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forest  - posted
NanoSignal Corp., Formerly MicroSignal Corp., Announces that the United States Appeals Court District 3 has Upheld NanoSignal's Rights to SLICES and the Technology

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 28, 2005--NanoSignal Corp., an OTC Pink Sheets fully reporting company (Pink Sheets: NNOS), announced today that it has won the appeal of the court case filed by George Parks and others against NanoSignal Corp. The District Court made factual findings during a two-day bench trial. The Appellate Court ruled that the "failure to file the Articles of Merger with the PA Secretary of State, is a purely ministerial act, and is not insufficient grounds on which to voice the merger."

The Appeals Court made the following findings of fact, (1) the newly formed MS-NV filed a registration statement and Form 8-K with the SEC; (2) NASD changed the name from Pro Glass to MicroSignal NV and issued a new trading symbol; and other related facts as presented to the court.

In a joint statement Chairman of the Board Dr. Rupert Perrin and fellow board member Dr. Lawrence Madoff stated, "We are pleased that the Appeals Court upheld our earlier victory. We can now put this behind us and move forward with NanoSignal technology. Our No. 1 priority is to bring this revolutionary technology to market and bring value to our shareholders."

This Appeals Court ruling clears the way for
STOCKLOVER  - posted
MxPx  - posted
I managed to get some .0083
STOCKLOVER  - posted
nice job on getting it that cheap....
MxPx  - posted
Thank you now I am waiting to see if it will break intraday resistence at .016
Ktrain420  - posted
nice catch ya'll!!
forest  - posted
reached .015 just a few mins ago...good job on getting in early... [Smile]
forest  - posted
any feeling on this breaking the .016 tomorrow??
MxPx  - posted
Its quite possible I just do not want it to fall past .011 support because if it does I do believe this run will be over.
MxPx  - posted
Awww man it just broke that .011
Malloy  - posted
Nice up 55%...
forest  - posted
NanoSignal Corporation Announces the Acquisition of Santa Rosa Trading, Inc., Their Product Line Amazinger Energy Health and Nutritional Line of Drinks

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 2005--NanoSignal Corp., an OTC Pink Sheets Fully Reporting Company (Pink Sheets: NNOS), announced today that it has acquired Santa Rosa Trading, Inc., a Tennessee based company that makes energy drinks dubbed Amazinger. The acquisition which is a stock transaction was signed on Saturday, March 5, 2005. The drink, known as Amazinger, is a Maximum Energy Liquid Supplement and is fortified with a unique blend of natural energizing elements.

Amazinger Energy Drink gets the zing from Green Tea, Yerba Mate', Noni Juice and natural Ginger Root, Ginseng, Sambazon Acai and Jasmine, Lycopene. The Amazinger Energy Drink has the following nutrition:

-- 196 active natural Compounds

-- 14 Vitamins & 70 Ionic & Colloidal Minerals

-- 7 Herbs & 19 Amino Acids

-- 10 Important Antioxidants

Our Mission & Pledge With Our New Acquisition Subsidiary is to assist our newly acquired subsidiary Santa Rosa Trading, making it possible to offer the direct consumer the highest quality energy drinks and nutritional products in the entire World. Santa Rosa Trading seeks to provide optimum nutrition to improve health. NanoSignal Corporation is focusing specifically in health treatment in this acquisition in addition to Slices and its ability for early detection of strokes and other diseases. Dr Rupert Perrin, chairman of the board of NanoSignal Corporation, said, "We will have the Dicom compatibility work hopefully commencing within the next two weeks, after which our joint venture partners and engineers might conclude the Hitachi open end MRI unit at Desert Radiology in Las Vegas Nevada in another 8-10 weeks."
forest  - posted
hmmm...seems like they have bumped up the bid and ask this mornig already
forest  - posted
picking up steam this morning...could be back into penny land very shortly
Malloy  - posted
NanoSignal Corporation Announces a Letter of Intent to Acquire Global Access Technologies
Tuesday March 15, 10:07 am ET

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 15, 2005--NanoSignal Corp, an OTC PINK SHEET Fully Reporting Company (Pink Sheets:NNOS - News), announced today that it has signed a letter of intent with Global Access Technologies to acquire one hundred per cent of the company.
The company uses telemetrics employing the Satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) and other wireless technology to track the movement of vehicles, assets, and humans. Extensive market research and documented evidence from a variety of sources has revealed a significant future growth curve employing a ten-fold leap in the deployment of vehicle and human Telemetrics solutions.

Global Access Technologies, Inc., formed to develop products with the capacity to follow when, where and how a vehicle is driven, where an asset is, and where a human is "real time" has developed into a unique industry with massive demands. Latest projections predict a $16 billion dollar market in 2005.

AutoBug(TM) is a unique personal satellite vehicle tracking system, which is entirely controlled by the owner. AutoBug(TM) uses satellite navigation technology to pinpoint the location of a vehicle, which may be lost, stolen, broken down, in an accident, or, more commonly, simply not where it is supposed to be!

AutoBug(TM) does not require you to rely on any central tracking unit, or the police, to locate your vehicle. It is simply a matter of calling up the small AutoBug(TM) unit concealed in the vehicle, from your PC or laptop and within seconds ("Real Time"), a moving map display will show you the precise location, speed and direction of the vehicle. It is as easy to use as a mobile phone and unlike the competition, requires no third party to interpret the information.

AutoBug(TM)- "PDA" Available Software - "XDA" Solution

In addition to the laptop and PC, the product comes with a PDA option. This allows the owner to track the unit with a handheld Windows base PDA. The unique addition of software allows not only tracking in conjunction with the hardwired device in the vehicle, but includes an IN-CAR Navigation System. This system, shows the driver how to reach a specific destination. The unit comes with an IN-CAR holding device that is wired to the AutoBug(TM) device in the vehicle and allows the driver to view his route on the PDA screen, with updated routing by a voice operator.

Medical Monitoring - Further miniaturization, coupled with medical monitoring technology, will lead to the launch of HeartBug(TM), designed to alert instances of potential heart problems with a simultaneous position fix to a pre-determined help line or personal number.

Asset Protection - Still further miniaturization of the technology will permit a tracking device to be placed on or within items of value such as laptop computers, paintings, etc.

For additional Information
Please contact Princeton Research, Inc
Mike King 702 650 3000

This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements can be identified by lead-in "Looking Forward". These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve significant risks and uncertainties. Actual results may vary materially from those in the forward-looking statement.

Princeton Research, Inc
Mike King, 702-650-3000
Malloy  - posted
Nice move early this morning followed retracement back to opening...finally, we had a strong close.

I don't think we'll stay in subpenny territory for long.
forest  - posted
we just need to break the .015 pain in the neck level it seems to hit...more good news for this company though...should break when the acquisition has been completed

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