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T O P I C     R E V I E W
lilpennypincher  - posted
See the other thread.......(this one will be locked soon) LOL
STOCKLOVER  - posted
MxPx  - posted
1:100 R/S tomorrow
forest  - posted
r/s on iwwh??

cant find anyhting on that...can you list the news?...thanks
TonkaToy  - posted
poorman  - posted
Originally posted by MxPx:
1:100 R/S tomorrow

Haven't heard anything on this. I was out of it Friday so I'm just curious.
Where did you find the news?
Bottomliner  - posted
You made a statement with no indication if it is fact or opinion. Now tell us why you made the statement.
lilpennypincher  - posted
Ugh!!!I was just commenting on how low it was and perhaps a good time to jump back on again.....Please post your findings...
MxPx  - posted
Hey guys as a professional "Daytrader" one must always be on the up and up you asked for it and now here it is:

Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:30 03/01/2005 CAGI Capital Hill Gold, Inc. Common Stock CHGI Capital Hill Gold, Inc. New Common Stock 1-20 R/S **

13:30 03/01/2005 HGSC Heritage Scholastic Corporation Common Stock NCSH Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. Common Stock **

13:30 03/01/2005 ITST ITS Networks Inc. Common Stock TLCO Teleconnect Inc. Common Stock **

13:30 03/01/2005 IWWH Inform Worldwide Holdings Inc. Common Stock IWWD Inform Worldwide Holdings Inc. New Common Stock 1-100 R/S **

13:30 03/01/2005 TALL IVP Technology Corporation Common Stock ATVE ActiveCore Technologies, Inc. Common Stock 1-10 R/S **
Bottomliner  - posted
Should we continue to use this thread? I could not find the other one. Must be way way back.

Have you found anything regarding MxPx's statement? Or is this his idea of a bad joke?
MxPx  - posted
I am not a joker kind of person most people know me as being way to serious:)
forest  - posted
mxpx....where is that list?
lilpennypincher  - posted
Thanks......Just got home and saw the drop.....
Jelly Bean  - posted
Bottomliner  - posted
Thanks for replying to our questions. Sorry if I unfairly questioned your original comment, but I think you can understand why I did.
MxPx  - posted
Yes attn: everyone please bookmark that link that "Jelly Bean" posted it will become a very useful tool in the future and "Bottomliner" I get that alot I am so busy with my trading that I post something and never get a chance to explain how or where I got it from its even hard to post what I am trading because I trade so fast and it would not be benefical for others to try and get in ones I am in because by that time they Up Ticked the price so much that it would just leave people here buying in at the top of the spike.

But remember bookmark that link and check it every afternoon around 1:30PM
ehya  - posted
So does anybody think this will regain? Any upcomming news?
Last : 0005
tbm201  - posted
Do you all think this my be a buying opportunity considering this has run into the teens and .002s twice in the last month?
poorman  - posted
Originally posted by tbm201:
Do you all think this my be a buying opportunity considering this has run into the teens and .002s twice in the last month?

R/S is not a good thing. It was put into place so that company's could lower their share count and raise their PPS so they could move to a higher exchange. This could still happen but 90% of companys just start reisueing shares after the R/S and dilute the stock droping the price and catching the people who were holding at the time. I have been caught in a couple of these so I know.
JMHO but I will never again hold a company that is even rumored to be about to do this.
Good Luck in whatever you decide.
CollegeTrader  - posted
ok so ameritrade doesn't have this symbol anymore for my positions. It still says i have 100,000 but the symbol is N/A. how do i sell this thing?
CollegeTrader  - posted
guys help me out here. i wnt to dump this stock, if the symbol changed, how do i do it?
lilpennypincher  - posted
Your ameritrade should have done it for you already....
tuckermen  - posted
You may need to call ameritrade.
I know with scottrade when this happens usually i need to call them and pay the higher broker fee to get rid of the shares.
Ameritrade should be able to tell you.
CollegeTrader  - posted
ameritrade automatically sells the stock? its still listed on my positions.
bsuds  - posted
What is there new symbol I can't find it.
CollegeTrader  - posted
thanks guys. im new to pennies and i appreciate your help.

bsuds  - posted
I was stuck in a R/S with jackson rivers co or JRvc To JRIV and my shares were frozen in my account with scottrade for 2 days then scottrade automatically activated my shares and changed the symbol for me. I was pissed off at first but then took it as an expensive lesson.
CollegeTrader  - posted
ok so i called Ameritrade and they told me about the R/S and that by thursday it will automatically update onto my account. So like you said bsuds, ill have to take it as an expensive lesson. Thanks guys

bigblaster  - posted
when I got reverse split on sgli with ameritrade basicly it said I had so many positions but no dollar value or symbol, it took about 4 days then I had my symbol and new number of shares after the split, which happened to be a fairly decent loss, being the procrastinator that I am it rode there for awhile and I actually ended up breaking even, couldnt believe it, but hopefully you should see it in 3 to 5 days
blduncandc  - posted
New Ticker: IWWD
starz  - posted
thx bld i got shafted in this stock but it was my own greediness that did it. broke rule number one: lock in your profits and leave.
blduncandc  - posted
Great words to live by, even GREATER if you actually adhere to 'um........been there, done that also.
ehya  - posted
Just a note for anyone who tried to pull up this companies website and found it underconstruction. Their new website is at

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