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T O P I C     R E V I E W
tuckermen  - posted
Haven't been messing around in penny land for quite some time, however, ran across this one and found it tempting. Anyone have any info on company track record. Have done fair amount of DD, but sometimes experience of investors is best way to go.
tuckermen  - posted
Newly Confirmed .0219 or .0657 GNCP Bottom…

I will explain why there are what I believe could be considered two different concepts of thought to consider two different bottoms; one at .0219 per share and the other at .0657 per share. Keep in mind that from what we have learned of the huge connections that the GNCP CEO has from previous posts and from later within this post, it would not surprise me one bit if GNCP has a Joint Venture (JV) agreement with Rio Tinto or BHP Billiton or some other major market company on such level, but that can be for another discussion. For now, let me explain these bottoms.

The newly confirmed bottom of .0219 per share for GNCP is what I call the Discounted “Wholesale” Value derive from the companies that gave GNCP the $10,000,000 for the White Hills properties believe is the absolute bottom value from what they have learned of which them all have had to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep confidential. They believe that .0219 per share is the minimum discounted value of the 456,100,000 shares of GNCP common stock that was agreed to receive for the $10,000,000 from the five companies below:


SEARCHLIGHT EXPLORATION, LLC owns 93,100,000 shares of GNCP:

MACY OCEAN ENTERPRISES, INC. owns 91,000,000 shares of GNCP:

CASTLEWOOD CAPITAL GROUP, S.A owns 91,000,000 shares of GNCP:


ARTCO CAPITAL LTD owns 91,000,000 shares of GNCP:


This means that it is strongly believed that GNCP is worth far greater that the .0219 per share amount that was paid to deliver the $10,000,000 to acquire the White Hills properties. That is simply too much money to not have this confirmation. This was a group confirmation of experts to agree to receive their more than 90 Million shares a piece. This means that these companies have private confirmation that GNCP will create a premium value for their 456,100,000 shares owned at a greater value than .0219 per share based on the $10,000,000 given to acquire the “White Hills” Gold Exploration Properties in Arizona for GNCP as derived below:

$10,000,000 ÷ 456,100,000 shares = .0219 Per Share

Understand, what was derived above is a GNCP bottom value of what I called the Discounted “Wholesale” Value derived from the $10M that was provided for the White Hills properties. The above valuation was derived from the created baseline of 456,100,000 shares that was used to pay for the acquisition of the White Hills properties. This justifies using the 456,100,000 shares amount as the denominator for deriving this upcoming valuation of which I call the Discounted “Retail” Value for taking under consideration a ”retail” value as it relates to the White Hills properties.

With the previously made post below, courtesy of VortMax, I am going to show that a .0657 per share could be logically considered for a bottom that I referred to as the Discounted “Retail” Value to consider:

VortMax had learned that today’s value for the While Hills properties is valued at $30,000,000 by way of information on file at the University of Arizona from a report done by the ANGLO-ARIZONA MINING & MILLING COMPANY (DENVER, CO.) back on Dec 7, 1896. As I had indicated from above, there was a total of 456,100,000 shares that was used to fund the acquisition of White Hills properties. Considering the $30,000,000 value for the White Hills properties and using the 456,100,000 shares amount as the denominator, we can derive below:

$30,000,000 ÷ 456,100,000 shares = .0657 Per Share

Below is the filing to confirm the $10,000,000 for White Hills:

GNCC Capital, Inc. (“the Company”) acquired the “White Hills” Gold Exploration Properties in Arizona (“White Hills”) on June 17, 2013 in the total amount of $10,000,000 (Ten million dollars). ...

