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T O P I C     R E V I E W
mbmurray  - posted
Closed at 0007, +600%, should run big tomorrow, float is dried up...
Agrimac  - posted
Have held this stock a long time hope it blows
lukin4winners  - posted
Hearing a lot about POPT on IHUB r/m candidate ...just going by the chart looks ready for the next level.
Lockman  - posted
Runamuck  - posted
MadManMic  - posted
Crash and Burn [Frown]
oldseven  - posted
UP 25% this morning
oldseven  - posted
Somethings brewing here up 50% on 50 mill volume.
Runamuck  - posted
if it breaks .0013 it makes it to .002 on air
oldseven  - posted
Up 75% to .0014
oldseven  - posted
I like your thinking Runamuck. This could double from here with a good PR. With all this volume, somebody must know something.
oldseven  - posted
.0015 up 87.5% Volume of 78 million
oldseven  - posted
Dipping slightly, time to load up on more.
Kaona  - posted
up to 75% still at least, is there any news on it atm?
Runamuck  - posted
If they would release a PR it would make it to multi penny land.
oldseven  - posted
Over 100 mil volume, now up 87.5% again. Might not look back. i expect .002 EOD and another huge gain next week.
Runamuck  - posted
ditto, this thing has built up huge support. .0013 was a wall and blew right through it with ease.

Shares are getting tight on this one.
Runamuck  - posted
This one is going to be HUGE next week. lots of talk across the web on it.
Ticker  - posted
Interesting info on this one - and RM rumor!

Reverse Merger Rumor

Before January 31st, 2009 POPT was a shell company held by Ari Bass( The company had filed a15-12g on Feb 16th, 2006( which means they would stop being a fully-reporting company. Last news from the company was in September of 2007, saying they were re-launching operations. ( There has been no new news since. Last 12 months or so, has had an “unable to contact issuer” disclaimer on the company info tab. During this time Ari Bass took another shell SLVO and reverse merged with another company in January of 2008m SLVO then ran from the .000 level to .14! Check the 2nd circled bottom on the chart:

This reverse merger happened without a R/S!
On January 31st, 2009, removed the “unable to contact issuer: disclaimer on the company info tab for POPT.

Then on February 3rd, 2009, Pinksheets updated the company info tab again by changing the industry class to mining, updating the float/OS/AS, and showing 7 employees!

The on February 4th, 2009, the Mining industry class was changed back to motion picture and video production, and business description was changed back. (

We received a company update form from the company in late January with new contact information for the company. After verifying the information the ‘Unable to Contact’ disclaimer was removed on January 27th, 2009 and the new information began displaying .on
Best regards,
Ed McCann
Issuer Services
Pink OTC Markets Inc.

What does that mean folks? It means we quite possibly have a reverse merger happening here very very soon! While doing some DD this morning on Pink Sheets, I noticed the SOS default statement on the left side of the company info tab

This afternoon that default statement is gone!?!?!?( I wouldn’t be surprised to see the NV SOS out of default status shortly.


POPT has been trading under .0006 since middle 2007! Monday was the first day this stock has seen .0007 in a long long time[9-27-2007]! We need to throw out the window all the normal charting to get a good grasp of the next resistance. I grabbed a 4 year chart and that gives a better perspective. .0006 seemed like tough resistance, since it would touch but never break over the last year. We broke that on Monday, so that is our new support. Next resistance looks like .0016, then .0023. As always, trade smart! MM’s will always try to shake the weak by playing games such as: keeping wide spreads, walking the ask down below the last buy, giving you a partial fill(5k or so) and UT’ing the ask. Patience pays!!!! It looks like there are a few GTC sell orders out there probably set months ago. Might provide a little resistance as well.
Kaona  - posted
ok so this confirms most of the rumors I've been hearing.
T e x  - posted
whoa... hold on, fellas

I ain't seeeeeing any links to good sources.

Where these rumors coming from?
Kaona  - posted
they have just been floating around a handful of penny stock forums for around a week now, but this is the most information I've seen so far on the topic given, its not a great source, but it has some more legit reasons why their stock price jumped so much on friday.
T e x  - posted
Originally posted by Kaona:
they have just been floating around a handful of penny stock forums for around a week now, but this is the most information I've seen so far on the topic given, its not a great source, but it has some more legit reasons why their stock price jumped so much on friday.

still... no sources

not really "legit"
Ticker  - posted
Tex is right - its just a rumor...and its being pushed along, on other boards... and its not official by a long shot... but its still a good piece of trivia to file away if one is watching this stock... [Wink]
Kaona  - posted
Good to note, im still a little new at this, so it looks like I still do have a bit to learn [Razz] .
Runamuck  - posted
T e x is correct no official sources but we have been watching changes to pink sheets and nevada SOS.

This is all pure speculation at this point. The last shell the CEO reverse merged went from 000 to .14 so nobody wants to miss this one is why its generating so much interest.

At this point it is a lotto play, I like my odds on it though.
oldseven  - posted
I have been following this stock. RUMORS and pure speculation (because Ari Bass is attached to it) is what is driving this stock up!
There will most likely be a pull back sometime today but I see it at least doubling on this speculation alone. DD showed Ari Bass does seem to keep tight lipped about when PR's are being released.
Good Luck to all, in my opinion there is money to be made here today and most likely the entire week - but you must be patient.
oldseven  - posted
Stock down 33% today. I assume many profit takers at this point. Should be a good entry point with great odds for a return in the near future.
Runamuck  - posted
Still in waiting for pay dirt, patience is the key...
pennymeister  - posted
I think this blows. No RM and filing BK? This blows monkey.
100prcent  - posted
This companies website is really ghetto.
Homersbud  - posted
Originally posted by 100prcent:
This companies website is really ghetto.

lmao, most of the pinkie's are.
oldseven  - posted
Originally posted by pennymeister:
I think this blows. No RM and filing BK? This blows monkey.

Where did you see the filing BK information?
surfkast  - posted
FWIW POPT is an Ari Bass shell play!
Last one ran to .14! Stop posting nonsense. Do your DD!
$tock Weazel  - posted
I'm in POPT * .0006

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