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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Ticker  - posted
What about them? I am totally unfamiliar - have seen a lot advertised, is all....

Are they as good as they claim to be?

Do you subscribe to one?

Do you get tons of spam and pop-ups if you do?

Thanks in advance.
Bob Frey  - posted
Mostly paid promoters running them.
Ticker  - posted
Oh jeez, I thought this might be the deal... thanks for the info! [Wink]
Kaona  - posted
I signed up for around 2 to 3 to see which stocks will be promoted next, if I have already invested in it I'll just ride it for a little bit and jump out when it starts doing well, otherwise I'll avoid the investment all togeather for a few days [Smile] .
Smash  - posted
I subscribe to quite a few newsletters actually. The best thing to do is see how long the advertising contract is (in the disclosure at the bottom of the email). If I see something like:

"******.com has been compensated by a third party Trinity International LLC fifteen thousand dollars for a one time news alert on KDKN."

Then I stay away because obviously, someone wants a quick pump to sell shares for a little higher profits. But when I see:

"******.com has been compensated by a third party Winning Media thirty five thousand dollars for a one month SPNG advertising services contract."

Then I do my research and consider "riding" the pump. Spongetech was, in fact, pumped up to .28/share, then dumped down to like .10/share. So if you did your DD, got in under .10/share when the pump started, then sold after a hefty return, it would've been a great deal. So I just keep them around because it wouldn't hurt. Just watch out for gappers if they put out their emails outside of the market session.
Ticker  - posted
Thanks for this info, Smash! Do you post those "hot picks" on here? I hope so! [Smile]

And can you please give me some input on the 10-1 Forward Split thread?

Thanks ever so much!

mickyblues  - posted
I subscribe to a few of them as well. It doesnt hurt to get a few emails from them and you can make a quick buck from a few of them if you know of to play their picks right ( as Smash mentioned above).
I made an easy 4k with's last pick.
Just be careful and do additional research.
wealthy-future  - posted
Need some advise from someone that knows the anwser. I subscribe to some of these newsletters also and make some money from them I could make a lot more but I can never buy the stock at open price?

For example; I recieve the stock newsletter @ 6:30am Monday morning the stock asking price is .04 so I put a buy in @ .04 but when 9:30am comes around my buy doesn't go through and the asking price increases. I see volume moving before 9:30am so someone is buying but not me.

Is there anything I can do to get an earlier buy or do I just live with what I get?

Thaks for your help.
greenman  - posted
You can buy pre market. Commissions are much higher, and its a guessing too, until level II's get active just before open.
wealthy-future  - posted
Greenman thanks for the info, I use Zecco and Scottrade for my trades Scottrade is hard to buy pennies but I might try to use Zecco for a pre Market buy if they allow me?

How do you do a pre market buy, can it be done online or do I need to call?
greenman  - posted
I'm not familiar with Zecco. I use Lowtrades. I can place pre market or after market orders online. 1 hour before or 1 hour after.
wealthy-future  - posted
Originally posted by greenman:
I'm not familiar with Zecco. I use Lowtrades. I can place pre market or after market orders online. 1 hour before or 1 hour after.

Great Info thanks for your help! I am going to look into Lowtrades also.

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