Because of the acquisition of the “White Hills” properties, GNCP has present filings to confirm the elimination of $4,000,000 worth of debt to clean their books. Read below to understand the full magnitude of what transpired to make such happen:

GNCP Management has agreed to receive only $1 for Annual Salary which is something that’s much appreciated by their shareholders and is huge for a variety of reasons. Now, read this below as these 2 year service agreements with the GNCP Management speaks volumes to include their $1 for Annual Salary which ”subliminally” shows that they truly believe that the value residing here with GNCP is not only huge, but is worth working for a $1 Annual Salary: To-Our-Directors.pdf

These “White Hills” Gold Exploration Properties that GNCP has acquired for $10 Million must be really huge. The GNCP CEO is not here for small change; he is here because of something very big. Again, read these series of posts to understand his past achievements that is once again well worth being noted:

GNCP CEO & Rio Tinto Significance…

GNCP recently released news confirming a lot that I think one should understand, but before we talk about some of the key highlights within that news, I think it is important to note just who is the CEO for GNCP and why this is important to note. When you read below just how big some of the achievements are for Nicolaas Edward "Ted" Blom, President & CEO of GNCP and how big the companies and projects are in which he had done such with, I think it will be very clear that these guys are ”in it to win it” with GNCP and that these guys would not be here for anything other than something of a huge magnitude.

Instead of one long post, I think it would be better to break down into a series of posts the Key Achievements from the GNCP website about the CEO for GNCP starting with this achievement below relating to Rio Tinto because of how huge I believe it to be:

The GNCP CEO was a co-founder of Kwezi Mining Company, a junior coal mining company which subsequently became Rio Tinto's development arm for major transactions in Southern Africa of which Rio Tino paid $75 Million to buy Kwezi Mining: o-and-kwezis-south-african-coal-assets-completed-2012-05-10

Rio Tinto trades on the NYSE under the ticker of RIO at $52.00+ per share while generating over $50.9 Billion in Revenues with a Gross Profit of over $13.4 Billion last year

Here’s a project that Rio Tinto and Kwezi Mining had done together that’s valued at over $1 Billion: ce_of_over_1_billion_tonnes_at_Chapudi.pdf



GNCP CEO Funding for $20 Billion Project…

I can’t say this enough in that the GNCP CEO and his TEAM are here with GNCP for some very huge reasons of growth that I believe is about to be revealed based on the recently released news below:

The GNCP CEO is currently mandated to execute capital raising, structuring and implementation of projects in Africa exceeding $20 Billion. Mr. Blom has consulted and explored projects and proposals involving most minerals found on the African Continent, including Gold, Nickel, Silver, Platinum, Manganese, Aluminum, Coal, Graphite, Diamonds, Titanium and Chromium.

In recent years, Mr. Blom assessed that Southern Africa would require more than 20 new coal mining projects in order to avoid another energy Blackout in the region. This number has since been confirmed by the regulators, with little progress. Mr. Blom also conducted initial feasibilities on Coal – Bed Methane (CBM) and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) projects on a large scale to complement the current energy mix in Sothern Africa. This has the potential to generate an additional 20GW of electricity within a 24-30 month horizon, provided legislators approve. As a strategic advisor to Eskom, Mr. Blom identified and highlighted significant opportunities for savings in capital expenditures in the billions of dollars: spx

The GNCP CEO has conducted numerous successful global transactions as a strategic advisor to a South African merchant bank, capital raising for a new technology project in the commodities coal sector, and capital raising for mining and energy projects including Black Wattle Colliery, and a major new Platinum & Palladium project in Africa.



GNCP CEO & Eurocoal & BHP Billiton Significance…

The GNCP CEO was also an independent advisor to Eurocoal, another junior coal miner. While at Eurocoal, Mr. Blom was instrumental in doubling pre-tax profits, with a resulting significant increase in market value:


The European Association for Coal and Lignite - EURACOAL - is the umbrella organisation of the European coal industry. EURACOAL evolved in 2002 from the European Solid Fuels’ Association - CECSO - after the expiry of the ECSC Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community.

EURACOAL is composed of 35 Members from 20 countries amongst which national producers and importers associations, companies and research institutes from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finnland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Previously, Mr. Blom conducted and participated in numerous global proposals, evaluations and exercises, including capital raising material and strategic communications to transform and propel General Mining Ltd into the world's largest listed mining house, BHP Billiton.

BHP Billiton trades on the NYSE under the ticker of BHP at $71.00+ per share while generating over $65.9 Billion in Revenues with a Net Income of over $10.8 Billion last year:


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