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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Mysticobra96  - posted
I bought CRWN yesterday at $6.64 I was going to post it here, but no one has any posts up anymore. CRWN is doing great I'm looking for $9+ Its owned 80%+ buy insiders 12%+ by institutions and it just keeps climbing!! Also, two other stocks to keep an eye on is JBLU I believe it has found a new bottom at $9.70's and then ran up to $11.20's and now is heading back down. I doubt its going below the 9.70's so after this next dip I see it taking off. Watch SILC tomorrow also, it bounced off the MA(50) yesterday and came back down some today, but still closed above the low yesterday. As, long as it stays above the MA(50) tomorrow and even better if it stays above the low today it should do well and hopefully break its old 52 week high of $26 something. Hope everyone is still trading. I know its May, but there is always money to be made!! GLTA!
T e x  - posted
i like that CRWN chart...nice find
T e x  - posted
am running some DD...this is getting interesting on CRWN
T e x  - posted
great opportunity..."Hallmark" TV stuff...lessening shorts, as it rises

prolly, not enough traders clued in enough to overwhelm.

Too bad, too--this could go bigtime.

Gorgeous chart

AND, lol...OS of about 100m, with a float of about 10m...

some volume here would knock out many short positions...
Mysticobra96  - posted
Yeah and I really like that it broke $7.10 today and even closed at $7.11 I think theres much more potential with this one. Someone is running this too, cuz Ill watch a big sell go through and they won't drop it much then a few buys and it will be off and running. Just becareful when it turns around. They gave a great entry point in the morning at $6.50 I doubt it will be down there the rest of this week, but could still be a good buy just under $7.00 if you can get it.
Duncan Idaho  - posted
IPOR is a solid swing play.

BPMA is getting interesting.
cyates  - posted
FRG is a good pick up under 12$ dropped to 11$ last week and back to 13.50 in 3 days.
Mysticobra96  - posted
Scratch SILC off the buy if list, it broke from the trend I was looking for.

RNWK looks to be making a nice Bull Pennant, so watch for it to break to the upside. Should be around $8.55-8.60

JADE is working in a nice ascending channel and as long as todays low holds for the next few days it should break to the upside. I see this stock being picked up in the $10.80's with a potential of getting around $14.00 for it.

JBLU is still on my list as its creating an ascending triangle. Watch for it to break $11.21 and it should be off to the races.

CMGI is also making an ascending triangle and if breaks $2.50 look for it to make some new 52 week highs. I see possibly $2.90 or so out of it at peak.

DSCO is forming a symetrical triangle, so wait for it to make a move north before going long. It needs to break $3.60

Last is SWRI it is sitting pretty flat and looks like it should make a move either north or south fairly soon, so keep it on a watch list.

I rank the top 4 the best plays, but they all need confirmation. As of today though RNWK, JBLU, JADE, and CMGI look better than DSCO. SWRI to me looks like it will fall south, but keep it on the watch list just incase.

terence  - posted
PRHB yo can get ,0002 eventually will go higher
and perhaps a lot.
NTBK yo can buy under ,30 easy double imo.
and you can get a chance on wglt.
some are denostated picks but has the last op
to stay in market and must run big from actuals levels imo.
cyates  - posted
i been watching JADE for a while thats a good one
Mysticobra96  - posted
Yeah, I was going to buy it a few days ago but they gapped it up a bunch and so I decided to pass on it. It looks like it gained a good amount the second day though. O well. Take a look at AXGC, KRY, and NGA. Also, a more expensive stock that looks decend is DDS.
Free Muney  - posted
ano is starting back up today. great swing.

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