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T O P I C     R E V I E W
JoeMillion  - posted
With oil flying!

IMO MOAT going to fly!

Oil stock trading at book and showing a Profit! Only 5 cent.

JoeMillion  - posted

amazing gem going to fly!


JoeMillion  - posted
10x the volume traded today!


Castleguard Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the exploration for and the acquisition, development, exploitation and operation of crude oil and natural gas properties, and in the production of crude oil and natural gas in North America. The Company's activities are conducted principally in the States of Louisiana, Texas and Alabama. Castleguard acquires interests in land and producing properties through acquisition and lease on which it drills and/or has working interests in oil or gas wells in efforts to discover and/or to produce oil and gas. At December 31, 2003, the Company owned interests in 10 gross gas wells (1.11 net), two of which are dual completions and three gross oil wells (.21 net).

JoeMillion  - posted
It took only 90,000 volume of shares to move this 2 cent. Can you image 900,000 will do to the share price? Imo moat will benifit from the high oil prices. If we get positive news then skies the limit.

Do your dd and hold on to your shares!

[img] =NO%5FSYMBOL%5FCHOSEN&nosettings=1&rand=8659&mocktick=1[/img]


JoeMillion  - posted
Nice chart!
JoeMillion  - posted
MM raised the ask on no volume! MM knows this stock is hot! imo


L Cypher  - posted
Originally posted by JoeMillion:
MM raised the ask on no volume! MM knows this stock is hot! imo


Joe, I'm not sure if looked into A/S-O/S on this. I think it is under 20 mil. Far too little liquidity IMO.

Check out AMEP if you like oil/gas stocks. Lots of large buys at the ask this week. This seems to be the support level for the past few months. Volume well above average as well. GL


JoeMillion  - posted
Moat is breaking out!


JoeMillion  - posted
I agree, it will not take lot of buying to move this stock.

Shares Outstanding: 17.36M
Float: 13.40M
% Held by Insiders: 22.83%

If just one postive news comes out, watch out!

I'm buying on every dip!


JoeMillion  - posted

I kinda feel sorry for the sellers! They will miss out on the big oil stock run up!


JoeMillion  - posted
What! Oil up and Moat down! More MM games? Thank you MM. Im buying more tommorrow!

Do dd


JoeMillion  - posted
What! Oil up and Moat down! More MM games? Thank you MM. Im buying more tommorrow!

Ps. Fast up and fast down! Looks like a mover!

Do dd


Qbidder  - posted
Tried to get some with limit of .02
but didnt purchase all day...keep the order
"good til cancelled"
might have to increase limit between .025-.03

and just ride this baby!



JoeMillion  - posted
Crude oil futures at $55! Time for Moat to fly! One good news from moat and its off to the races!


Qbidder  - posted
Hey Joe
Where's the volume?
im trying to get in this...
but not much activity

whats your take?



JoeMillion  - posted
Very soon my friend.....


shadow  - posted
Not sure what you all see in this company.

It is losing money... Rarely posts information.

Production at its facilities is way down.

They are losing money every quarter posted.

Not sure what you think is going to push
this company to new highs. It can only
be hype - not substance.

Three Months Year Ended
Ended December 31 December 31

2003 2002 2003 2002
----------- --------- ---------- ---------


Oil and gas sales $77,575 $108,706 $486,894 $668,585
----------- --------- ---------- ---------

Lease operating expense
and taxes 19,412 35,391 87,326 131,570
Depreciation depletion
and amortization 142,511 22,176 206,293 195,578
Impairment of oil & gas
interests 202,969 202,969
General and
administrative 41,241 30,239 148732 152,510
----------- --------- ---------- ---------
406,133 87,806 645320 479,658
----------- --------- ---------- ---------

Income (loss) from
operations (328,558) 20,900 (158,426) 188,927

Interest and financing
costs (5,142) (8,896) (24,508) (37,585)

Income (loss) before
income taxes (333,700) 12,004 (182,934) 151,342

Income taxes (benefit) (107,193) 3,600 (60,393) 45,413
----------- --------- ---------- ---------

Net Income (Loss) ($226,507) $8,404 ($122,541) $105,929
=========== ========= ========== =========

Basic Earnings (Loss) Per
Share ($0.02) $0.00 ($0.01) $0.01

Weighted average shares
outstanding (Thousands) 17,365 17,365 17,365 17,334

Good Luck.


JoeMillion  - posted
Increases in oil prices will increase moat profits. Don't live in the past but look to the future.

Crude Oil Prices Surge Past $55 Per Barrel
Monday October 18, 8:31 am ET
By Jane Wardell, Associated Press Writer
Oil Prices Surge Past an Unprecedented $55 Per Barrel As Uncertainty Swirls Over Supplies

LONDON (AP) -- Crude oil prices surged past an unprecedented $55 per barrel Monday amid ongoing uncertainty over production, high demand and tight global supplies ahead of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Crude for November delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange hit $55.33 per barrel in pre-opening electronic trading, up 40 cents from its Friday settlement price. By 1130GMT the contract had slipped back to $54.81, down 12 cents. The November contract expires Wednesday.

