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T O P I C     R E V I E W
athlonmank7  - posted
Looks like a solid play down here. Positive gross margins. A little business growth could move this big and into profitability. Margins are huge. Only $300k market cap down here. Great lotto IMO.

Positive book value.
theman  - posted
The company only has right under $200k (WORTH) outstanding shares.

There last income statement had an increase of $20k which is not too great but if the next report shows that the company raises another $30K or more then this will be something being looking at closely.

Still a nice find though
athlonmank7  - posted
Thanks! Yeah, it looks like they've been dumping some shares through BMAS lately. I guess the new O/S is around 373 million so it's been increasing a bit lately.

If they can keep increasing revs it'll be nice.

Until then it looks like the increase in shares is going to put some weight on the PPS. Unfortunate too because down here the market cap would be around 270k fully diluted.
athlonmank7  - posted
Awesome day today. + 60% on 102 trades.

They were profitable in 2010 and it looks like they're heading that way again.

Book value = .0007

They have a 200k hotel service contract that could reap millions more

Also looking forward to a potential deal with Hyosung too
theman  - posted
I honestly just dont like micro penny stocks, but this one would have been a nice one to buy at .0004.. Had no clue it would double.
athlonmank7  - posted
Back in the "buy" zone here. Q3 earnings coming out in 2 weeks. Expecting some good results and a big announcement.

Gap to fill @ .0005. Loading up the .0003s Monday.

A/S is 700 million
athlonmank7  - posted
News out today~~~ Letter to shareholders. November financials will be out shortly. v=1

MIAMI, Oct. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Expert Group, Inc (Pink - News) has released the following progress report to its shareholders:

Dear Friends of Expert,

Greetings from South Florida! We would like to share with you some of the financial and operational highlights.

Business and Operation Developments

Since the beginning of the year, we have made significant progress in building our business and advancing our operations. Included in these accomplishments are the following:

In February, we entered into our first ATM agreements throughout Florida; since then we have installed and contracted over 50 ATMs and have had over 40,000 transactions; we will be working to increase our ATM-AP to over 100 by year end.
In October, we installed our first through the wall installation; from there on we have been actively installing ATMs. The company is in negotiation to potentially acquire an ATM business in South Florida that operates over 90 ATMs.
(1) This purchase comes after over 2 months of rigorous due diligence by Expert's team, thus confirming the performance and efficiency claims they made over the years;
(2) The successful completion of this initial purchase could potentially yield a half of a million dollars annum for Expert in ongoing transactions. Still, this is only a small segment of our overall business strategy, and we expect to pursue other acquisitions of ATM portfolios moving forward.
Also in October, we launched our new website with Search Locator (CATM); the new site has been instrumental with our sales and enables vendors to receive real time monitoring of their ATM.

Future Growth

To increase our portfolio of ATMs and service this increasing number significantly, we are looking to add in house Armor services by purchasing our very own armed vehicle. The vehicle will be manned by armed officers.

Positioning the company to service another 200 ATMs in 2012.

Financial Recap

In the three quarters months of 2011, we recognize increasing revenues; we will be releasing our 3rd quarter financials soon.
athlonmank7  - posted
+40% today. Uptrend confirmed. Should run into the release of earnings.

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