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T O P I C     R E V I E W
weatherbill  - posted
check the volume/price chart on this.....looks like it's about to go like the last run.....same volume right before it busted......i think the float is 7 million?

I think the o/s is 12 million and the company has a reverse merge coming up with a company picked. Should be a very big gainer for 2007, but may see a run here next week and then a dip into tax loss sell for volume on this
ShortTermMemory  - posted

Chart Looks great Here... Indicators are turning very positive...
ShortTermMemory  - posted
Honestly I'm looking for .10-.20 on METP pre R/M news. I did not sell on the last run because I think that is where it is going.
12 million O/S and a 7 million float... I see a $1-$2 million Market Cap as being very reasonable. Compare this one to some other popular Shells like CAML, it has 49,236,106 shares and is trading at .07, that is a $3.5 million Market Cap.

We have had contact with the custodian of the METP shell who owns 5 million of the 12 million O/S, he said the only added shares to the O/S will be the conversion of Prefered shares to common, he said there was about 200K in Pref and that he was hoping for a 1 for 2 or 3 conversion, so maybe another million shares on the O/S which is nothing, I would think Prefered's would be happy with anything considering the shell has been dead since the late 1990's...
Not to mention Kip the custodian of the shell has a good track record with Reverse Mergers.

This shell has a big advantage over almost all of the other shell plays out there and we are still sitting under $1 million in Market Capitalization... Not for much longer I think though...

Short term, we go over .10 very soon, if everybody locks up 25-50K shares and holds, then we see .15-.20 easy... Just not enough shares out there.
jas2mel  - posted
Will be watching this one very early Mon. for entry point. Any decent buy pressure will make for a nice run. I like the looks of these charts.
chase  - posted
weatherbill, would you care to elaborate on what you said regarding the "dip into tax loss sell offs"?

I'm somewhat inexperienced with penny stocks, so any insight is apreciated.
Acer911  - posted
wouldnt it be nice if it let down to .01 again on Monday before the run. then I would defff buy a couple.
ShortTermMemory  - posted
Strong Support at .013...

jas2mel  - posted
What is the depth of the resistance on this one. Will MM's let it move or will they buy it up widen the spread and hold it back. My charts are down right now. Thanks!
weatherbill  - posted
tax loss sell offs are at the end of the year, people sell their stocks to take a loss and be able to report it on their taxes and then turn around and buy back after dec 31st.

Jas2mel, you are asking a question for a psychic or prophet......none of us here really know those questions.....

the thing that go me in this is that the float is so low and the volume spike on the TA....alll TA indicators are turning up....macd, sto and rsi

I bought at the end of the day and only got a partial fill at .025
that tells me there are not alot of loose shares at this PPS and I had my order in at the ask.

check the chart. The last time this moved big, it had a volume spike just like it has now....monday should be in the .03s. It was jumping to .027 at the end of the day with any penny stock, there is risk involved, so play the low float on this
jas2mel  - posted
I was only asking weather because I couldnt find any L2 charts for this one. Thanks anyway!
SherriT  - posted
Looking nice today...
hbbus700  - posted
Nice 100% day, surpised that this went to the 2nd page. Great vol. & a nice looking chart!!!
hbbus700  - posted
up 50% to .06....This is looking really nice. Vol. is up, low O/S 12MM with a float of only 7MM.
ShortTermMemory  - posted
Just Got the Email from the T/A....

From: "Jason Bogutski" <signaturestocktransfer*> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Metropane Inc.
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 07:02:16 -0600

Please note of 12-08-2006 there are 12,174,264 outstanding with
shares free trading and 4,663,589 shares restricted.

Thank you

Jason M. Bogutski - President
Signature Stock Transfer, Inc.
2301 Ohio Drive - Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75093

Facsimile Number 972 612 4122
Email Address signaturestocktransfer
a surfer  - posted
Thanks for the info. STM.
ShortTermMemory  - posted

Watch this one Monday Huge Close Here! Somebody snagged 300K at .06 in the last 20 minutes... Somebody knows something...

Today's Sales
0.065 1100 OTO 15:59:00
0.065 1000 OTO 15:58:11
0.06 50000 OTO 15:57:31
0.06 50000 OTO 15:54:22
0.06 10000 OTO 15:54:22
0.06 50000 OTO 15:42:41
0.06 50000 OTO 15:40:44
0.0594 19200 OTO 15:40:44
0.0594 50000 OTO 15:39:21
0.06 50000 OTO 15:39:21
0.065 1589 OTO 11:51:11
0.065 2184 OTO 11:32:36
0.065 1600 OTO 11:06:05
0.065 911 OTO 11:03:51
0.05 9300 OTO 10:54:52
0.05 5000 OTO 09:37:08
hbbus700  - posted
I agree, some big money came in towards the end. Monday will be another nice day
ShortTermMemory  - posted
Yep hbbus, I can't imagine someboady would throw $20K at a shell without knowing something...

I hope Monday is very green...
ShortTermMemory  - posted
METP got an A+ on this list for the week of Dec 11th...

Duncan Idaho  - posted
this is a pink, and will never do a real r/m.

also, the os is unknowable for pinks.

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