Heating oil also hit a new peak Monday, while Brent crude for December delivery hit a high of $50.32 on London's International Petroleum Exchange shortly after the trading session opened. By 1130GMT, Brent also had pulled back, down 4 cents from Friday's close to $49.89.

Analysts said the markets remain volatile, recording large price swings over a weekly period, and prices are expected to rise again.

Crude oil prices are the highest in a generation, rising by around 80 percent from the beginning of 2004. However, even at current levels, crude oil prices are still about 40 percent below the all-time highs -- in inflation-adjusted terms -- of February 1981.

Prices have skyrocketed more than $10 in the past month, primarily over production delays in the Gulf of Mexico, where Hurricane Ivan hit mid-September.

Now that the $55 barrier has been surpassed, analysts are looking toward $60 a barrel, with some saying it may reach that mark by the end of the year -- smack in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

"We hit the new milestone and we're looking at $60," said Victor Shum, oil analyst at Texas-headquartered energy consultants Purvin & Gertz. "$60 is certainly feasible."

Axel Busch, the chief correspondent for Energy Intelligence Group in London, which plots energy developments, said the market was a little overheated and would likely pull back initially.

"But will we hit $60? Yes, I think we probably will," he added.

The U.S. Energy Department said in its weekly petroleum supply report last week that commercially available supplies of heating oil declined by 1.2 million barrels for the week ending Oct. 8, falling to 50.0 million barrels, or 10 percent below year-ago levels.

Diesel and kerosene are used for heating oil. Demand for jet fuel -- kerosene with additives -- also rises in the winter as flights increase during the Christmas season.

Heating oil hit a record $1.5555 per gallon Monday on the Nymex.

"We are heading for winter and stocks in the U.S., Europe and Japan are significantly lower than they were a year ago," said Busch. "If we get a cold snap, or a cold winter, we will see prices go higher."

In the Gulf of Mexico, over 20 million barrels of crude remain shut in as recovery efforts continue to get production levels back to normal, the U.S. federal Minerals Management Service said on its Web site.

But with the amount of excess capacity -- immediate surplus supply -- at about 1 percent of daily demand, now estimated to be above 82 million barrels, any supply outage is expected to factor into prices.

Market players have been fixated on potential disruptions in production, such as the just-concluded oil workers' strike and threats of rebel attacks in Nigeria, Africa's largest producer, and sporadic attacks by militants on Iraqi pipelines.

Unrest in the world's largest producer, Saudi Arabia; the tax battle between the Russian government and oil giant Yukos; and political tensions in key producer Venezuela have also weighed in recently.

In other developments, Chicago Board of Trade Chief Executive Bernard Dan told Australia's Nine Network that the U.S. economy would be hurt by the spike -- but not significantly. He said the economy could even withstand prices of $75 per barrel.

"I think basically most users and most traders have priced in that sort of range ($60 to $75)," said Dan. "While it might do some damage in terms of the economy and might be reflected in our equity market, I don't think it is going to be at a level where it is catastrophic in any sense."

His comments came after U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Friday rising oil prices would have far less impact than the oil shocks of the 1970s.

Associated Press Writer Yeoh En-Lai in Singapore contributed to this repo

shadow  - posted
Joe - respect your opinions

- Production is down at their sites
- Rarely produce any type of PR
- Expenses eating at this company
- No information on other assets

Oil can hit $100 and I don't think this
terd would float.

I put this one in the same category as Rocky Mountain Energy Corporation (RMEC).

Might be good for a quick in-out but
nothing more...

Just my opinion


JoeMillion  - posted
shadow thanks for your opinions,

I have to disagree.

Productions may rise or decrease, but who knows about the future. They may stike oil again.

Low float, maybe a buyout. Market cap of 434.12K.

Net profits has been increasing out the past 2 quarters

I say this is a strong buy at these levels. imo


JoeMillion  - posted
Moving up!


JoeMillion  - posted
Hey qbidder,

I hope you were able to load up at .025-.03.




JoeMillion  - posted
Watch moat this week. With oil climbing imo moat will follow.


JoeMillion  - posted
MOAT going to fly!

Associated Press
Crude Oil Prices Surge to New High
Monday October 25, 6:27 am ET
By Michael Mcdonough, Associated Press Writer
Crude Oil Prices Surge to New High on Supply Concerns, Labor Unrest in Norway and China Demand

LONDON (AP) -- Crude oil prices surged to a new high Monday on supply concerns ahead of the winter, a possible petroleum-industry strike in Norway and data showing that China's big demand for oil is likely to increase.

Crude futures for December delivery hit a high of $55.67 Monday morning in European hours electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, up 50 cents from its record close Friday when the U.S. Energy Department reported a fifth straight drop in heating oil stocks. It was also an intraday record.

By late morning in Europe, prices had eased slightly to $55.36.

In early trading on London's International Petroleum Exchange, the price of December Brent crude futures also hit an intraday record, reaching $51.70. That was 48 cents above Friday's record close.

