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jdizz  - posted
maybe be good one to make a few off of
jdizz  - posted
thought there was some news on this but i guess i miss read..o well it is still takin off
sunny  - posted
The o/s is 51 mill according to pinksheets; 37 million of that was soaked up today...hoping this one pops tomorrow. Went from 0006 to 002, and closed at 0016/0018~I'm watching!
sunny  - posted
This one getting lot of buzz this morning.
sunny  - posted
This one back down to 0007~think accumulation is going on here. Ran to 0016 Monday...starting jiggling on low volume this afternoon. I'm in~would like to see another run next week.
J_U_ICE  - posted
I picked up some at .0006
A/S as per Nevada SOS is 500M ?lx8nvq=7uR1se8PPqa91drspz9KqA%253d%253d
J_U_ICE  - posted
starting to wake up a little
J_U_ICE  - posted
been accumulating. Should have a nice move with a 500M A/S
J_U_ICE  - posted
added some at .0003 today
J_U_ICE  - posted
.0007 now
J_U_ICE  - posted
back in some .0003s for another bounce
J_U_ICE  - posted
IFHR just re-instated 7/12/10,, now active w/ SOS NEVADA %252frQ%253d%253d&CorpName=INFE-HUMAN+RESOURCES%2c+INC.
J_U_ICE  - posted
IFHR NAME CHANGE on SOS: %252frQ%253d%253d&nt7=0
J_U_ICE  - posted
a surfer  - posted

You da Man!

Thanks Team!
J_U_ICE  - posted
LOL it's nice when these POS wake up [Were Up]
a surfer  - posted
After a few weak hands it's back on like donkey kong!!! .0013 X .0014
J_U_ICE  - posted
IFHR doing a 1-100 RS in the coming weeks
Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Rhino Human Resources
I have been asked by a few people about Rhino Human Resources (Currently Infe human Resources, IFHR), a new project of mine so I will explain the relationship here to put rumors and conjecture to rest.

An entrepreneur rarely works on one project. Opportunities come and go and I am currently involved in one way or another with several. Lending my experience and creative talents to companies both private and public is what I do best.

Rhino Human Resources (formerly INFE human Resources pink sym: IFHR) is another company bound to our debtor for about 1.2 million dollars. Since I try to make it a point not to be the CEO of more than one public company at a time (I am CEO of several private companies), I am only currently a consultant to Rhino, while Robert Anderson is CEO, and Rachel Collins is secretary. Down the road I will be appointed chairman of the board for the firm.

I will offer all my experience and expertise as well as office space, cubicles and even personnel to Rhino to help make it great. A private company of mine, Lonestaffing, Inc. ( has been acquired by Rhino for shares of equity and although I am currently only a consultant, the goal will be to become the majority shareholder and Chairman down the road a bit.

Rhino offers a great situation in that like MedGen, it is a debt conversion deal, however, unlike MedGen, IFHR has almost no float in the public. We will be cleaning it up with a 100 for one reverse and it'll be tighter than a guitar string (I could have gotten gross on this one for a laugh, but didn't). Plus the staffing industries are exploding and lonestaffing staffs for commission only salespersons, an area of little competition and tremendous growth. They will be setting up a blog and forum similar to this one shortly.

So in a nut shell, currently I'm just a consultant for the company, a few of my team members are directors and I am going to oversee a few mergers and acquisitions and incubate the company here at our corporate offices, but it is a separate project from MedGen (Soon to be Northstar Global Business Services) completely.

Again, (I want to mention this one more time), the company (IFHR) is going to go through a 100 for 1 reverse along with the name change in the next couple weeks. At that point I'll help my guys work their magic and make the company a national success.

Thank you,
Raymond Barton
NorthStar Global Business Services, Inc. (Formerly, MedGen)

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