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T O P I C     R E V I E W
superman7  - posted
stocks that have been punished hard are rebounding today hard

GZFX is one that looks to start up as it has got beaten up bad last few monthes

starting to run now it looks likes

.003 by .0032

i am in at .0031
superman7  - posted
this one looks good its holding up and looking for its next set of legs

.0030(2) by .0031(2)

and .0031 is getting hit
superman7  - posted
bid and ask locked!

31(1) by 31(1)
superman7  - posted
31(4) by 32(5)

.0032 is the HOD so far looks to break that here and get its new set of legs
superman7  - posted
big buys starting to hit the ask(HOD)

1 mil buy just went through at .0032, which is the ask and hod

this one is ready!
superman7  - posted
.0032(hod) is only 4 left on the ask!
duke  - posted
Don't worry superman, anyone with any brains will read your disclaimer and will not trade stocks on your alerts, especially this pos.
superman7  - posted
lol ok duke
Dudanation  - posted
This stock is too heavily dilluted to see any runs. This was only a rebound from a major drop last Friday. it will continue to drop consistantly from here on until the company actually shows improvement in the many years to come. They don't release BS PR's like most pennies. You will prob not see a chance to make any quick bucks on this one.
2cansam  - posted
this is definately a SAMMY scammy pickerooski.....
Upside  - posted
Originally posted by 2cansam:
this is definately a SAMMY scammy pickerooski.....

Don't know if I'd label this one a scam. It is HEAVILY diluted and it's gonna be tough to see any kind of run but they are a real company albeit a struggling one. They're going up against some heavy hitters in their industry.
cactus33  - posted
I dont know, superman may be onto something, i hopped in at .0029.. it was wayyy oversold.. good news may be around the corner...

Jo4321  - posted
I saw GZFX advertised in the Circuit City flyer. First time I've noticed it actually adverstised since the deal. Maybe that is because it is finally in my area's CC's?

BTW, I've been a member of GZFX for some time now. I've been happy with their service until just recently when it has been taking much longer to get titles. Is this a sign that they have signed on more customers than they have inventory for?

Pennydude1  - posted
I like this right now. Around its 52 week low and with the holiday season coming and the ads in the cc flyers it could make a run again. It's worth a shot at these prices.
Pennydude1  - posted
I have an order in right now at the ask and it is taking quite a while to fill. I'm surprised
UnionRules  - posted
I'll be keeping an eye on this one....could make another run for the money like it did back at the end of last year.
IMAKEMONEY  - posted

Nov 06, 2006 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX News Network) --

Stocks to Watch: Southridge Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB: SORD) , Hot Topic Inc. (Nasdaq:HOTT), Hercules Offshore, Inc (Nasdaq: HERO), GamezNFlix, Inc (OTCBB:GZFX), Gateway Inc. (NYSE: GTW)
GamezNFlix, Inc (OTCBB:GZFX) Current Price (0.0028) GamezNFlix, Inc. offers digital versatile disk (DVD) movies and video games for rental and purchase through its Internet Web site' in the United States. It also provides subscribers with access to a games library of Xbox, Playstation 2, Playstation, and Nintendo Gamecube titles. As of December 31, 2005, the company provided subscribers with Web-based alternative to traditional store-based DVD and video game rentals with a library of approximately 40,000 DVD and video game titles for Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation, Playstation 2, and Nintendo Gamecube. GamezNFlix was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Franklin, Kentucky.
********.com: ********.com Daily Market Movers Digest Stock Alerts, Tuesday November 7th, SOLM, AOOR, GZFX, SQUM, CPCF

M2 Communications via COMTEX

Nov 7, 2006 3:51:28 AM

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Today our stock watch alerts today include stock alerts for Solomon Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: SOLM), Apollo Resources International, Inc. (OTCBB: AOOR), GameZNFlix, Inc. (OTCBB: GZFX), Sequiam Corporation (OTCBB: SQUM), CPC of America, Inc. (OTCBB: CPCF)

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M2 Communications via COMTEX

Nov 7, 2006 8:56:28 AM

Dallas, Texas, Nov 07, 2006 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX News Network) --