November heating oil hit a record high of $1.6030 per gallon Friday. It was $1.6005 late Monday morning in Europe.

New on the watch-list of supply worries was an announcement by the Norwegian Shipowners Association of a lockout affecting workers on nearly 100 offshore service vessels and shuttle tankers on the Norwegian continental shelf. The strike is set to take effect Nov. 8.

Kevin Norrish, oil analyst at Barclays Capital in London, said that if the strike were to cut off all of Norway's exports, the result would be "pretty serious."

"If it does go ahead, we are into $60 territory without a shadow of a doubt," he said. "The market's going to be very, very nervous about it indeed."

Norway produces at least 3 million barrels of crude daily and is a crucial supplier of natural gas and distillate fuel.

Fears of a cold Northern Hemisphere winter have further stoked the price of crude and heating oil, with dwindling stocks also being reported in Western Europe and Japan.

Demand for jet fuel -- kerosene and additives -- also typically rises during the Christmas season because of extra flights, adding even more pressure.

Analysts and traders said they also were on the lookout for increasing demand from China, which released third-quarter economic growth figures Friday showing gross domestic product climbing 9.1 percent on year and 9.5 percent for the first 3 quarters of 2004.

"China, that's the bullish factor, but immediately there is concern over the lockout in Norway adding to the Chinese (economic) reports. There doesn't seem to be any end to price rises," said Esa Ramasamy, oil editorial manager for energy reporting agency Platts.

China is the world's second largest consumer of crude after the United States, and consumes more than 6 million barrels per day, the Paris-based International Energy Agency said in its latest report. There are no signs that demand from Beijing will decrease in 2005, the agency said.

While crude futures prices are more than 80 percent higher than a year ago, they still need to reach $80 per barrel in order to surpass the all-time peak -- in inflation-adjusted terms -- set in February 1981.

Crude has risen more than $10 in the past month alone, primarily on concerns over production in the Gulf of Mexico where over 23 million barrels remain shut in since Hurricane Ivan hit mid-September.

Winter woes are taking place against the backdrop of disruptions in production and turmoil in key producers such as Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria and Russia.

Iraqi officials said there have been 250 guerrilla attacks on pipelines and other oil infrastructure, squandering between $7 billion and $12 billion in potential export revenue.

"What Iraq needed to do was rehabilitate the industry, but the focus has been on repairing the damage from sabotage," said Walid Khadduri, an Iraqi who edits Middle East Economic Survey, an oil journal based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Iraq's Oil Minister Thamer Al-Ghadhban estimated emergency repairs and lost revenue had cost the country $7 billion since exports resumed after the invasion.


JoeMillion  - posted

Daily Commentary

Our system posted a BUY-IF today. The previous BUY recommendation that was confirmed was made on 05.11.2004 (167) days ago, when the stock price was 0.0400. Since then MOAT has gained 0.00% .

This is a call for another buying opportunity. First, be aware of what happened at after hours trading and futures. Then, follow the next session very carefully and be on your toes. This candlestick pattern is a bullish one, but we have to see whether it will be confirmed or not.

Do you see a gap-up at the market open? Do you see a white candlestick forming with a higher close at the session's end? Shortly, is it a nice bullish day? If so, increase your holdings or open new long positions.

Well, things do not go as expected sometimes. You may rather see a gap-down at the open or a black candlestick forming with a lower close in the next session. If this is the case, humbly accept the market verdict, cancel the buy orders and cover any long positions that you might have opened.

Buy only if the bulls are in charge
Forget about it if the bears surge


+0.0150 +60.00%
Candlestick Analysis
Today’s Candlestick Patterns:

White Marubozu
Bullish Kicking

Today a White Marubozu was formed. This shows that the buyers controlled the price action from the first trade to the last trade.
For more about this candlestick click here.

The last two candlesticks formed a Bullish Kicking Pattern . This is a bullish reversal pattern that marks a potential change in trend. Though it is highly reliable confirmation is still recommended.
For more about this pattern click here.


JoeMillion  - posted
Moat looks good.

Nigerian unions declare Shell 'enemy of the people'

Associated Press

Lagos, Nigeria — Unions declared the top oil multinational here, Royal Dutch/Shell, "an enemy of the Nigerian people" on Sunday and called a Nov. 16 nationwide strike that they said would target oil exports in Africa's oil giant.

The threats in the world's No. 7 oil exporter — the source of one-fifth of U.S. oil imports — appeared likely to send new shocks through the global oil price market.

Unions called the Nov. 16 strike after giving President Olusegun Obasanjo until Sunday to reverse September's 23 percent increase in fuel prices in Nigeria.

Union leaders singled out Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Nigeria's largest petroleum producer, which they accused of planning to try to block the strike in the courts.

"We have resolved to declare Shell an enemy of the Nigerian people," Adams Oshiomhole, leader of the main Nigeria Labor Congress, told reporters.

"Shell will be treated as an enemy. We have the capacity to engage them," Mr. Oshiomhole said.

Shell officials could not immediately be reached for comment.


JoeMillion  - posted
What's everyone opinions on moat?


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