the next. It's just not good for investors'/traders' pocketbooks in the long term. 1/27 Tuesday. Well, what can i say? MOBL did another 40% this morning as i write this. It is time to at least take your principal out of the stock and ride the rest (if you want to). If you don't take some profits, i am going to come over to your house and boink you on the head. Seriously, don't trade stocks like a fool. Take some money off the table and run. Don't take everything off, but do take some. --------------> MASG - $.024 (as i write this) This is another OTC BB stock, and i hate these loser stocks. But since i am on a roll, i'll keep on going until i strike. MASG is a developer and seller of the Mooney aircraft. Today's annoucement regarding a 350% increase in deliveries could indicate the company is turning around. It is a stock that has been beaten to the pulp for years now. Market cap for this company is about $8 million, which isn't too bad but the company does have debt. Looking at the one year chart, i think MASG will most likely surpass last year's high of at least $.06 . I bought MASG at $.0245. Please note that MOBL might continue to go up, but you need to take some profits off the table today. We don't get handed this kind of profit very often so please take some profits and let the rest ride for free. Note that MOBL already went up over 30% the day before. Beanie

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