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T O P I C     R E V I E W
neona  - posted
Please, post any stock that is at the very bottom - 0.0001, that you think may be a mover.
Thank you!
Phoenix  - posted
Most stocks that are stuck at .0001 are dead as a doornail because of dilution. I rarely play them anymore...SMMW was an exception..there was a lot of interest at the time and I got lucky and was able double it at .0002 after 4 days.

You're better off playing something else, unless you're willing to hold them for a long, long time.
PaliMike  - posted
Agreed with Phoenix1! Dont waste time with those
The Bigfoot  - posted
Anyobdy who want to get you into .0001's is trying to drum up support so they can sell at .0002 for a quick double and leave you holding the bag.
Along4theRide  - posted
JMCP is at .0001 There is some dilution but have a lot of nice things going on. There is a thread here posted you may want to check out.
BuckeyeMatt  - posted
PHBT, do what you want with that, but be careful.
Phoenix  - posted
Yup, if you really must play something at .0001, your best bet is to only buy a small amount, say $100 worth, then set your sell order (make sure it is GOOD TIL CANCELLED) and then forget about it.

Oh, and pray it doesnt reverse split. But that's why you only spent $100 right? [Wink] Never put in what you cant afford to lose. Of course, that goes for anything.

I'm still relearning that last rule sometimes...
The Bigfoot  - posted
IF you are set on this "strategy" the .0001 threads with the most following are:




PAIM has some "very devoted" followers as well.

I was actually a DDSI follower myself for a bit when they floated at .0003 until they diluted the hell out of the stock and ruined it.

Good Luck Neona.

I'd suggest you find another strategy to try. Especially if you are as new to trading as you are to posting on this board.

The Bigfoot
will  - posted
Here's the answer.

Send me your money, all of it. Play your .0001 stocks on paper, get your rush that way. Then in six months I'll send you 1/2 your money back, and you'll have saved a lot of money.
buzzygresham  - posted
lol, so true will
WarpedMind  - posted
JMCP is probably the best bet for something at .0001. But I don't recommend you getting into it unless you are willing to lose every penny. You never know... it could be the big one. But stocks in this range rarely are. Still, if you're gonna try ANY in this range, I'd say JMCP. Do your own DD before buying.
neona  - posted
Thank you to all who took a newbie seriously [Smile] I know that the triple zeros are dead to start with but In the past I've lost lots of money trating so I want ot take it easy now and only put a 100 bucks here and ther and hope it will go up. But I agree that this isn't the best way to invest. Please, keep posting. Good luck to all:)

neona van kiersten
Hannibull  - posted
there's soooo many other ways to earn money on the stock market Neona ! [Big Grin] I personally have never had any luck doubling my money to 0.0002 on any triple-zero stock lol

welcome to allstocks!
neona  - posted
JMCP is 0.15 not 0.0001 (E-Trade)
neona  - posted

Show me how? There are even more ways to lose money [Smile] I'm an expert on that...lmao
neona  - posted
What time the Market sloses? What time would be on the West side (plus 3 hours?). I'm in Los Angeles.
Please, let me know [Smile]
jellybean  - posted
Neona: JMCP last quote was .0002. It is not at .15. 0.15 is the 52 week high. JMCP might make a run after the shareholder meeting in NOv. I am looking for .01 by january.
Squire38  - posted
Originally posted by neona:
In the past I've lost lots of money trating

I highly recommend paper trading until you get a system that makes you money more times than you lose money.
neona  - posted
There must be something wrong with E-Trade then. Here's the link. Hope you'll be able to access it: AUXwwn7MPZWS+auOOgc4Bxe8NzgriuP+BMm1TBdd9RCHHpBDrqMKTXkPbjJCsOW4JGUfNrFGVXS9C0I0 3BxIHicQRiXVZdjP2n9GGncXxiawDsf4k0ciI4iohGRjUfQc0Ujv5r9SwVA==
Upside  - posted
JMCP is a .0001 stock and will remain there, it's junk. Making money in the penny stocks is damn near impossible unless you get in on a run. Look at lower priced NASDAQ stocks. If you have to play a penny right now, look at SSWC. It's well above your asking point but a lot of big players here think it's primed for a run.If it drops back down to the .008 level or so, give it a shot. If you buy it and it does run, sell it at a pre-determined point! Don't hold it hoping for more. Chances are that if it does run, it'll be short lived, maybe a day or two. Set a sell point and get out when it hits it.
jellybean  - posted
Neona: I looked at the link with E-trade. The last quote is incorrect. The chart is correct. It closed at .0002 today. It will be nice when it closes at .15.
Grail7  - posted
What everyone says is true, and should also say you do slightly better if you've got direct access instead of working with an non-direct access, discount broker. Sometimes even it's difficult to sell off that half a mil or mil shares. Other ways to get your double.

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