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mdofmny  - posted
Chopper  - posted
Reboot it.... It does this to me about 2 times a week. The search screen ussually is the trade report from the prior day. Wish scot would fix the pos program and their connectivity. GL
mdofmny  - posted
i tried rebooting it and it still brings me to this page????
scfraser1  - posted
Mine is fine so far.
champel  - posted
yes mine is going to the same page, a Network Solutions page is coming soon page.
mdofmny  - posted
thats the exact page i am but i can access it on my phone?????
Hitman  - posted
ur lucky.... I cant even log on yet
Rbreb13  - posted
Yup, broken here too.
mdofmny  - posted
scottrade sucks!
Johnwayne  - posted
Amazing how everyday there is a thread saying
"Is anybody else's Scottrade messed up?"
DAYTRADER67  - posted
Go in delete cookies clear your history and remove scottrade from your favorites then you will be able to log in
bugman55  - posted
Originally posted by champel:
yes mine is going to the same page, a Network Solutions page is coming soon page.

I was getting the same page and got around it to the Scottrade by entering into the address bar. That should take you around the network solutions page. Good Luck. [Cool]
fishfarmer  - posted
My accounts page is in chinese
BchOus  - posted
Mine too
pepsiman  - posted
if you still can't get to the scottrade page try that should get you in
Grynder  - posted
type this into your address bar.....
pepsiman  - posted
Grynder  - posted
Pepsi's ok but I prefer RC cola.
Lil sweeter, not quit as much fizz.....

; )
pepsiman  - posted
different strokes for different folks
Grynder  - posted
Pepsi's my #2 got to pop....
mdofmny  - posted
thanks pepsi....
pepsiman  - posted
no problem mdofmny all I did was call my local office it took us three different tries before he found one that worked said they were having problems. Any one got a good stock play this morning?
Rbreb13  - posted
Originally posted by Grynder:
type this into your address bar.....

That worked thnx. Writing it down and saving for the future!
MoMoMoney  - posted
at first i thought i had some kind of spyware on my computer but now i know scottrade is just mess up.
jigen3  - posted
the streamer isn't working
MoMoMoney  - posted
oh shyt my stock just tanked 80%. Im going to sue the shyt out of scottrade. ^$$##*#^%$^%$
MoMoMoney  - posted
just joking :-)

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