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T O P I C     R E V I E W
northernprophet  - posted
If you are a true bottom fisher, Inlet is one you could look at. In the process of doing a 10,000,000 five cent financing. Cheap financings to insiders are always worth watching.

The stock trades only at 7 cents. The bids are absolutely huge. (Humongous)
If you believe the commoditiy bull has legs, then a 10,000 share purchase of this is a great speculation.
This metals bull market has not seen a lot of stocks go from $1 to $20, but lots of stocks have gone from pennies to 50 cents- $1.
INS, worth watching!!!

[This message has been edited by northernprophet (edited April 30, 2004).]

GREGDOGG  - posted
Heyyyyy NP, GRRRRRREAT Pick, Now we're talkin' , .06 - .07 looks like great entry!!

I am 90% bottom feeder, 10% bandwagon jumper...LOL

Hey NP, if you find any more, let me know, we need to pump this board up again with good picks.

northernprophet  - posted
Today, RBC crossed a block of 100,000 shares.
About 2.4 million bid down to 5 cents, 1.1 million for sale up to 11 cents.

At this price, we do not want to see lots of sloppy trading. We want to see a few trades a day of 20000 shares or more.

northernprophet  - posted
INS is starting to move up, big blocks being crossed. Will have to start following it more closely.
Almost forgot about it.

[This message has been edited by northernprophet (edited June 29, 2004).]

GREGDOGG  - posted
In at .06 out at .09 would have been a decent play, seems to be going down again,

Hey, who won the election ??????


northernprophet  - posted
Gregdogg, in at 6 and out at 9.
The purpose of pennies is to go for the jugular once in a while, and try to make a big score.
EVERYONE, I know who is ahead of the game in pennies, including myself, did it on a few big winners.
I do not know why everyone coming into the game nowadays wants to be a trader.
Trading is the most difficult and takes the most knowledge, intuition, and talent, things that can only be learned with time.
Good trading to you.

[This message has been edited by northernprophet (edited June 30, 2004).]

GREGDOGG  - posted
Hey NP, different strokes for different folks,

Last time I checked, in at 6 out at 9 was still a gain, thus a profit, and there for a good trade.

By playing "long" I seem to get kicked in the nuts, BUT, Canadian stocks are different from American pennies, so maybe playing Canadian stocks "long" is the way to play.

With your logic, you and your friends should be buying the crap out of CMKX.

Yes/No ?

[This message has been edited by GREGDOGG (edited June 30, 2004).]

northernprophet  - posted
Yes Gregdogg, 6 to 9 is still a 50% gain, but on ins, almost impossible to pull off.
If i was a short term player i would play stocks like wheaton river and Bema. Both have enough liquidity and move around enough.
For traders, there is not much in Canada under $1.00. I have had success trading Biomira, since it is in my hometown , I follow it.
The symbol you mentioned, isn't that the diamond stock with property in Sask. lots of write ups recently. look, i like risk but too many shares out. That is a pure trader, and being heavily hyped on a few boards. Definitely not a long term play.

6 years ago I almost quit the game in disgust.
Now i ask myself the question, Is this real?
Is this possibly a buyout candidate? Are the people REAL, respected mining people, the type that could land a job at Barrick or Rio Tinto. I got myself back on track with a buyout of winspear by De Beers.
Also, for long term plays, i definitely like the Canadian penny markets. They are better regulated and more transparent. The seniors are better regulated in the USA.

I have followed the VSE for almost 20 years and believe i have a good knowledge of the players, and who to avoid. I know one thing, relying strictly on Tech Analysis for Cdn penny miners is not enough.
For a stock like BTP, i still believe, but they probably have less than $150,000 in the bank, will last them another month or so. If they do another cheap financing, i will admit i am wrong, but i believe something will happen. Right now, they are broke, the technicals are awful, and to most people, they are drilling a rinky-dink property in Idaho, so let's see what happens.
Sorry for being so long-winded.
Have a happy Canada Day.

[This message has been edited by northernprophet (edited July 01, 2004).]

northernprophet  - posted
Hey, Gregdogg, did you guys ever find a cheaper broker for your micropennies? The commissions were hurting you. Is Waynetrades still around??

Also, one play that has the potential to explode is the Cortez Hills play where Placer Dome supposedlt hit 450ft. of 1.5 oz/ton gold.
Victoria VIT and White Knight WKR are there and are moving nicely. This could turn into an area play. We have not had a decent area play since BRE-X, and we all know how that turned out. That is still haunting the junior miners.

Believe me GD, you are pretty young and were probably not following the markets closely as a teenager. A great area play can make instant millionaires and stocks that were trading at pennies can move to $3-$5 in weeks.
That is the pizzazz we need.Right now, nobody believes.
Lots of people in Kelowna are rich because of Dia Met. Lots of Newfoundlanders are rich because of Voiseys Bay. (Diamond Fields).


GREGDOGG  - posted

I just woke up so I'm hinda in a daze, but I'll look at those stocks you mentioned later,

And no I didn't follow the stock market when I was a teen, I think I was 20 when I made my first trade, got lucky and made 300% profit on ARET. Made a few more 100%+ gainers but then lost it all when I got hit by the .com bust, finally sold everything a year or two later to make the tax man get off my back.

What a prick that guy is, LOL

Anyways, I hope to learn from vets like you and get back on track myself.

And I remember the first time you said "everyone you know who made it, made it big on a few picks, I agree 100%, and have expierianced the same thing, on QBID of course. Hoping for the same on CMKX and SRCI. The CMKX share count is still a big ??? but they just hired a transfer agent to sort things out. Went from .0001 to .001 a few weeks ago, .0005 now.

I may switch to Canadian stocks, cheaper fees too, no exchange rates, ect, and no we can't seem to find a cheap Canadian broker, the problem is still trading millions of shares, the price per share fee kill ya.

Anyways, I need some breakfast, later all.

Thanks NP.


northernprophet  - posted
Remember, the news these guys put out is meant to deceive us.
Look at all the companies with addresses on Howe , Hornby,and Hastings. These guys drink together, buy each other's private placements,etc. Selling stock is an industry.
Many of these guys have 5 or 6 companies and are more than happy to take turns running them from 10-15 to 80-90 cents. No big deal.
Next time you are in Van, go to the Jolly Taxpayer and meet some of these promoters.
They like to call themselves financiers.
One time I was at Chardonnay's, a promoter said i just had to buy his stock, then supposedly bought me 2 beers, then he leaves, and I get the bill, for BOTH our beers. Slimeballs!!!

The bottom line for me is that I have finally developed a good knowledge of Canadian pennies, so I should stick with it.
And everyone gets taken to the cleaners, looking back, its called experience.

[This message has been edited by northernprophet (edited July 01, 2004).]

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