********* Pre-Market Updates for Tuesday include Golden Eagle International, Inc. (OTCBB:MYNG), Narrowstep(TM) Inc. (OTCBB: NRWS ), GameZnFlix, Inc. (OTCBB:GZFX), TriMedia Entertainment Group Inc. (OTCBB: TMEG), Electronic Control Security Inc. (OTC BB: EKCS), and Velocity Asset Management, Inc. (OTCBB: VCYA). ********* Pre-Market Updates feature companies with significant moves in either volume or price in the past two trading sessions. In our update we analyze recent news about the companies featured and detail the movement in the stock.
stnkng1  - posted
wrong thread but im telling everyone here that you need to keep a close eye on SSSU it is just a matter of time and this is gonna take off and the range in my opinion is to wide spread to say how far it will go.
i heard people say .10 some say .25 and others are saying over $1 my guess for short term is .50
do your DD and see what this company is doing
Firedog  - posted
It seems like this would be a good quarter for a company like this one and being as close to the 52 wk low. I am in and hopefully will not be holding a empity bag and a lump of coal in Dec. I wish that they would release some PR to gain some attention even if it is mostly fluff. At one time today I saw a huge wall at .003
Firedog  - posted
I added again at .0029 today. I have accumulated quite a position waiting on this to break out of this trend. Hopefully this or next week.
cactus33  - posted
i added too under .003 firedog, i like my chances at these levels, as the CC roll-out has happened, from running from .02 after the big news a while back. now under .003. has dilution problems, but i like the chart, and the timing, lets see what happens firedog..


cactus33  - posted
its a big time diluted dog, but i think it is too oversold, could be good for a small gain, dlution is a killer on this one. CEO may pull a rabbit out of the hat here. just speculating.

some interesting DD today, not sure if it means much, at least they are up to things.

GameZnFlix Files Certificate Of Incorporation In London...

November 08
GameZnFlix Files Certificate Of Incorporation In London...
Effective October 11, 2006, GameZnFlix has filed and registered in the UK their subsidiary "GameZnFlix Limited." This is just in time for the launch of The Business Channel. For a complete listing and GameZnFlix's registration, click here >>> GameZnFlix Limited Registered In London.

Registered No. 05963166

beechwood  - posted
For what it's worth GZFX is on ShellS-ockReview's
profile list as a good shell candidate for a R/M.
Have it heavily radared for now.
jat35  - posted
4.5B shares and $6.6M net lose in 06, yea this one is a sure thing.
JRK  - posted
This one has historically had major support at .002. Which now that there are a greater number of o/s shares, it looks like it might test that support soon. If it drops below said support i would venture to say it's safe to remove her from radar.
IMAKEMONEY  - posted
*********.com: GameZnFlix Announces Partnership As Other Companies Issue Retractions, Provide Product Availability Options, Report Financial Results, Release Letter to Shareholders and Make Additions to Executive Board, NOTHING MORE THEN MORE DILUTION
Firedog  - posted
Good to see some upward movement today. Maybe we will see a end to some of the dilution. We all can dream.
JimUn  - posted
GameznFlix Listed as a Stocking Stuffer in Popular Mechanics December magazine on page 46 with ther website listed.
JimUn  - posted

MoneyMaker2006  - posted
Dont catch a falling knife..

The stock will keep droping down to around the .0009 range.. take a look at the 1 month chart if you dont beleive me.

Hell before you invest cash in this stock.. try the service out. I never even got my game. Had to cancel my free service because it never came and i didnt want to get charged for something that doesnt keep their promises.
Sally77  - posted
I saw the Popular Mechanics mag today. Not quite a fourth of a page, but a pic of a Gameznflix package and a very favorible write up.
duke  - posted
Originally posted by MoneyMaker2006:
Dont catch a falling knife..

The stock will keep droping down to around the .0009 range.. take a look at the 1 month chart if you dont beleive me.

Hell before you invest cash in this stock.. try the service out. I never even got my game. Had to cancel my free service because it never came and i didnt want to get charged for something that doesnt keep their promises.

That's what I don't understand about gzfx. This is not a new stock. I have been in and out twice. They've been around a couple of years and their service never improved from my experience and listening to others. Also, after 2 years you would think if the company was any good they'd have more than 10 or 20 thousan subscribers by now. I remember the dell dude commercials, the super bowl commercial hype, the circut city hype, etc. They will never challenge netflix. Technology will make these services obsolete in my very humble opinion, but then what the hell do I know???glta!!
Firedog  - posted
GXFX is at a double bottom. Maybe with luck it will make another run for the Holiday. [Roll Eyes]

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