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T O P I C     R E V I E W
jackbequick  - posted
***On IHUB PKTX message board this morning(Oct. 18th) we had a very interesting post..It was from a twitter post
Titled...The Mantra of a Biotech Investor..A Look Back on the Last 12 Months..
...It is a very eye opening account of five Bio-techs and their PPS over a timeline of a year..
...A Very Interesting comparison which could easily be where Protokinetix...Is Bound.. :+)

***On IHUB PKTX MB.. Post # 3623(Original/Twitter) or Try Post # 3625..

Oct. 18, 2017 1:36 AM ET|Includes: Champions Oncology, Inc. (CSBR), DVAX, MPME, ORGS, PKTX, ZIVO
When You're Knocked Off the Horse! Get Back On!

The Mantra of a Biotech Investor...A Look Back on the Last 12 Months


I realize it's been nearly six months since my last update. My absence has not been due to lack of activity in my biotech picks. It's been 1 year since my first "Knocked Off the Horse" article. I'm taking the one-year anniversary as an opportunity to see how the last year treated my stable. The performance of a couple of my thoroughbreds had me cashing in at the ticket window and a couple of nags needed to be sent out to pasture. I'll provide a brief update on the last few months and do my best at looking forward.

First, the original 5 stocks that were written about in October 2016

CSBR, Champions Oncology - October 2016 pps - $1.67, October 2017 pps $3.31. Yep, we got a double out of this one and the opportunity for a little trading along the way. This company is starting to mature into a real biotech. If you've not done your research on this one, then do it now. It is still underfollowed and I believe still has plenty of opportunity ahead of it. CSBR is still solidly in my stable.

DVAX, Dynavax Technologies - October 2016 pps - $10.33, October 2017 pps - $22.30. That's right, another double. This stallion really took me for quite a ride. Heplisav, sd-101 and a big money raise that's what they've been up to the last 6 months, and oh I might add the stock is up 4x in the last 6 months as well. This one has a bright future ahead. He tried to buck me off last October but thankfully I was able to hang on enjoy the tried. Planning on continuing the ride into 2018.

ADHD, Alcobra - October 2016 pps - $2.47, sold on 2/2 at $1.16, October 2017 pps - $1.15 Glad to have gotten out of this one.

THLD, Threshold Pharmaceuticals - October 2016 pps - $2.47, October 2017 pps(I'm not smart enough to figure it out since the Molecular Templates acquisition) I was up a few percent but I'm out now. I just can't own a stock with the word "templates" in the name. Thanks for the ride.

PKTX, ProtoKinetix - October 2016 pps - .07, October 2017 pps - .07. Don't be fooled by the price being the same in now as it was in October 2016. This company has made far greater strides than what I had even imagined. The company began its first human trials this year and the stock got as high as $.15 on the news. I would anticipate data from these trials to begin coming out early in 2018. The trials that are currently underway are for Diabetes, that in and of itself is enough for me to own the stock, but the company put press out on 10.17.2017 and informed us that they will also be using their molecule for Kidney Ischemia, Normothermic Liver Perfusion, Retinal Cell Replacement and Monocional antibody production. This company is no one trick pony! The stock doesn't get the attention it should, this is in large part due to the fact it is trading at $.07, many biotech investors don't take a penny stock too seriously. A little due diligence shows that this company was resurrected from the dead by current management and now has an entirely clean cap table with no debt whatsoever and as evidenced by the recent press, they're really getting things done. It's not often I get this fired up about a penny stock biotech, but PKTX is a penny stock in price only. The cap table and technology are deserving of a market cap far greater than what the market is currently giving it. Once they begin to release study data the market will realize this is Secretariat and not some also ran. I'm loading up on this one while she's still priced like a longshot.

ZIVO, Zivo Bioscience - Added on 2.2.17, pps on 2.2.2016 - .11, pps October 2017 - $.07 ZIVO is in my "not followed" category. These are companies with interesting stories or science but essentially no one has heard of them. I'm still hanging onto ZIVO, she's a bit boring and still doesn't trade much, but they continue to progress with their algae technology. I wouldn't bet on this to win, but she might come in with a place or show for me. She stays in the stable for now.

ORGS, Orgenesis - added 2.28.17, pps on 2.28 was $.80, pps October 2017 - $.42. I added Orgenesis to my under followed category but the jockey continues to change, I'm actually not even sure it has a jockey. I've now added ORGS to the glue factory category. I'll take another look again if they ever get management figured out. Taking all proceeds and adding to PKTX.

ACXA, Accurexa, added to the not followed list on 4.02.2017 when the stock was at $.18. Last trade on 10.17.2017 was just over .09. I'm sending this one out to pasture as well. The science is intriguing but the cap table is a mess and the ownership/management structure is a convoluted mess. Proceeds from this go to PKTX as well.

....Disclosure: I am/we are long ZIVO, PKTX, DVAX, CSBR.

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